Book Free Androgen Test in Ahmedabad

Book Free Androgen Test in Ahmedabad

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As the name implies, the free androgen test in Ahmedabadis a ratio that is calculated following a testosterone blood test. The free Androgen Index Test checks if your androgen levels are abnormal.
Androgens, which include testosterone, are produced by both men and women. During puberty, testosterone is the hormone that aids in the development of children into adults. This hormone’s levels might drop as you become older. Both men and women suffer from health issues as a result of this.

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About Free Androgen Index Test

Why is the Free Androgen Index Test done?

This test is used to determine how much androgen is present in the body. If you show indicators of abnormal androgen levels, which differ in men and women, you may require this test.
These hormones help to develop sex organs and other gender-related characteristics. Androgens, for example, play a function in the production of the feminine hormone estrogen. Extra body hair and facial hair can grow when a woman produces too many androgen hormones. A woman with insufficient androgen hormones may get weary, lose bone mass, or lose the desire for sex.
Testosterone aids the development of masculine characteristics in boys and produces facial hair in men. However, certain organs in an adolescent boy’s body may not be producing enough of this hormone if he isn’t developing correctly. Adult males who don’t produce enough testosterone may feel sluggish, lose muscle mass and strength, grow breasts, and lose interest in sex.

What does the Free Androgen Index Test measure?

A ratio acquired following a blood test that identifies testosterone levels is known as the free androgen index test. The test is done to see if a person’s androgen levels are abnormal. Total testosterone, free testosterone, and a protein termed steroid hormone binding globulin are all measured in this test. The free androgen index compares testosterone levels in the blood to total testosterone and SHBG levels in the body. Both men and women generate androgens, which are masculine hormones. The polycystic ovarian syndrome is a disorder that affects women who have high amounts of androgen.

Risk/side effects of Free Androgen Index Test

The free Androgen Index Test poses no such danger when it comes to dangers or side effects. Apart from the minor discomfort a person may experience when the injection is administered, taking blood is a rather painless procedure. In addition, free Androgen Index Test lab professionals are well-trained to locate veins and execute blood draws as swiftly and successfully as feasible.

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Patients who want their test results fast and precisely may come to for state-of-the-art facilities. The professionals at are trained to take blood without injuring the patient in any way for Free Androgen Index Test and other various tests. The testing professionals have a lot of expertise inappropriately collecting samples and delivering reports on schedule. in the lab to go for if you’re looking for the finest free androgen index test in Ahmedabad.



What happens if your Free Androgen Index is too low?

Adult males with low testosterone levels may lose lean muscle mass and become tired, feeble, and depressed. Low testosterone levels can cause sexual dysfunction by lowering desire. Secondary sex traits such as a deeper voice, pubic hair, and facial hair may not develop in boys with low testosterone. Women are less affected by low testosterone, although it can affect sexual function.

Do I need to fast before the Free Androgen Index Test?

It’s possible that you’ll be asked to do a fasting test first thing in the morning. If this is the case, you should quit eating by midnight and simply drink water in the morning. After that, you should be able to continue taking any prescriptions you need but consult your doctor first.

 Interpreting Free Androgen Index Test Results

Interpreting Free Androgen Index Test Results

Test results may differ between a patient’s age, gender, medical history, test technique, and other factors. It’s possible that your test results don’t indicate an issue. Inquire with your doctor about the implications of your test findings. Age, gender, and overall health; all influence test findings. Hypogonadism is a condition in which your total testosterone level goes below 200 ng/dL in a man. This is a testosterone deficit caused by androgen insufficiency. Hormone levels in females with levels between 30 and 70 ng/dL may be changed by a brief health condition, such as pregnancy. It’s also possible that your findings aren’t clear and that you’ll need to retest.

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Steps to book a Free Androgen Test for Home Collection in Ahmedabad

A hectic schedule makes sending samples to a lab for the Free Androgen Index test difficult and then waiting a long time for the results. Booking a home collection of samples is a fantastic method to ensure that the sample is collected on time, but the overall cost of the Free Androgen Index Test may increase.Check the sites which are perfectly suited for your needs and are offering reasonable prices. Google “androgen test near me,” and you will find all the details that you’re looking for.

To book the test, you need to call your nearest testing lab. Free Androgen Test in Ahmedabad necessitates the collection of a few ml of blood. This will be taken from your arm immediately. The insertion site has been prepped for blood extraction.

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