Homa-IR Insulin Resistance Test in Bangalore

Homa-IR Insulin Resistance Test in Bangalore

Homa-IR, also known as the Homeostatic Model Assessment of Insulin Resistance Test, is an indirect measure to indicate the insulin resistance of the body. This Homa-IR Insulin Resistance test indicates the level of insulin needed by the pancreas for controlling blood sugar levels. This is an early indication of type-2 diabetes that may lead to other chronic diseases.

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About Homa-IR Insulin Resistance Test

Why is the Homa-IR Insulin Resistance test done?

Insulin resistance is not only an indication of type 2 diabetes but may also lead to a number of diseases, such as:

  • Hypertension
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Cancer
  • Dyslipidemia
  • Diabetes
  • Liver Disease
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

This test measures the resistance of the cells to insulin. Surprisingly, people who have normal blood sugar levels may be resistant to insulin which is identified by the Homa-IR Insulin Resistance Test. The prime reason is that high insulin levels in the body, even if the blood sugar levels are optimum, indicate that the blood sugar may increase in the future.
Thus, the Homa-IR Insulin Resistance test is done because it rings an alarm on the resistance to insulin in the pre-diabetes stage so that preventive measures can be taken.

What does the Homa-IR Insulin Resistance test measure?

The Homa-IR Insulin Resistance test measures the insulin produced by the pancreas for controlling the blood sugar levels in the body. When the body cell is not responding to the insulin being produced in the body, it becomes necessary for the pancreas to produce more insulin in order to control the blood sugar levels of the body. This condition is known as insulin resistance.

This insulin resistance is checked by this test known as the Homa-IR Insulin Resistance test. This indication can be useful in helping individuals in understanding that their body is prone to increase in sugar levels which may cause diabetes and further lead to other chronic diseases.

Risk/side effects of Homa-IR Insulin Resistance test

Understanding the risks or side effects of the Homa-IR Insulin Resistance test before searching for the Homa-IR Insulin Resistance test in Bangalore or near me is always beneficial. There are no particular side effects or risks involved with this test. However, it is documented that some people experience pain after the blood is taken for the test, which usually subsides after a few hours.


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What should one do if one is insulin resistant?

You should consult a doctor without delay who would suggest lifestyle modifications along with medications.

Can Homa-IR levels reverse?

Yes, Homa-IR levels can be reversed by improving the intake of nutrition in the body and adopting an active lifestyle.

How is the blood sample taken?

The following procedure is undertaken for taking the blood sample:

  • An elastic band is placed tightly on the upper arm of the patient
  • The patient is asked for making a fist of the same hand
  • The skin is cleaned for sterilization of the place
  • A needle is inserted into the vein
  • Blood is collected using the vacutainer
  • The fist is opened
    The elastic band is removed
  • The needle is taken out and cotton is applied for obstructing the flow of the blood
  • A bandage is applied once the blood stops oozing out
Interpreting the Homa-IR Insulin Resistance test results

Interpreting the Homa-IR Insulin Resistance test results

Even though the Homa-IR Insulin Resistance test is an indirect test, it helps an individual in making changes in their lifestyle to prevent diabetes and other chronic illnesses.
The simple interpretation of the test results states, the higher the Homa-IR level, the higher the resistance to insulin. The chart below shows the indication of the Homa-IR levels and their impact on insulin resistance on the body:

Levels Insulin Resistance
<1 Optimal insulin resistance
>1.9 Early insulin resistance
>2.9 Significant insulin resistance

It is also interpreted in the manner that higher the number, the body is using more than normal insulin to maintain the optimum blood sugar levels. The higher levels are also an indication of developing type-2 diabetes in the future. However, it can be reversed by making changes in the lifestyle.
Doctors would make recommendations after understanding the medical history, family medical history, and current lifestyle of the individuals.

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Steps to book Homa-IR Insulin Resistance Test for Home Collection in Delhi

Booking Home-IR Insulin Resistance Test in Delhi for Home Collection is very easy, all you have to do is select the laboratory and the time slots for the test. Also, do check for the verifications and certifications of the testing company when searching “Homa-IR Insulin Resistance test near me” or “Homa-IR Insulin Resistance test price”. Consulting the doctor for additional tests along with this would help you in understanding the Homa-IR insulin resistance test cost, which would help you in making faster decisions.

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