Quadra Marker With Graph Test In Chandigarh

Quadra Marker With Graph Test In Chandigarh

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The quadra marker test with the graph is known as the Quadruple test. The quadra marker test with the graph is a blood test that helps to measure the levels of four crucial substances present in the placenta – alpha-fetoprotein, estriol, human chorionic gonadotropin and inhibin.

Quadra marker test with the graph is one of the essential tests that is done during pregnancy. It helps to get accurate details about your pregnancy period and diagnose risk factors or any abnormalities linked with your pregnancy. Most importantly, it helps the doctor to know whether there is any deformation in the fetus or genetic disorder that might restrict the growth of the foetus. The quadruple marker test in Chandigarh can be booked online. The right time for this test is between 15-21 weeks of pregnancy.

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About Quadra Marker Test

Why is the Quadruple Marker Test Performed?

Generally, this test is performed between the period of 15 to 21 weeks of pregnancy. The test can be recommended for the ladies above 35, who have previously experienced pregnancy disorders or have a family history of the same. The test is mainly conducted to ensure the safety of the growth of the foetus. It diagnoses in depth the proper formation of the foetus and detects any abnormalities, which may lead to physical defects in the newborn.

In short, the quadruple marker test can be done to-

  • Diagnose Down syndrome,
  • Neural tube defects,
  • Failure of closure of the abdomen in the foetus,
  • Diagnose miscarriages and ectopic pregnancy, or
  • Diagnose multiple pregnancies.

The quadruple marker test price depends on different health institutes. Generally, the price may range between INR 2,000 to INR 5,000. Different hospitals might have variations in terms of price.

What Does Quadruple Test Measure?

The quadruple test is done for pregnant women. It helps to define the status of the foetus by diagnosing any possible disorder which is currently present or might happen in the future. The test can be used to measure four important levels: APF or alpha-fetoprotein, Estriol, HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin, and Inhibin.

  • AFP or alpha-fetoprotein: It is a protein that is produced by the foetus. The rate of APF level determines neural tube defects in the foetus and help in checking the incomplete closure of the foetus abdomen. If the level is high, it involves risks.
  • Estriol: Estriol is a type of estrogen hormone, which is found in both foetus and placenta. The risk can be determined if the level of estriol is low in the baby. It indicates Down syndrome in the newborn.
  • HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin: It is a type of hormone that is produced by the cells of the placenta. In the case of low levels of HCG hormone, risks such as miscarriages or ectopic pregnancy are involved. On the other hand, high levels of HCG with low levels of APF and low estriol indicate Down syndrome.
  • Inhibin: Inhibin A is a type of hormone produced by the placenta. It is sometimes also referred to as dimeric Inhibin A or DIA. When the test is done between 14-17 weeks of pregnancy, inhibin A is slightly decreased in the maternal blood, but it rises again gradually. However, increased levels indicate Down syndrome.

If all four markers show abnormal levels, there is a possibility of neural tube defects (Spina Bifida), absence of brain, skull or scalp, or multiple pregnancies.

Risk/side Effects of Quadruple Test

In order to go for any tests, it is important to check for the side effects. Just like people search for “quadruple test price” or “quadruple test near me”, the risks it involves should not be overlooked. So, what risks are there in the quadruple marker test in Chandigarh?

Usually, the quadruple marker test does not involve any dreadful side effects or risks, however, some parents do not want to consider this test due to many reasons. One of the major reasons is that parents might develop anxiety in case of any detected defects in the foetus, which might worsen the case.

The quadruple test is safe for parents and it is a form of an easy blood test, which has no side effects at all. So, if you are considering one due to the fact you have a family history of such cases, you can safely conduct the test. You can search for “quadruple test near me” and book it for home collection as well.


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When do you need a Quadra Marker with Graph?

Your doctor will inform you if the test needs to be performed. Also, you can ask your doctor if you have doubt as such.

How Much Does the Quadra Marker Test Cost?

The quadruple marker test cost ranges between Rs. 360 to Rs.1,000. The cost may vary depending on the lab as well.

How to book the Quadra Marker test at home?

You can easily book Quadra Marker with Graph via Flebo.in. Create your account and provide your details. Book your test conveniently online.

Interpreting Quadra Marker Test Results

Interpreting Quadra Marker Test Results

The results of the quadruple test are presented with the help of a graph. The interpretation of the Quadra Marker Test Results can be summed up as follows:

  1. High levels of inhibin A indicate Down’s syndrome while the low level might indicate Edward’s syndrome, trisomy 18, etc. In the case of variation in the inhibin A, one can also conclude that the risk involves trisomy 13 or Patau syndrome.
  2. A positive result that is quadruple test indicates the child might have the risk of neural tube defects and chromosomal disorders like Down syndrome. In this case, the doctor may advise the patient to go for further diagnoses, which are specific to core issues. These can be amniocentesis, which helps with a definite diagnosis.

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Steps to Book a Quadruple Test for Home Collection in Chandigarh

Booking a home collection for the Quadruple test is now super easy with Flebo.in. With just a few clicks, you can save your time and effort. Instead of searching for “quadruple marker test near me” or “quadruple test in Chandigarh”, visit Flebo.in and check the options to book varied tests from your preferred lab.

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