TORCH 8 Panel (IgG&IgM) Test In Delhi

TORCH 8 Panel (IgG&IgM) Test In Delhi

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A torch 8 test in Delhi is part of the eight different tests carried out under the torch profile tests, that measure the infectivity of various diseases including rubella, toxoplasmosis, cytomegalovirus, and herpes infection. It is necessary to detect the possibility of these particular diseases, especially for determining any possible birth defects in newborn babies, if the mother is screened for any of these infections.

The majority of the time, the torch 8 test in Delhi is done to recognize and avoid any possible complications for pregnant women.

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Why Is the Torch 8 Test Done?

When a pregnant woman looks for a torch 8 test near me, the main agenda is to get medical assistance and consultation from doctors if the detection of an infection is made. This is because the chances of the infection passing on to the newborn baby call very high, increasing the complications involved with the birth of the child on the due date.

The full form of TORCH is made up of all the different diseases that can be detected with the help of a torch 8 test in Bangalore. However, along with these, the detection of other infections for newborn babies is also possible with the help of the torch 8 test.

What Does Torch 8 Test Measure ?

Each of the different tests in the torch panel work on helping the doctors identify a list of different diseases that can be harmful to both pregnant women as well as newborn babies.

  • With the help of the torch 8 test in Bangalore or any other city, the level of antibodies is tested to see whether the necessary level is present to fight these infectious diseases.
  • The antibodies are the necessary proteins that are known to recognize and fight any possible harmful substances within the body to avoid infections. The two antibodies tested by the torch 8 test include immunoglobulin M and immunoglobulin G.
  • Both these antibodies are present in different case scenarios like the IgM antibodies are present when a patient is undergoing an acute infection. IgG antibodies are only present for patients who have recently recovered from an acute infection but are no longer in because of the same disease.
  • By determining the level of these antibodies in the body, the doctor uses the results along with the history of symptoms for pregnant women to assess the possibility of any exposure of infection for the newborn baby.


Risk/Side Effects Of Torch 8 Test

All the different torch panel tests are conducted by the collection of your blood sample. So, if you are worried about the precautions to take before taking a torch 8 test near me, there are no side effects or risks involved.

The maximum possible outcome post sample collection can be-little

  • bruising
  • soreness and tightness
  • slight pain

These may happen in the area where the sample was collected, or dizziness right after the sample collection. Other than this, the risks were none, both for the patient as well as the newborn baby. So, go find the torch 8 test price and book the next available slot today.


List Of Parameters/Tests Included In Torch 8 Test

Under the torch 8 test in Bangalore or any other city, eight different tests are included to measure the level of different antibodies in the body. The list of these eight test parameters includes the following names:

  • IgM and IgG for cytomegalovirus antibodies (two different test parameters)
  • IgM and IgG for herpes simplex virus 1 and 2 (two different test
  • parameters)
  • IgM and IgG for rubella virus (two different test parameters)
  • IgM and IgG for Toxoplasma gondii (two different test parameters)

Why should you choose's home collection services ?

The two important things that convince patients to take home collection services are the utmost security and convenience attached to the same. With’s Home collection services that range from tests for different diseases, you do not have to commute to a lab or hospital anymore.

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What are some of the common symptoms to be aware of during pregnancy for doctor consultation and torch panel test?

For most pregnant women, doctors perform the torch 8 test during their initial prenatal visit. However, if you witness symptoms like deafness, jaundice, low platelet levels, cataracts, or heart problems, consulting a doctor and getting tested is the right decision.

What is the torch 8 test price in Bangalore?

According to research, almost all labs and home collection services charge approximately Rs.1580 to conduct a torch 8 test for you. However, the torch 8 test price may vary from city to city so always research well before booking.


When is the Torch 8 Test performed?

Torch 8 test can be done when the woman visits for her first prenatal test.

 Interpreting Torch 8 Test Results

Interpreting Torch 8 Test Results

The test results for a torch 8 test can either come positive or negative. However, both the possibilities have their significance for the doctors and the patients. In simple words, the test results indicate a clear possibility of an active infection in the patient or recognize the infection the patient has recently recovered from. To understand how to interpret the test results for your next torch 8 test in Bangalore, remember the following.

  • A positive test result indicates that both IgM and IgG antibodies at present for the different infections the test was taken for. With that result, it is clear that you have recently or in the past, been vaccinated for the particular disease you are testing for today.
  • A negative result on the other hand can indicate a normal case scenario until the results indicate the possibility of a disease that you have not been vaccinated for yet. However, it is still a good sign as the absence of any antibodies reflects the absence of any current or past infections for you.
  • For a newborn baby, however, if these antibodies are present, it can require additional testing to see whether the baby has an active infection. However, if a pregnant woman tests positive for IgM, it also might require further testing.

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Steps To Book A Torch 8 Test For Home Collection In Delhi

If you are looking for a torch 8 test in Delhi or any other city, it is more important to know the steps to book for a Home collection service as opposed to the torch 8 test price. So, do book a torch 8 test near me, all you need to do is go online.

The first step to begin is to book a time slot as per your convenience between 6 AM to 9 PM for the home collection service. Post this, choose a lab that is nearest to your current location and schedule the booking. Now, all you need to do is wait for an expert to come home to take your sample torch 8 test.

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