Best Exercises For Weight Loss & Fat Burning At Home

Best Exercises For Weight Loss & Fat Burning At Home

Overview of exercise & its benefits

One of the main reasons behind many diseases is obesity. Adipose tissues, AKA fat, play a vital role in protecting the body from changing temperatures. Usually, an average adult human has around 20% of their body weight’s worth of fat present in their whole body. But, when the fat deposit exceeds the normal amount, people start to become obese, and this excess weight affects their joints and daily functioning.

Switching to a proper diet is crucial. But, in order to effectively lose weight and stay in shape, doing weight loss exercises at home are essential. Opting to do fat burning exercises at home is the best way to have an active lifestyle without losing out on ‘me-time’.

The benefits of doing weight loss exercises at home are:

    • Exercising around 3 hours before sleep can help the body get tired enough to fall into a deep and rejuvenating sleep.
    • Working out, especially doing yoga, can help improve focus and mental agility.
    • Energy levels are higher, thanks to the production of adrenaline and serotonin.
    • Reduction of the chances of chronic disease in a person.
    • Improves overall stamina and strength (including muscle strength, while toning the body).

When looking for “how to become slim with exercise”, the following workouts are proven to be effective.

Aerobic exercises – steps on how to do it, sets, reps, and time

Aerobics is a kind of cardiovascular exercise that offers a quick yet effective fat-burning solution. Any workout that makes the heart rate faster can be included in the aerobics workout routine, like swimming, cycling, or jogging. A workout plan that incorporates the need for oxygen into the body, aerobics is the best weight loss exercise that also helps us in having a healthy circulatory system.

Since aerobics can consist of many forms of workouts, determining a particular time and set depends entirely upon the person and the willpower he/she has. For beginners, opting for 30 minutes of cardio will be enough, and they can then build on their stamina to increase the time. Aerobics should be done 3 to 4 times a week and alternating it with low power workouts will yield better results.

Skipping/jump rope – steps on how to do it, sets, reps and time

Skipping or rope jumping is a simple yet effective way to burn calories faster. All that is required is a skipping rope that can be brought online or from any sports store. It is one of the best weight loss exercises that can be done at home.

People who are just beginning to jump rope can start with jogging on the spot, along with the rope swinging from head to toe. To get accustomed, start practicing the wrist movement by twisting the wrist only to get the rope to the feet and then step over the rope. Do this a few times before starting with the jog or jump. Beginners can jump rope for 1 minute and do 5 sets with 20-second intervals in between each set.

Planks – steps on how to do it, sets, reps and time

Planks are perhaps one of the most effective core workouts that also target the arms and the thighs. Planks can be done in two stages, one that requires balancing on the palms of the hand, and the other being the advanced elbow plank.

To begin with, start in a push-up position with the arms in line with the shoulders, fingers pointing out, back straight, and feet kept together. Tuck in the stomach and focus on breathing. This should be done for 30 seconds. One set can vary in time, but for beginners, 30 seconds can be enough. A total of 4 to 5 sets should be done with a 10 seconds interval between each set.

Once the beginner mode is passed, moving on to the elbow plank will become easy. The steps are the same, except the balance should be on the forearms and elbows. Time can be increased as per confidence.

Pushups & pull-ups – steps on how to do it, sets, reps and time

Push-ups and pullups, also known as calisthenics, are effective bodyweight workouts that help tone and strengthen the arms and the inner thighs, along with the back and chest.

Push-ups are done with the hands in line with the shoulders and feet placement is the width of the hips. Once the balance is done, slowly push down towards the surface till the chest touches it and then slowly push back to the original stance. For beginners, the strength should be drawn from the core and the knees can be placed on the ground to get the balance. Push-ups should be done for 4 sets and each set should have 15 repetitions.

For pull-ups, a bar placed at a distance from the ground is required. Grip the bar tightly without placing much stress on the wrist. Slowly pull the body up towards the bar. Pull-ups can be done for 4 sets, with each set having 15 reps.

Squats – steps on how to do it, sets, reps and time

One of the most effective lower body workouts is squats. Not only do squats aid with fat burning, they also help in strengthening the lower body muscles, along with improving core strength.

The correct way to do squats is to stand with feet placed slightly wider than the hips. The toes should point out and the knees should be straight. Keeping the back straight, the knees should bend to be in a sitting position and not cross the line made by the toes. They should always be at an angle of 90 degrees.

The stomach should be tucked in and the back should be kept straight. The sitting position should be held for a couple of seconds and then slowly go back to the standing stance. Each set should contain 15 reps and 3 to 4 sets should be done.

Burpees – steps on how to do it, sets, reps and time

Burpees is another high-intensity calisthenics workout that burns the most fat but is the most difficult to master. Burpees offer a total-body workout and can be done along with other workouts or solo.

Start with a standing stance with feet slightly wider than the hips. Jump and come in the squat posture and then jump out to the plank posture. From there, do a pushup and return to the plank posture and then to the standing posture. Beginners can moderate it to be jump and squat or jump and plank. Pushups can be added when arm strength is attained. A total of 5 sets should be done, with each set having 15 reps.

Lunges – steps on how to do it, sets, reps and time

Lunges offer strength and muscle build-up along with helping in attaining a better posture and lower body balance. There are three types of lunges—forward, backward, and side.

Lunges are pretty easy to master. The starting posture is standing straight. keeping the feet at the hips’ width distance. For balance, the hands can be placed on the sides of the abdomen. Once the posture is corrected, one leg is lifted and placed either forward, backward, or sideways. It should be kept in mind that the bent leg should not cross the toes. A total of 4 to 5 sets should be done, with each set having 20 reps (with both legs combined).

Yoga – steps on how to do it, sets, reps and time

Yoga, like aerobics, consists of various exercises that can be done together. Some of them can be chosen and a customized routine can be made. Being an ancient form, it incorporates not only weight loss, but also aids us in attaining a healthier lifestyle and a clear mind.

There are many postures with their own level of difficulty. People can opt for power yoga or Hatha yoga, as per their needs. While there is no specific set for yoga, ideally an hour a day in the morning should be dedicated to yoga. This will also act as meditation.

Other common exercises for weight loss

Apart from the ones mentioned above, some of the easiest fat burning exercises at home are:

    • Pilates which is considered to be the best weight loss exercise for females
    • Spot jogging
    • Mountain climbers
    • Jumping jacks

Doing household chores, opting for stairs and walking are also effective in burning fat and increasing stamina.

Factors on which weight loss depends

Weight loss is not a mathematical problem that can be achieved by putting the correct formulas in place and following the steps shown by the teacher. People embarking on the weight loss journey face the plateau effect, which disheartens them. The plateau effect happens when a routine is followed and the body becomes used to it. This causes changes to become mostly impossible to be noticed, because the calorie intake and the calorie output become equal. To overcome the plateau effect, it’s important to change the routine and increase physical activities. Some more factors that affect weight loss are:


When talking about weight loss, it is important to understand that a person’s weight also includes bone density, muscle mass and fat. The comparison must not be made simply by relying on the numbers seen on the weighing scale. Genetics affect not only the bone density but also the metabolism a person has.

Sleep quality

Proper sleep helps, as you will wake up feeling focused and energized. This will aid you in attaining the morning workout routine with ease. Ideally, a 7-hour to 8-hour sleep is enough to let the body and mind get adequate rest.

Food intake

The amount and type of food eaten also helps determine the pace of the weight loss. For some, a keto diet works, while others benefit from a paleo diet. This again depends on genetics, region a person belongs to, and his/her age. In every ideal diet plan, sugar should be avoided and overeating should be controlled.

Water intake

Water acts as a conductor that activates the thermogenic state, which further increases the rate of metabolism of the body. Water also keeps the body hydrated and prevents the brain from creating cravings, leading to overeating.


People often stress a lot about factors that are beyond their control. One of the major benefits of choosing a healthy lifestyle is that discipline becomes a part of life. Time management also becomes easy. Factors, like stress, lead to overeating, and when meditation and self-love practices are included, stress can be countered productively.


With the right information, losing weight and staying healthy are not big deals. Apart from the mentioned fat burning exercises to be done at home, incorporating proper diet and getting routine check-ups will ensure that the overall health of both the body and the mind is kept intact.


How much time should be there between each set?

When doing intense workouts, it is crucial to have a 10 to 15 seconds rest after each circuit or set. This will give the body a chance to be prepared for the next set without tiring you out.

What is calisthenics?

Calisthenics is a body weight workout that does not require additional weights. It is effective and helps build the muscles faster.

Are additional weights essential for workouts?

Not always. If the goal is to become slim and tone the body, additional weights are not required.