Microfilaria Detection Test In Chandigarh

Microfilaria Detection Test In Chandigarh

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Microfilaria is a parasite that uses the human body as the host. Typically, the filarial disorder is the wretched outcome of this parasitical attack. This is a vector-borne disease. There are a few stages of contracting and growing the microfilaria within our body.

  1. A fully grown female filarial insect lays an egg in the blood of a person.
  2. Insects like mosquitoes or black flies bite the infected person.
  3. During blood sucking, the eggs get into the insect body from the host.
  4. Then the eggs turn to microfilaria larvae within the insect.
  5. Next time, when these infected insects bite a person, the larvae get transmitted to the person.
  6. The larvae then grow within the person using nourishment from his blood.

This sounds really scary, doesn’t it? In fact, there are some other health conditions that could well be the outcome of a microfilaria attack. These disorders include-

  • River blindness
  • Loa Loa filariasis
  • Elephantiasis
  • Tropical Eosinophilia
  • Lymphangitis
  • Lymphadenitis

Therefore, it is utterly significant to have the disorder diagnosed at an earlier phase so that treatment could be started without delay. Flebo.in has brought some good news for the customers for the Microfilaria Detection test in Chandigarh.

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About Microfilaria Detection Test

Why Is the Microfilaria Detection Test Done?

The Microfilaria Detection test is taken to identify the presence of the microfilaria parasite or the micro-worm in our bloodstream. Microfilaria larvae typically grow in abundance in the blood of the infected person, since blood provides the necessary nourishment to them.

There are certain common symptoms of microfilaria attack which should be observed carefully. These symptoms are-

  • Fever
  • Skin exfoliation
  • Testicular pain
  • Genital or limb swelling
  • Inguinal

If you observe these symptoms recurring often, you must consult a doctor without wasting any time. Early diagnoses could help you begin the treatment without delay and avoid unnecessary complications.

What Does Microfilaria Detection Test Measure?
  • Evidently, this is an assorted medical examination to detect the presence of microfilaria larvae in our bloodstream.
  • In case the worm is at the initial egg stage, a microfilaria detection test can reveal it as well.
  • The test must be taken immediately to avoid more severe health conditions as mentioned earlier.
Risk/side Effects Of Microfilaria Detection Test

The Microfilaria Detection test is a totally risk-free test.

  • This is a normal blood test.
  • You need to provide a small amount of blood sample, as suggested.

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How should I prepare for the Microfilaria Detection Test?

Microfilaria worms or larvae are active during the night. Therefore, the blood sample must be collected between 12-2 am at night. Your doctor will elucidate the process further. Otherwise, there is no special requirement, such as fasting, for this test.

What are the chances of recovery from microfilaria?

Microfilaria larvae can be eradicated from the host body if detected at an early stage. However, if the disorder is asymptomatic or the diagnosis is done at a later stage, other health conditions may grow by that time.

Is there any follow-up test with a Microfilaria detection test?

The Microfilaria Detection test will detect the presence of the parasite in the blood sample. However, follow-up tests may be required to identify the species of filarial worm that has attacked a person. These are definitive tests to start the treatment.

Interpreting Microfilaria Detection Test Results

Interpreting Microfilaria Detection Test Results

There are two distinctive results for the Microfilaria Detection test.

Test Result Interpretation
Positive The organism is present in the blood sample
Negative The organism is not present in the blood sample


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Steps To Book A Microfilaria Detection Test For Home Collection In Chandigarh

With the modern hectic lifestyle, people frequently look for the simplest modes of services in every field, including healthcare. To cater to the busy schedule of the customers, Flebo.in now offers the convenience of booking a Microfilaria Detection test home collection. Moreover, you can also reserve the test from your other comfort zones such as hotels, workplaces, etc.

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The team of specialists at Flebo.in has made it possible for you to book the test and get reports on time. You can make an appointment for the home collection of samples at your convenience.
The steps of booking a Microfilaria Detection test in Chandigarh via Flebo.in are absolutely simple.

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