Cortisol Serum Test In Ahmedabad

Cortisol Serum Test In Ahmedabad

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Cortisol is a hormonal secretion by the adrenal gland. In short, it is a type of steroid hormone that plays various significant roles in:

  • Respond to stress
  • Maintain blood pressure
  • Regulate blood sugar
  • Regulate metabolism, the process of how your body uses food and energy
  • Fight infection

An adrenal gland is situated above the kidneys which produce and maintain the steady flow of cortisol, found in blood, urine and saliva. The cortisol test thus determines the levels of cortisol in our body. This is typically a blood test to measure adrenal disorders by measuring the levels of cortisol in the blood. To diagnose, a cortisol test in Ahmedabad is generally recommended by doctors.

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About Cortisol Serum Test

Why Is the Cortisol Test Done?

There are two small glands situated above the kidney known as adrenaline which produces cortisol. The level of cortisol in our body should always be optimum.

  • Higher level of cortisol in our body or overproduction of cortisol by the adrenal glands leads to Cushing’s syndrome
  • The lower level of cortisol in our body or underproduction of cortisol by the adrenal glands leads to Addison disease

Therefore, maintaining an optimum level of cortisol production is necessary for us. Otherwise, various health conditions may arise which cause unnecessary trouble.
Overproduction of cortisol, as we have mentioned, leads to Cushing’s syndrome. The common symptoms of Cushing’s syndrome are:

  • High blood pressure
  • High blood sugar
  • Skin that bruises easily
  • Obesity, especially in the torso
  • Muscle weakness
  • Purple streaks on the stomach
  • Women may have irregular menstrual periods and excess hair on the face

The underproduction of cortisol, as we have mentioned, leads to Addison disease. The common symptoms of Addison disease are:

  • Diarrhoea
  • Fatigue
  • Abdominal pain
  • Muscle weakness
  • Weight loss
  • Decreased body hair
  • Dark patches of skin
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Low blood pressure

Apart from these symptoms, you should also look for adrenal disorder symptoms, which could be fatal if not dealt with in an early stage. The common symptoms of adrenal disorder are:

  • Sudden and severe pain in the abdomen, lower back, and legs
  • Severe vomiting
  • Severe diarrhoea
  • Very low blood pressure
  • Dehydration
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Confusion

If you observe any of these symptoms recurring or being persistent, consult a specialist immediately and take the cortisol test without delay.

What Does Cortisol Test Measure?

As we have mentioned above, a cortisol test measures the levels of cortisol in our blood through a blood test. Indirectly, this test also confirms the functioning of the adrenal glands.

Cortisol test can be done through a blood test. However, it can also be executed through urine and saliva tests. Cortisol levels vary throughout the day and therefore, the test is done twice a day to calculate the mean of the measurements.

  • A cortisol blood test is a normal, non-fasting blood test
  • The cortisol saliva test is typically a swab test

o The saliva sample should be collected around 11                      p.m.
o Do not drink, eat or brush your teeth for 30                             minutes before the sample collection

  • Cortisol urine test is a regular 24-hour urine sample test

o After flushing the bladder in the morning,                                collect and store all the urinal output                                          throughout the day
o If not instructed otherwise, it is better to                                  record the time of the urinary excretions

Risk/ Side Effects Of Cortisol Test

Cortisol tests are entirely risk-free. Cortisol tests are performed to confirm the level of Cortisol in our body which participates in the maintenance of blood pressure and sugar, metabolism and immune system. The test also measures the adrenalin functions which is an indicator of various forthcoming health issues and underlying ailments.

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How should I prepare for the cortisol test?

Stress can increase your cortisol levels, so you should ideally rest before the test. However, you should keep in mind that a blood sample for cortisol test is taken twice a day as the levels of cortisol tend to vary all over the day.

What is the usual cortisol test price?

Cortisol test cost is very low and affordable. Depending on your location, serum cortisol test costs may vary from INR 500 to INR 1500.

What causes cortisol levels to go up and down the normal levels?

Stress, infection, pregnancy, taking birth control pills are the main reasons that cause abnormal fluctuations of the cortisol levels in our body. In some cases, it has been observed that certain medicines change the normal levels of cortisol.

Interpreting Cortisol Test Results

Interpreting Cortisol Test Results

Although levels of cortisol in our body vary throughout the day, it is considered that the normal levels of cortisol are 5 to 25 mcg/dL or 140 to 690 nmol/L.

Test Result Implication
Cortisol levels above 5 to 25 mcg/dL or 140 to 690 nmol/L Overproduction of cortisol and hyperactive adrenal gland functions
Cortisol levels below 5 to 25 mcg/dL or 140 to 690 nmol/L Underproduction of cortisol and hypoactive adrenalin functions

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Steps To Book A Cortisol Test For Home Collection In Ahmedabad

Cortisol tests are done via blood tests, saliva tests and urine tests. You may undertake the test as a part of an annual health check-up to ensure the cortisol level is normal in your body. For blood sample collection at home, you can get in touch with to send a veteran phlebotomist to your address who will collect the blood sample. The home collection sample is then taken to the laboratory for testing. A cortisol test is a normal non-fasting blood test.

Unlike a diabetes blood test, you can eat and drink as usual before the Cortisol blood test. For saliva or urine collection, contact’s specialized team who will guide you throughout the process of collection, storing and will then transport the samples to the lab for testing. Let take the onus of your concerns and will ensure that the issues are well-addressed.

Furthermore, helps you manage your medical history, from testing to generating reports, is your one-stop medical help. If you are looking for “Cortisol tests near me”, is the perfect solution for you. is just a click away.

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