SGPT - Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT) Test In Ahmedabad

SGPT - Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT) Test In Ahmedabad

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The term SGPT stands for serum glutamic pyruvic transaminase. It is alternatively known as the ALT test. It is conducted through a blood sample collection which is done by a medical professional to determine the performance of the liver and whether an old injury, medicine, or disease has caused any damage to the organ.

If you are looking for “SGPT near me” or “an SGPT test in Ahmedabad”, you need to be well ahead of the possible symptoms that encourage a doctor to recommend an SGPT test, which include vomiting, dark coloured urine, stomach pain, weakness, nausea, and skin irritation.

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About SGPT - ALT Test

Why is the SGPT test done?

Other than the visible signs of liver disease mentioned above, some people choose to participate in an SGPT test when they feel unwell from within. These reasons can be too much alcohol consumption, a family history of liver diseases, a medication that upset your stomach or reacted negatively with your body, etc.

Additionally, the SGPT test is also done as part of a regular check-up exam to determine the functions of the liver and whether it is performing well or not. This helps the doctor diagnose problems that were not prevalent on the surface level for a patient. This test is particularly designed to keep the liver in check.

What does the SGPT test measure?

As the point of focus is the liver,

  • The SGPT test measures the amount of an enzyme known as alanine transaminase, which is commonly present in the kidney, as well as the liver. Along with this, it is also found in small quantities in the muscles and the heart.
  • The amount or the level of enzyme available in the liver detects and helps doctors diagnose the potential presence of liver disease through a blood test. The particular enzyme, called ALT, helps understand the performance of the liver for a patient.
  • Additionally, with the help of an SGPT test, doctors can also measure the effectiveness of certain medicines that can be causing damage to your liver, while treating some other health issue at hand.
Risks/side effects of SGPT test

According to most doctors, as the SGPT test in Ahmedabad and other cities is conducted by the sample collection of blood, there are no risks or side effects involved in the entire procedure.

However, some patients do complain of slight discomfort right after giving the blood test, which includes dizziness, feeling lightheaded, slight bruising, little swelling, etc.

But these side effects are not long-lasting, and so, the actual risks or side-effects come down to the bare minimum or none at all. In case you experience an extreme sort of discomfort, consult your doctor right away.


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What is the SGPT test price in Ahmedabad?

SGPT prices can vary from city to city. For most of the cities, the SGPT test cost is between the range of Rs.75 to Rs.200. Additionally, if you take both SGOT SGPT test prices together, the range goes up to Rs. 148 to Rs. 500.


Are there any certain instructions to follow to prepare for the SGPT test?

According to clinicians, there are no specifications or rules to follow before taking an SGPT test. You do not have to fast, but you should inform your doctor about any over-the-counter medications you are currently taking for better analysis.


Can I only take an SGPT test when I am showing symptoms?

No, for most people, participating in the SGPT test in Ahmedabad and other cities is to keep a regular check on the health of the liver. However, if you do experience symptoms, then you should talk to a doctor.

Interpreting SGPT test results

Interpreting SGPT test results

Just as important it is to know the SGPT test cost, it is also necessary to know how to interpret the SGPT test results, to be able to understand your health condition when the doctor explains. Additionally, it will also help you be more accountable for your health and well-being. Some of the key pointers to keep in mind about the SGPT test results include the following:

  • The normal range for the ALT enzyme in the liver for the SGPT test is between 7 to 56 units per liter of blood.
  • If the level of ALT for the SGPT test is higher than the normal range, it is indicating the possibility of liver damage due to an injury, other medical conditions, or previous disease.
  • Common diseases that can be predicted due to the increased levels include a tumor, lack of blood flow in the liver, hepatitis, pancreatitis, hemochromatosis, etc.
  • However, it is important to know that not all the increased levels of this enzyme mean a liver disease, as sometimes even muscle damage can increase the level of this enzyme in the bloodstream.
    Normal range 7-56 u/l of blood
    <7-56 u/l of blood  

    Possibility of liver damage due to

    • an injury
    • other medical conditions, or
    • previous disease.


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