Dengue Fever IgG Antibody Test In Chandigarh

Dengue Fever IgG Antibody Test In Chandigarh

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Dengue disease or dengue fever is a mosquito-borne viral ailment mainly prevalent in the areas having tropical and subtropical climates (more than 120 countries). On an average, 40,000 deaths every year are caused due to this disease. Female mosquitoes of the Aedes family are responsible for spreading the dengue virus. A vaccine for the same is available in many counties.

Read further to know more about the dengue fever IgG antibody test in Chandigarh, including its price and cost, procedures, side effects, etc.

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About dengue IgG antibody test

Why is the dengue IgG antibody test done?

The dengue IgG test is done to diagnose dengue fever. You can go for the test if you develop the following symptoms:

  • If you get sick after going to a tropical or subtropical country
  • If you have a high fever (103 degrees or above)
  • Bleeding from nose or gums
  • Extreme pain in the joint and muscles
  • Extreme pain at the back of eyes
  • Headache

After a gap of two weeks, a blood sample will again be taken for the dengue IgG antibody test to check the levels of antibodies present in the body.

What are the parameters measured in the dengue IgG antibody test?

The major parameters measured in the dengue IgG antibody test are nonstructural protein

1, IgG and IgM antibodies. These antibodies are usually detected five days after the appearance of the symptoms of the dengue infection. IgG antibodies may be examined for several months and years after contracting the infection.

The results of the IgG and IgM antibodies tests and the analyses of the history of your previous ailments help your doctor to accurately examine your current dengue infection.

Risks/side effects of the dengue IgG antibody test:

There are no side effects or risks associated with the dengue IgG antibody test. However, for a few days, you might experience some pain or bruising in the area from where the blood sample was taken.


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Is a visit to a clinic or laboratory necessary to give the blood sample?

It depends on your convenience. You can either go to a lab to give your blood sample, or you can also book your home test sample collection slot through our website.

Can dengue fever spread from one person to another?

An infected person can’t transmit dengue fever.

Can I get reinfected with dengue if I have had the infection before?

You can contract the serotypes of the dengue virus which you previously were not infected with.

Is dengue 100% curable?

A complete cure for dengue has not been found yet.

What is the dengue IgG antibody test?

The dengue IgG antibody test helps us to examine a recent dengue infection. There are two types of antibodies created by our body when we contract the disease. These are IgG and IgM antibodies. Checking for these can inform us about the severity of the infection and a treatment can also be prescribed accordingly.

Any prerequisites for dengue IgG antibody test?

There are usually no guidelines or prerequisites you need to follow before going for the dengue IgG antibody test. However, your doctor may ask you to observe a fast for a few hours before the dengue IgG antibody test if your blood sample will be used for other tests as well.

How is the dengue IgG antibody test performed?

A dengue IgG antibody test is performed by collecting your blood sample from your vein located in one of your arms using an injection. The dengue IgG antibody test can be done either at a hospital, laboratory, or clinic. Home collection services are also available.

Interpreting the dengue IgG antibody test results

Interpreting the dengue IgG antibody test results

For accurate results, a dengue IgM test may be done with the IgG test. If both the test results are negative, the dengue fever is absent. The presence of symptoms can indicate some other ailment or a low antibody count that could not get detected.

The table below shows the outcomes of the IgM and IgG test:

IgG IgM Possible Interpretations
Positive Positive Infection present
Negative Positive Infection present
Positive Low or Negative Infection in the past
3 times increase Low or Negative Recent Infection
Negative Negative Too soon to say or another cause of symptoms


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