Hepatitis E Virus IGM Antibody Test In Chandigarh

Hepatitis E Virus IGM Antibody Test In Chandigarh

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Hepatitis E virus, commonly referred to as HEV, causes inflammation of the liver. Hepatitis E virus gets into the human body through the intestine. However, the virus gets transmitted via contaminated drinking water. Fortunately, hepatitis E is self-limiting, i.e. within 3-6 weeks from contamination, a person grows antibodies against the HEV. However, in rare cases, the condition worsens to acute liver failure, which proves to be fatal.

  • The definitive test for the hepatitis E virus is the detection of hepatitis E antibodies in the bloodstream.
  • As we said before, antibodies (anti-HEV immunoglobulin M) are formed within 3-6 weeks from contamination.
  • An HEV IgM test confirms the presence of anti-HEV immunoglobulin M (IgM) in the blood sample.

Hepatitis E has no specific treatment since this is a self-limiting disease. Usually, hospitalization of the patients is not required. However, extreme cases could lead to liver failure and therefore, early diagnosis is important to avoid such conditions.

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About Hepatitis E Virus IGM Antibody Test

Why Is Hepatitis E Virus IGM Antibody Test Done?

The HEV IgM test is done to ascertain the presence of anti-HEV antibodies in our bloodstream. When a person gets affected by a virus, bacteria or other harmful foreign substances, our immune system forms antibodies against them to fight off the detrimental effects.
Similarly, when a person falls victim to hepatitis E, our immune system forms anti-HEV antibodies to prevent possible maladies.

There are some common symptoms of hepatitis E that one must look out for. These symptoms are-

  • Phase 1: Anorexia (loss of appetite) with mild fever
  • Phase 2: Nausea, abdominal pain, itchy skin and joint pain
  • Phase 3: Jaundice effects (yellow pigmentation of the skin), pale stool and dark urine
  • Phase 4: Hepatomegaly (slightly enlarged and tender liver).

It is evident that hepatitis E attacks the liver and causes liver-related issues. The process is gradual and steady. However, in the meantime, anti-HEV antibodies are formed by the immune system which fights off these viruses.

One thing we all have to understand is that the hepatitis E virus draws its nutrition from bio-waste items. Therefore, ensure the safe disposal of bio-wastes.

What Does Hepatitis E Virus IGM Antibody Test Measure?
  • The Hepatitis E antibody test measures the presence of anti-HEV IgM in our bloodstream.
  • The test also determines the severity of the disease of an affected person.
  • It can be used after hepatitis E treatment to confirm whether a person is completely cured.
Risk/ Side Effects Of Hepatitis E Virus IGM Antibody Test

Hepatitis E antibody test is a regular blood test. There is no known risk involved in the HEV IgM test. Like all other antibody tests, a small amount of blood sample (around 5 ml) is collected for lab analysis. Drawing blood could be slightly painful during illness. Apart from that, there is no risk involved.
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Is there a vaccine for Hepatitis E?

Theoretically speaking, there is a vaccine for hepatitis E, but the product is available only in China. In India, there is no vaccine yet for hepatitis E.

How should I prepare for the HEV IgM test home collection?

HEV IgM test home collection is a regular blood sample collection process. You need not prepare specially for the home collection.

How can we protect ourselves from the hepatitis E virus?

Hepatitis E virus grows in abundance in unhealthy areas, particularly with bio-wastes. The virus gets into our body through the fecal point. Contaminated water is also a vital medium for viral contamination. Thus, keep yourself and your surroundings clean to keep the hepatitis E virus at bay.


Interpreting Hepatitis E Virus IGM Antibody Test Results

Interpreting Hepatitis E Virus IGM Antibody Test Results

The interpretation of test results of viral infections is quite simple. We all have become aware of the process in the last two years, courtesy of the Coronavirus!

Please refer to the following table for the interpretation.

Test Result Interpretation
Positive Anti-HEV IgM (hepatitis E antibody) is present in the blood sample
Negative Anti-HEV IgM (hepatitis E antibody) is not present in the blood sample


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Steps To Book A Hepatitis E Virus IGM Antibody Test For Home Collection In Chandigarh

Liver is one of the major organs in our body. Liver secretions (such as enzymes) help us perform various activities seamlessly. Hepatitis E virus targets and attacks the liver. Although our immune system is capable of producing antibodies against the virus and self-limiting the disease, it is highly recommended to get the HEV IgM test done before it is too late.

Now, you may be stuck with multiple works and picking out some free time to have the test done could be really difficult for you. Here comes Flebo.in with a wonderful solution. You can set an appointment for HEV IgM test home collection through our online portal. We will send you an expert phlebotomist to your address. You can also schedule the home collection from your office or a hotel (in case you are touring). Flebo.in will be at your service everywhere.

You don’t need to worry about the HEV IgM test price, since this is very much affordable. Based on your location, the anti HEV test cost might vary a little. However, the average HEV IgM test in Chandigarh is more economical with Flebo.in.

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