Kappa & Lambda Test In Bangalore

Kappa & Lambda Test In Bangalore

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Kappa and Gamma are two kinds of Free Light Chains. Free light Chains are a protein that is constructed from a kind of white blood cells known as Plasma Cells. These plasma cells are also responsible for the creation of immunoglobulins which are antibodies, responsible for protecting the body against infections. Immunoglobulins are created by the linking up of light chains and heavy chains. When these two kinds of chains link up, they are known as bound chains. Plasma cells create a few extra light chains in the body which do not link with the heavy free chains and are thus known as free light chains. Higher or lower amounts of free light chains could indicate a disorder.

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About Kappa & Lambda Test

Why is the Kappa & Lambda Test done?

Increased or decreased levels of the Free Kappa or Lambda free light cells could be a result of any type of cancer, multiple myeloma, or amyloidosis among other serious and possibly deadly diseases. The abnormal amount of Free light cells means that the plasma cells are not working as required. Patient’s suffering from Bone pain, purple spots on the skin, fatigue, low levels of red blood cells (also known as anemia), skin rash, high levels of calcium in the body, inflammation of blood vessels, nerve damage, kidney issues, tongue swelling or numbness of the limbs would be asked to get the Kappa & Lambda Test done.


What does the Kappa & Lambda Test measure?

The Kappa & Lambda Test measures the amount of Kappa and Lambda free light cells in the body. It goes by many other names as well including free kappa/lambda ratio, freelite, kappa/lambda free light cells, immunoglobulin free light cells, and many more. It also looks at signs of immunoglobulins in the patient’s body.

It is used for diagnosing as well as monitoring any disorders of the plasma cells.

Risk/side effects of Kappa & Lambda Test

The Kappa & Lambda Test is conducted through a simple blood draw. As such, there are very few side effects like excessive bleeding or bruising at the spot of needle puncture. Lightheadedness, dizziness, and pain. These side effects resolve on their own quickly and do not require any special assistance.


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Q1- How do I prepare for the Kappa & Lambda Test?

There are no preparations required from the patient. It is just a simple blood test.

Q2- Is a home test safe and accurate?

Yes, this test only requires a blood sample which can easily and safely be drawn at home just as well as it would be in a clinic.

Q3- When should I consult a doctor for the Kappa & Lambda Test?

If you are experiencing any symptoms associated with increased protein levels like bone pain, fatigue, numbness in the limbs, purple spots on the skin, you should consult your doctor.

Q4- How long do the results take?

Results can take anywhere from a couple of days to a week to be released.

 Interpreting Kappa & Lambda Test results

Interpreting Kappa & Lambda Test results

The results of a Kappa Lambda Test would often be released in the form of a ratio. Abnormal results would point towards any of the following plasma disorders:

  • Multiple myeloma
  • Amyloidosis
  • Abnormal Protein Levels due to an unknown cause which may or may not result in multiple myeloma
  • Cancer of the white blood cells.

Your doctor may order additional tests in order to find out the exact cause of the abnormal Kappa & Lambda Test results.

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Steps to book a Kappa & Lambda Test home collection in Delhi

Booking a Kappa Lambda Test In Delhi for home collection is very simple. Whether you want to book for yourself or someone else, you can just simply look for Kappa & Lambda Test at home or Kappa & Lambda Test near me and find facilities that provide this service. Go through your options and select the one which suits you the best. Then simply fill in some details as required and confirm your booking. Get in touch with the lab technician who will come to collect your sample to confirm your slot.

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