Arterial Blood Gas Test In Ahmedabad

Arterial Blood Gas Test In Ahmedabad

The arterial blood gas test in Ahmedabad is done to check the levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide gases in the blood. The test also checks for the pH level of the blood and understands the condition of the lungs and its capability to absorb oxygen from the blood. This test is usually prescribed by doctors when the patient shows symptoms related to diseases of the heart, lungs, or kidneys. The arterial blood gas or ABG test is conducted before placing a patient on the ventilator.

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About Arterial Blood Gas Test

Why is the arterial blood gas test done?

The abg test is conducted to check the gases present in the blood. The correct levels of both oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood are indicative of whether the person has developed any disease of the vital organs—kidneys, heart, and lungs.

During respiration, oxygen is taken in and carbon dioxide is removed from the lungs via the blood. This process is known as the exchange of gases and is vital for the body to function properly and stay healthy. Doctors request for an arterial blood gas test when a person is suffering from the following symptoms/situations:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Has pre-existing lungs disorder like asthma, or bronchitis
  • Experience fatigue often
  • Suffered shock due to trauma
  • Suffered carbon monoxide
  • poisoning
  • Had an overdose of drugs
  • Feel disoriented or confused
What does the arterial blood gas test measure?

The arterial blood gas test measures the gas exchange functioning. When the lungs and other organs associated with ensuring gaseous exchange works normally, the results will reflect the same.

In order to reach that conclusion, the test measures the following factors:

  • Partial pressure of oxygen (paO2) measure provides details about the pressure of oxygen in the blood and its ability to move to the blood from the lungs’ airspace.
  • Partial pressure of carbon dioxide (paCO2) provides details about the pressure of carbon dioxide in blood and its ability to move out of the body.
  • pH is done to check the hydrogen ion functioning. Blood is basic in nature and this enables the maintenance of a healthy body.
    Bicarbonates (HCO3) aid with the maintenance of the blood’s pH.
    Oxygen saturation provides details about the capacity at which hemoglobin in the blood is carrying oxygen.
  • Oxygen content gives the amount of oxygen that is present in the blood.
Potential risks/side effects associated with the arterial blood gas test

The collection of blood for the arterial blood gas test in Ahmedabad happens via arterial puncture. Unlike veins, the arteries are a bit more deeply embedded in the body. This makes the need for a deeper puncture and that can cause pain. Apart from this, the arterial blood gas test has no potential side effects or risks involved, especially if the phlebotomist is experienced and gentle while drawing the blood.


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Do victims of near-drowning require an ABG test?

Yes, victims of near-drowning are immediately assessed for their ABG functioning before respirators or other techniques are applied.


Are there any other tests done simultaneously?

Sometimes doctors prescribe additional tests to check which organ is not functioning properly and causing abnormality in the ABG test result.


Apart from disease what can affect the test result?

Smoking, drug abuse, and fever can affect the ABG results.

Interpreting the Arterial Blood Gas test results

Interpreting the Arterial Blood Gas test results

Altitude plays a vital role in determining the oxygen content in the patient’s body. At sea levels, the normal values for the test should be:

  • The partial pressure of oxygen should be between 75 millimeters of mercury (mm Hg) to 100 mm Hg
  • The partial pressure of carbon dioxide should be between 38 mm Hg to 42 mm Hg
  • The pH of blood should be 7.38 to 7.42
  • The saturation of oxygen should be between 94% to 100%
  • Bicarbonate should be between 22 milliequivalents per liter (mEq/L) to 28 mEq/L

Factors like age, gender, previous history of tobacco addiction, genetic disorders, and medication can affect the test results.

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Steps To Book Arterial Blood Gas Test Home Collection In Ahmedabad

Booking a home collection for an arterial blood gas test in Ahmedabad is easy given the plethora of options present. A simple search for an “abg test near me” presents so many results. Making the choice should depend upon the review received by the diagnostic center and the flexibility offered by the lab when it comes to booking the slot at the patient’s convenience.

When looking for slots, it is also essential to consult a doctor with regards to fasting or cutting out medications that can affect the test results. The lab technician can also provide the details regarding the procedures to follow before sample collection.

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