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In a blood or urine sample, an E3 test in Ahmedabad evaluates the levels of the essential estrogen hormones. This test also measures estriol and estrone.

In the care of patients with difficulties such as fetal growth retardation, pre-eclampsia, Rh immunization, diabetes, choriocarcinoma, and hydatidiform mole, the estriol blood test analyses fetal distress and placental function. In the presence of a dying fetus, it may be raised in hydrops fetalis.

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About E3 (Estriol) Test

Why is the E3 (Estriol) test done?

If you are pregnant, an estriol test may be ordered as part of a triple screen test between the 15th and 20th week of pregnancy. E3 (Estriol) test can determine whether your child is at risk for a hereditary birth abnormality like Down syndrome. An estriol test is not required for all pregnant women, but it is advised for those who are at a higher risk of having a baby with a birth defect.
Estriol levels are usually only checked during pregnancy. The placenta produces a substantial amount of estriol. This is the tissue that connects the mother and the fetus.

What does the E3 (Estriol) test measure?

E3 (Estriol) Test is a test that examines the level of hormones in the body, as the name implies. Estriol, commonly known as E3, is a hormone that is produced in large amounts during pregnancy.

Measuring estrogen levels can provide vital details about your fertility (ability to become pregnant), pregnancy health, menstrual cycle, and other health issues—E3 (Estriol) Test monitors and screens for fetal abnormalities in high-risk pregnancies.

Estriol can be found in both the blood and the saliva. Saliva tests have an advantage over blood testing in that they detect the level of free hormones, whereas hormones in the blood are generally linked to proteins. Appropriate sample collection and analysis are required for accurate hormone assessment in saliva. To confirm any abnormal findings, it’s a good idea to repeat the test or have a blood hormone test.

Risk/side effects of E3 (Estriol) Test

The dangers of doing an E3 (Estriol) test are quite minimal. However, these are some of the dangers and adverse effects:

  • Due to a lack of veins, many punctures were required.
  • blood loss
  • feeling dizzy, fainting after test
  • A hematoma was caused. It is the collection of blood beneath the skin.
  • infection at the location of the needle puncture

E3 (Estriol) Test professionals are well-trained to locate veins and execute blood draws as quickly and effectively as feasible.


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What to expect during an E3 (Estriol) Test?

A medical expert will collect a blood sample from a person’s arm or hand to perform an Estoril test. They will disinfect the region before looking for an acceptable vein. Then, they will take blood from the region using a needle, which will be sent to a laboratory for testing.

Do I need to fast for the E3 (Estriol) Test?

An E3 (Estriol) test in Ahmedabad does not need any additional preparation. You do not need to fast before the test, as you would for several other types of blood testing. However, you should inform your doctor about all drugs and supplements you are taking prior to the test.

 Interpreting E3 (Estriol) Test Results

Interpreting E3 (Estriol) Test Results

Estoril (E3) levels in menstruation women should be between 0.15 and 0.18 ng/mL. Normal values for postmenopausal women should be less than 0.21 ng/mL. Estriol levels that are abnormal might indicate an issue with the baby’s health. High estriol levels can lead to higher levels of 16alpha-hydroxy estrone (16-OH-E1), a powerful estrogen linked to an increased risk of breast cancer. According to various studies, in individuals with systemic lupus erythematosus, there appears to be a link between increased estriol and elevated 16alpha-hydroxy estrone, reflecting a metabolic change in that state.

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If you want an accurate result without worrying about the E3 test price in Ahmedabad, seek diagnostic centers and laboratories that provide home collection at a low price. You may also choose one that allows you to pick and choose the tests you need from a large panel of tests. Check the sites which are perfectly suited for your needs and are offering reasonable prices. Google “E3 test near me,” and you will find all the details that you’re looking for. Here is how you can book your E3 Test in Ahmedabad at Home –

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