CA19.9 Test In Bangalore

CA19.9 Test In Bangalore

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The CA19.9 test is used as a marker test to monitor and diagnose pancreatic cancer. The symptoms of any disorders of the pancreas prompt a doctor to prescribe this test. CA19.9 is a cancer antigen that is specific for tumors that affect the pancreas. It can also mean that other disorders of the pancreas might be present. This very ambiguous nature of the marker does not make it ideal for screening, rather the test is great for diagnosing and monitoring pancreatic cancer. Read further to know more about the CA19.9 test in Bangalore, including its cost.

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About CA19.9 Test

Why is the CA19.9 test done?

The CA19.9 test is used as a marker test to monitor pancreatic cancer. The presence of ca19.9 in the blood is normal, even for healthy people, if it is in traces. People suffering from pancreatic cancer will have abnormally high levels of this protein in the blood.

The test is prescribed when the person shows the following symptoms:

  • Pain in the abdomen that reaches the back
  • Unexpected weight loss
  • Loss of appetite
  • Urine being darker in color
  • Stools are light in color
  • Unexplained blood clots
  • Development of diabetes
  • Fatigue

The CA19.9 marker test is also part of the cancer biomarker panel and can be prescribed with multiple other cancer antigen biomarkers to determine the type of cancer in the person.

What does the CA19.9 test measure?

The pancreas is an organ that secretes insulin that helps control the levels of glucose in the blood. When outgrowth of cells occurs in the pancreas, it can lead to either cancerous or noncancerous tumors. The CA19.9 test measures the amount of the protein secreted by these outgrowths, known as cancer antigen.

Apart from being a part of the panel test that helps detect the type of cancer and the organ of origin, the CA19.9 pancreatic cancer marker test can also be used to monitor the effects of treatments and also to check if the cancer has relapsed, even after successfully being treated.

Potential risks/side effects associated with the CA19.9 test

The CA19.9 test is done by checking the blood collected from a person. When done by an experienced phlebotomist, the process of blood collection can be painless and quick. The insertion of the needle has to be done properly so that the vein is punctured and blood is collected in the first shot.

Apart from causing discomfort and making the person feel dizzy, there are no potential risks or side effects associated with the process of blood sample collection. If signs like fainting, excessive blood loss, or intensive bruising around the puncture area are seen, it is advised to contact the doctor immediately.


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What can cause pancreatic cancer?

Pancreatic cancer can be caused due to various factors like excessive smoking, diabetes, obesity, or genetically caused mutations. Any of these factors can affect a specific DNA sequence that leads to pancreatic cancer.

What is the difference between cancerous and noncancerous tumors?

The primary difference between cancerous and noncancerous tumors is the speed at which the former grows, which can lead to severe obstructions. Noncancerous or benign tumors do not spread to other parts, but cancerous or malignant tumors do.

What are biomarkers?

Biomarkers are molecules that are found in the fluid system of the body, especially the blood. These markers are indicators of diseases.

Interpreting the CA19.9 test results

Interpreting the CA19.9 test results

The CA19.9 test results are recorded in units per milliliter or U/mL. As mentioned above, cancer antigens can be secreted even by healthy cells, but in traces. Hence, the normal range for CA19.9 in the blood is between 0 U/mL to 37 U/mL. Having levels higher than the normal range can indicate the presence of cancer.

Apart from cancer, CA19.9 can also be present for the following conditions:

  • Cholangitis or bile duct infection
  • Pancreatitis or inflammation of the pancreas
  • Cirrhosis of the liver
  • Gallstones or any form of obstruction in the bile ducts
  • Cancer that has originated in the colon or even the ovary

In such instances, further specific tests are prescribed to eliminate conditions that are false. The test results also indicate if the disease is being cured or if the disease is staying stable.

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