Service Page On Stool Reducing Test In Delhi

Service Page On Stool Reducing Test In Delhi

Stool reduction test is a typical clinical test to measure the amount of unabsorbed sugar in the stool. Sugars such as lactose, fructose, glucose, and galactose can be spotted in the stool with this test for checking various health concerns.

The key purpose of the test is:

  • Measure lactose intolerance in the human body which causes frequent loose stool.

Lactose intolerance is the outcome of prolonged viral gastroenteritis. Viral gastroenteritis takes place when inadequate lactose sugar is absorbed by any damaged intestinal lining.

Moreover, stool reducing tests ascertain whether the loose stools issue is the result of viral infection diarrhea or abnormal excretion of various sugars.

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About Stool Reducing Test

Why Is the Stool Reducing Test Done?

Frequent loose stool or diarrhoea is a rampant health issue for maximum Indians. The most common reasons behind diarrhoea are viruses, bacteria, parasites, artificial sweeteners, lactose intolerance, fructose, surgery, side effects of medications, and other metabolic disorders.

Due to professional requirements, we are often forced to break our routine and eat unhealthy food. In fact, we love consuming food items that are actually harmful. For instance, junk food, which can cause various health troubles and diarrhoea, is one of them.

The usual symptoms of diarrhoea are-

  • Abdominal cramps or pain
  • Mucus in the stool
  • Urgent need to have a bowel movement
  • Blood in the stool
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Bloating
  • Fever

If these symptoms occur or recur pretty often, you must consider taking the stool reduction test. The test will confirm whether the health issue is an outcome of infectious diarrhoea or abnormal sugar excretion. The test result helps determine the respective treatment procedure.

What Does Stool Reducing Test Measure?

Stool reducing tests typically measure the levels of various sugars in the stool. This in turn helps doctors determine different health conditions.

  • Stool reducing tests could well be a part of your regular health check-up since bowel movement issues could give you trouble beyond imagination.
  • Stool reducing tests can determine the level of toxicity in the body and in case the level goes up or falls below the normal level drastically, immediate medical attention will be required.
  • Lactose intolerance is the major reason behind diarrhoea and stool reducing tests could identify whether there is a sugar imbalance in the body.
  • Issues with newborn intestinal tissue could lead to bowel movement problems and stool reducing tests caaan identify the source (if any).
Risk/Side Effects Of Stool Reducing Test

This test does not have any side effects or risks on health as such. You can opt for this test without any worries.

  • This is a typical stool examination and therefore you don’t even have to bear the pain of a needle inserted in your veins to draw blood.
  • Moreover, the process is very systematic which will ultimately emancipate you from the prangs of loose stool and diarrhoea.

In case you are still searching for a “stool reducing test near me”, you should stop wasting your precious time and energy and contact at the earliest. offers you complete support for stool reducing tests in Mumbai.


Why Choose’s Home Collection Service?


Diarrhoea issues are quite rampant in India. People with diabetes and other health issues are prone to contract bowel disorders quite frequently. Sugar imbalance, damaged intestinal lining and metabolic disorders could lead to acute health issues.

Therefore, loose stool disease is a worrisome issue and recognizes this agony. If you are still looking for a “Stool Reducing test near me”, is your absolute recommendation. The platform is supplemented with advanced technology that helps the team to conduct tests at your location and deliver the test report on time. The home collection services include-

Guaranteed arrival of Home Collection Phlebotomists at the time slot asked by you.

Hassle-free documentation of your test reports.

It maintains a history of your tests and results done through account.

Customized time slots from 6 am till 9 pm daily for booking from anywhere.

Money refund guaranteed if test results are delayed without any reason.




Is this a curable disease?

Stool reducing tests could identify issues with sugar imbalance. If the disorder is diagnosed at an early stage, this could be treated with medication with complete recovery. However, acute conditions require constant medication to keep them under control.

Should I visit a nearby lab for stool collection?

With around, you do not need to take the trouble of visiting a lab. We will send a veteran sample collector to your address.

Do I need to prepare for the stool reducing test?

You don’t have to prepare specially for the stool reducing test. It is a simple stool collection test that requires no preparation. However, you should follow the guidelines laid down by your doctor.

Interpreting Stool Reducing Test Results

Interpreting Stool Reducing Test Results

The stool reducing test measures the amount of sugar in the stool as discussed before. Let us see the interpretation of the result based on numerical values.
This interpretation is applicable to both adults and children (irrespective of sex).

Range Value Interpretation
Normal Range 0.25 g/dL There is nothing to worry about.
Borderline Range 0.25-0.5 g/dL Medical attention may be required based on the severity of the symptoms.
Abnormal Range 0.5 g/dL This could be a big concern since this implies various complicated health conditions including diabetes.

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Steps To Book A Stool Reducing Test For Home Collection In Delhi

Stool reducing test is a typical stool sample test. You can contact to send a veteran stool sample collector who will provide you with the special collection container. The instructions will also be communicated in simple language so that the process of collecting and storing stool samples becomes easy for you.

Stool Reducing test cost is also very much affordable. Depending on the location, the Stool Reducing test price might vary a little. However, the average Stool Reducing test cost is within INR 300.


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