CA 27 29 Test In Ahmedabad

CA 27 29 Test In Ahmedabad

CA 27 29 is a specific type of antigen. Now, what is an antigen and how to book the CA 27 29 test in Ahmedabad?

The antigen is a foreign substance that stimulates our immune system to produce antibodies. Antigens are harmful and cause various health concerns.

  • CA 27 29 antigens are released by a few specific carcinoma cells.
  • Most likely it is breast cancer that induces CA 27 29 antigens in the blood.
  • CA 27 29 is a blood test to confirm the presence of the antigen in the blood sample in cases of suspected breast cancer.

Cancer is a major health issue and people are scared of this particular ailment as we have no permanent cure for it as of now. In fact, medical researchers are putting all their efforts into eradicating this troublesome disease. Breast cancer is of course endemic to women and thus CA 27 29 tests are predominantly performed to diagnose women with possible breast cancer or to monitor the treatment. has brought a new dimension to the treatment of breast cancer with finest phlebotomists in the town who aim to provide you with the best services for CA 27 29 test in Ahmedabad.

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About CA 27 29 Test

Why Is the CA 27 29 Test Done?

CA 27 29 is an antigen that is often used as a biomarker for breast cancer. If this antigen is found in a level much higher than normal, it is highly possible that the person has breast cancer. Therefore, the CA 27 29 test is done to:

  • Diagnose breast cancer
  • Detect whether the carcinoma has spread
  • Confirm the stage of cancer
  • Identify whether the patient is responding to the treatment
  • Determine whether cancer has relapsed after treatment

There are certain ominous symptoms of breast cancer that one must observe closely. Recurrence of these symptoms needs immediate medical attention and you must go for the CA 27 29 test without further delay. The symptoms are-

  • Lump in the breast region.
  • Bloody discharge from the nipple.
  • Alteration in the shape and texture of the breast or the nipple.
What Does CA 27 29 Test Measure?
  • The CA 27 29 test diagnoses breast cancer by ascertaining the level of CA 27 29 antigens in the blood sample.
  • For people with an existing history of breast cancer, the test is used to determine the current health condition pertaining to breast cancer.
  • The stage of cancer can also be identified, along with a thorough diagnosis of relapse and spread of the carcinoma.
Risk/ Side Effects Of CA 27 29 Test

The CA 27 29 test is a totally risk-free test. This is a normal, non-fasting blood test to ascertain the presence of CA 27 29 antigens in the blood sample.

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Why Choose’s Home Collection Service?

CA 27 29 antigen test is a typical blood test. You need to provide your blood sample for lab analysis. Our expert phlebotomist will collect the blood sample from your home. We take all necessary precautions to make the process as smooth and pain-free as possible.

CA 27 29 antigen is a biomarker for the dreaded disease, breast cancer. Contracting breast cancer is a major medical concern that also affects one’s mental health. understands the sensitivity of the situation. If you are still searching for “CA 27 29 test near me”, call instead! With its cutting-edge technology and pool of prominent professionals, will make every effort to help you with the CA 27 29 test home collection.

The home collection services include guaranteed arrival of the expert phlebotomist at the scheduled time, simple and brief documentation, and maintenance of your medical history.
Choose any slot between 6 am to 9 pm and we will be there for your assistance. In case the result is delayed without any reason or prior intimation, a money refund is guaranteed. Make your medical partner today and reap the results for the rest of your life!



How should I prepare for the CA 27 29 test?

The CA 27 29 test is a simple blood test. It does not even require fasting. Usually, 5 ml of blood sample is required to perform the diagnosis.

What are the possible risks of a CA 27 29 test?

There is no health risk associated with the CA 27 29 test. However, there are certain scenarios where people have received false-positive reports, which could lead to major confusion. makes every effort to avoid such situations.

Are all breast tumors cancerous?

No, breast tumors can be benign as well. However, if the CA 27 29 test result shows a value much higher than 38U/ mL, there is a possibility of the tumors being malignant.

Interpreting CA 27 29 Test Results

Interpreting CA 27 29 Test Results

The CA 27 29 antigen has a normal value and a huge deviation from the value can indicate grave health conditions. Please refer to the following table for further references.

Test Value (in Units/ milliliter) Interpretation
Lesser than or equal to 38 U/ mL There is no active breast cancer
Slightly higher than 38 U/ mL Possibility of breast cancer
Much higher than 38 U/ mL
  • Active breast cancer
  • Cysts in the ovary
  • Liver issues
  • Non-cancerous breast diseases  


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Steps To Book A CA 27 29 Test For Home Collection In Ahmedabad

Today, we all are busy in our own professional world. We scarcely have time for our own refreshment. We often overlook minor medical issues, which could turn out to be major threats in future. CA 27 29 antigen is related to breast cancer, which could be fatal, if left untreated. has taken the onus to cater to your medical requirements.

You can simply book an appointment with our phlebotomist who will help you with CA 27 29 test home collection. You can schedule the appointment from your workspace and hotels as well. Our team will reach your doorstep to offer you the best services. We have multiple customizable features added for your convenience.

The CA 27 29 test cost is also pretty much affordable. Based on your location, the CA 27 29 antigen test price might vary a little. However, the average CA 27-29 test in Ahmedabad is more inexpensive than ever with

The steps of booking a CA 27-29 test in Ahmedabad via are incredibly simple.


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