Inhibin A Test In Ahmedabad

Inhibin A Test In Ahmedabad

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The inhibin A test can be defined as a basic blood test in which the level of inhibin A in the blood is determined. This test is recommended for women who suspect carrying a fetus along with Down syndrome. It uses the levels of several substances made by the placenta and unborn baby to determine if the child has Down syndrome. Many women and their partners consider prenatal screening to determine a baby’s health, especially in cases of having a family history of genetic conditions.

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About Inhibin A Test

Why Is An Inhibin A Test Done?

Quadruple screening tests for Down syndrome need to be undertaken by every pregnant woman. This test is done between 15-18 weeks of pregnancy and includes detecting levels of four specific substances, including inhibin A, in the mother’s blood. However, the results are not confirmatory. They give only a probability, rather than a result for the presence (or absence) of Down syndrome and other possible fetal abnormalities. An abnormality is identified through the synthesis of various complex risk factors by medical professionals.

What Does The Inhibin A Test Measure?

Inhibin A test measures the level of inhibin A in the blood. Inhibin A is a hormone produced by granulosa cells of ovarian follicles in women and by Sertoli cells of testes in men. It inhibits the secretion of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) from the anterior pituitary. In the female body, inhibin A levels fluctuate during the menstrual cycle and are used to identify persistent or recurrent ovarian follicles. The elevated levels of inhibin A may indicate a rare form of ovarian cancer called a granulosa cell tumor.

Risk/Side Effects Of The Inhibin A Test

This is a very safe test with minimal risk. You may experience slight pain or bruise at the exact spot where the needle has been put in. However, this pain may vanish quickly. You can lower the chance of bruising by keeping pressure on the site for several minutes. You might feel dizzy or faint after having blood drawn. If this happens, tell your health care provider right away so that you can sit or lie down and not fall or hurt yourself.


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What causes high inhibin A levels in pregnancy?

There are many causes of high inhibin A levels in pregnancy, including-

a) Extreme stress during pregnancy
b) Cushing’s syndrome
c) Eating disorders
d) Celiac disease
e) Postpartum anemia or low iron levels

What is the role of inhibin A in pregnancy?

Inhibin A may prove to be a marker for placenta/fetal abnormalities during pregnancy.

Is the Inhibin A test mandatory?

Inhibin A test is a simple blood test, which is not mandatory but it can be useful to detect foetus with Down syndrome in pregnant women.

Interpretation Of The Inhibin A Test Results

Interpretation Of The Inhibin A Test Results

Inhibin A rates are usually elevated in approximately 70% of individuals having granulosa cell cancers and approximately 20% of people having epithelial ovarian tumors. A healthy Inhibin A value doesn’t really rule out the presence of a mucinous or granulosa ovarian cell cancer; instead, an Inhibin B testing should be conducted in such circumstances, as these tumors typically have elevated inhibin B levels.

The following table will help you understand your test results:

Gender Age Group Value
M All < 2 pg/ml
F All
  • < 97.5 pg/ml (premenopause)
  • <2.1 pg/ml (postmenopause)


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Steps To Book The Inhibin A Test For Home Collection In Ahmedabad

Medical tests can be stressful and confusing–the inhibin A test is no exception. But the fact is, testing for this hormone requires very little effort on your part. Booking the inhibin A test home collection in Ahmedabad is easy to do on—no need to look for ‘Inhibin A test near me’ into the search panel.

Getting your Inhibin A test done is easy. First, you’ll need to go to and book an appointment. Just enter your zip code and date and time preferences, then select the lab near you. Once you do that, a phlebotomist will come to your home to collect a blood sample. Your test results should be ready in the prescribed time frame. Thus, booking an Inhibin A test in Ahmedabad is much easier than ever before.

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