Cyclosporine Test In Bangalore

Cyclosporine Test In Bangalore

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If you are to sit for a cyclosporine level test, it is also necessary to know what it is all about. Cyclosporine is an immunosuppressant given to patients who have undergone organ transplants. There are multiple reasons why this immunosuppressant is necessary for all patients, including prevention of organ rejection, contamination of autoimmune disorders, etc. It is an important test, as in most cases, during transplant, the new addition within the body is considered to be foreign and everything inside the body starts to attack it. But with the help of cyclosporine, this is avoided.

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About Cyclosporine Test

Why is the Cyclosporine Test Done?

The main reason why this test is done is to detect and understand the level of the drug cyclosporine in the body. The immunosuppressant is taken in both liquid form and capsules as advised by a doctor and is therefore very crucial to keep a check on the level of cyclosporine to ensure the maintenance of a healthy concentration of the same in the blood.

The procedure of giving this immunosuppressant to a patient and then monitoring the level of this drug is called therapeutic drug monitoring. It is important as it allows doctors to observe and understand where the level adjustment is required and where it is not. Too low or too high levels can be extremely harmful to the patient and can cause adverse effects in the overall body, including headache, behavioral changes, inability to control body movements, insomnia, bruising and bleeding, etc.

What Does The Cyclosporine Test Measure?

The main agenda of conducting a cyclosporine level test is to understand, observe and detect the level of cyclosporine drug in the patients who have recently got transplants. It is an important test as it measures the levels to close accuracy to allow the doctor to examine the need for an increase or decrease in the level of the prescribed cyclosporine level at present. This measurement of the amount of drug available in the blood is very crucial as it also indicates whether the treatment plan designed for the patient is working for or against his body.

It is sensitive to measure the level at all times, especially in the initial months of recovery, to ensure that no harm is happening within the body without the knowledge of the doctor. In case the level is too low, doctors can increase the level as per requirement, and vice versa, if the levels are too high.

The normal range for each milestone for the transplant patient in terms of cyclosporine level is decided and is the same for all patients. So, the key intention of the doctor is to ensure that the patient is responding well to the treatment and the drug by closely monitoring the levels and then drawing conclusions and future diagnoses based on the same.

Risk/side Effects Of Cyclosporine Test

The medical procedure involved in the completion of a cyclosporine level test is a blood sample collection. Now, as the process is less invasive than other test types, the risks involved for this particular test are a bare minimum. However, some of the potential side effects can include dizziness, light soreness or bruising around the area from where the blood was drawn, bleeding, etc. The side effects do not have a lasting impact and are usually resolved within a few hours after the sample collection is completed.


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How do I prepare for the cyclosporine level test?

For a cyclosporine level test, the procedure is done with a blood sample collection. So, there are no prerequisites required for preparation before the test. However, doctor consultation is recommended to ensure no information is missed out.

What are some of the common signs of cyclosporine toxicity?

Some of the key signs to look out for include high BP, bleeding or swelling of gums, infections, diarrhea, nausea, etc.

Are there any other types of samples or test procedures that can be done for cyclosporine level tests?

The majority of laboratories and hospitals give weightage to blood cyclosporine level tests, as these are more accurate. However other options include a serum or plasma test.

Interpreting Cyclosporine Test results

Interpreting Cyclosporine Test results

If you have been recently prescribed a cyclosporine level test, you need to know the cyclosporine level test price to make the decision. However, it is also crucial to know how to read your test results for your next cyclosporine level test. Here are some quick pointers to help you read your reports better and be more informed about your medical condition.

  • The ideal range of cyclosporine in the blood for all genders in all age groups should be between 100 to 400 ng/ml. For the ideal therapeutic range, for anyone in the first week of post-transplantation, the level should be between 500 to 600 ng/ml, followed by 600 to 800 ng/ml in the second week to the sixth month and then back to the normal range.
  • If the cyclosporine test results indicate a level lower than the desired range or normal range, it can indicate the possible risk of rejection of transplant or symptom recurrence.
  • If cyclosporine test results indicate a level higher than the desired range or normal range, it is considered to be highly harmful and toxic.
Results Potential Diagnosis
Between 100-400 ng/ml Normal range
For transplant patients, 500-600 ng/ml followed by 600-800 ng/ml before hitting 100-400 ng/ml Normal expected results
Level lower than expected range Risk of rejection of transplant or symptom recurrence, further testing necessary
Level higher than expected range Highly harmful or toxic for the body, testing necessary

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