Mantoux Test In Ahmedabad

Mantoux Test In Ahmedabad

A TB test in Ahmedabad, also known as the Mantoux test in Ahmedabad, is a skin test that helps doctors diagnose a severe disease called tuberculosis. The main idea behind this test is to monitor the skin reactions after injecting a particular agent called tuberculin into the skin of the suspected patient.

Doctors usually directly prescribe this test when they suspect a possibility of this lung infection which can spread throughout the body if not treated in time. This test is also essential as, at times, the bacteria behind tuberculosis become dormant and show no symptoms for detection.

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About Mantoux Test

Why is the Mantoux test done?

The TB test in Ahmedabad also known as the Mantoux test is primarily done to identify the possible infection of tuberculosis for a person. The main intention is to monitor the skin reaction post the insertion of a particular element into the bloodstream. Additionally, if you have symptoms like fever, loss of appetite, painful breathing or coughing, night sweats, sudden weight loss, persistent cough, and blood in cough, you can take the test to get the right diagnosis from medical professionals.

Doctors all around the world recommend patients be on the lookout for such symptoms and get tested as soon as possible to avoid spreading the disease further all over the body and causing more discomfort.

What does the Mantoux test measure?

A Mantoux test at home or a TB test in Ahmedabad, all are developed to detect the possibility of the spread of the disease tuberculosis in a patient’s body.

  • Mantoux test measures the probability by observing whether a patient’s immune system has developed a dedicated response to the bacteria that is the reason behind the spread of TB in the body. The bacteria behind tuberculosis is called Mycobacterium tuberculosis which causes a sensitive skin reaction when it comes in contact with tuberculin.
  • Additionally, even though a test result might come out to be negative, it does not rule out the possibility of tuberculosis for a patient and the doctor might suggest the testing for more accurate results.
  • Moreover, even if a patient is exposed to the tuberculosis-causing bacteria, he/she might not develop symptoms and get positive results until the incubation period of a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 12 weeks is over.
Risk/side effects of Mantoux test

If you are prescribed a TB test in Ahmedabad and you are worried about the potential side effects or risks involved, you need to know the best and worst-case scenarios. For most people

  • There is only a minimal risk involved which is a reaction post sample collection which can include redness or swelling around the arm.
  • Additionally, any other allergic reactions stand the lowest possibility, making it a risk-free test.
  • Some patients might also feel dizzy or lightheaded right after the test is conducted but it is not a common side-effect.

Why should you choose's home collection services

If you are looking for a Mantoux test at home and affordable TB test price, choosing’s home collection services is the right way to move forward. It is quick, simple, and highly efficient. All you need to do to book a TB test at home, or any other home collection services from, just make a booking online. You do not have to travel to another lab or hospital to give your sample collection. Just pick your time and wait for an expert to come to your current location and take your sample for testing.



What is one of the fastest solutions to treat TB?

There is no quick way to treat TB as it requires a combination of different antibacterial medicines for a minimum of 6 to 12 months. However, for active TB, a popular treatment is the combination of multiple medicines.


What is the Mantoux test price in Ahmedabad?

In a city like Ahmedabad, the TB test cost is Rs. 800, at the highest. Otherwise, usually, the Mantoux test price in Ahmedabad can go as low as Rs. 520. However, for other cities, the Mantoux test cost ranges from as low as Rs. 20 up to Rs. 1000.


Is tuberculosis contagious?

Not many people know but it is contagious when an infected person’s spit drops get transferred to another non-infected person through the air. However, it is always better to consult a doctor for further queries around this to avoid spreading the disease to other people around you.

What are the causes of TB?

Some of the common causes of TB incldue substance abuse, medicines that can weaken the immunity system, HIV infection, etc.

What are the symptoms of TB?

Some of the common symptoms of TB include sudden weight loss, persistent coughing, blood in cough, fever, pain while breathing, etc.

How to diagnose Tb?

There are two ways to diagnose TB and they are either though a TB skin test and/or blood tests.

Interpreting Mantoux test results

Interpreting Mantoux test results

If you are looking for a TB test near me, it is important to understand how to interpret the results of the TB test in Ahmedabad or any other part of the world, to be well-informed about the possible outcomes. Along with this, being aware of how the test is done which is with an injection consisting of 0.1 ML tuberculin, to see your skin reaction.

Additionally, knowing that you have an active tuberculosis disease can help you prevent spreading it to others. Let us look at the important points around the Mantoux test in Ahmedabad below-

  • Test results take approximately two or three days for the skin reaction to come to the surface post the injection of tuberculin.
  • The measurement of the result is done based on the millimetres of the induration.
  • If at the time of measurement, the diameter of the swelling is between 5 to 9 millimetres, it is interpreted to be an equivocal result that means there are no active bacteria for TB.
  • If the type of measurement, the diameter of the swelling is between 0 to 4 millimetres, it means that the test is negative and there is no possibility of tuberculosis for the patient.
  • If the type of measurement, the diameter of the swelling is 10 or more millimetres, it means that the test is positive and there is a high chance of tuberculosis for the patient.
Diameter Size Result 
Between 5 to 9 mm No active tuberculin
Between 0 to 4 mm Negative, no TB
<10 mm Positive, TB chances High


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Steps to book a Mantoux test for home collection in Ahmedabad

If you want to book a TB test in Ahmedabad or a Mantoux test near me, just follow these quick steps to complete your booking. First, choose a time that suits your schedule past between 6 AM to 9 PM on the day you want to give your test sample. Next, move to pick the closest lab to your current location to allow an expert to reach you at the earliest. That’s it, now just wait for an expert to come to collect your sample for the TB test at home.

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