Indirect Coombs Test in Bangalore

Indirect Coombs Test in Bangalore

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Indirect Coombs test is an important test used to determine blood compatibility and is otherwise also called the indirect antiglobulin test. You can use the Coombs test to determine the compatibility of the antibodies in your blood and that of donated blood. An Indirect Coombs test in Delhi is done before a blood transfusion to ensure the compatibility of your blood with that of the recipient. Certain factors such as infection, diseases and various drugs can alter the outcome of the test. Drug abuse and recent pregnancies are examples of situations where an Indirect Coombs test is needed to be administered.

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About Indirect Coombs Test

Why is an Indirect Coombs Test Done?

An analysis that evaluates the presence of some specific antibodies in the patient’s blood is known as the Indirect Coombs test. Antibodies are proteins produced by the immune cells whenever they identify anything that is damaging to our overall well being. The dangerous invasion would be destroyed by such an antibody.

If the defense game’s identification is incorrect, it may produce antibodies against your own cells, which could lead to a variety of medical conditions. This test is performed to evaluate if the red blood cells are being damaged by the presence of antibodies in an individual’s blood.

What does the Indirect Coombs Test Measure?

If you occasionally feel tired and reluctant to do any work, it’s time for a health check to be done. Visiting a doctor for frequent checkups is a mandatory task as it is essential to know the following-

  • Your health and the deficiencies your body suffers from so that they can be worked upon.
  • The indirect Coombs tests are objected to check if the red blood cells are being destroyed by the antibodies of the patient’s blood itself or not. It measures the total value of red blood cells in a person’s body.
  • The result of the tests thereafter suggests the future course, if treatment is required or not.
Risks/side effects of Indirect Coombs Test

Though there are no viable risk factors attached with the Indirect Coombs tests, one may experience a pinching sensation in his/her forearm as the syringe is sided inside, causing a certain minimal level of pain. On the other hand, the patient willing to undergo the test is expected to disclose all details about his/her current medications or tests so as to put forth a proper picture of their medical health.

Thus, the following are the problems you might face:

  • Slight irritation in the injected area
  • Pain
  • Minor headache
  • Bleeding

Also, it’s conceivable that you’ll sense a tiny painful sensation or undergo bleeding as well. Notify your doctor if the bleeding is intense or expands following the examination.


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When is an Indirect Coombs Test Done?

The Indirect Coombs test is performed to analyze the blood of the donor before the transfusion takes place.

Why is Indirect Coombs Test Done During Parental Screening?

An Indirect Coombs test is done to analyze if the mother and baby’s blood compatibility matches. On the contrary, if it does not, it may result in extreme complications.

Is there any Special Preparation that Needs to be done Before Taking the Coombs Test?

No, there is nothing that has to be done. Though one can drink a glass of water and avoid taking certain medicines, only if prescribed by the doctor.

Interpretation of the Indirect Coombs Test Results

Interpretation of the Indirect Coombs Test Results

The two possibilities put forth by the Indirect Coombs test include positive or negative results. A negative analysis of the test confirms that possibly dangerous antibodies are not present in the bloodstream. A positive screening suggests that antibodies are present in the circulation. Such antibodies may trigger the immune function to attack certain red blood cells that are unfamiliar to the patient’s body.

Though, it is advised to discuss this medical report with a doctor to get proper consultation with medication and treatments for improved results.

Positive test results Presence of injurious antibodies
Negative test results Absence of injurious antibodies

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