Total Bilirubin Serum Test in Chandigarh

Total Bilirubin Serum Test in Chandigarh

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People showing certain symptoms that are similar to that of jaundice are often advised by their doctors to opt for a total bilirubin test in Chandigarh. This test is conducted to check the amount of bilirubin present in the bloodstream.

Ideally, blood should have no trace of bilirubin. The total bilirubin test (TBIL) serves as an indicator of improper functioning of the liver or even genetically inherited diseases. It measures both direct or conjugated bilirubin and indirect or unconjugated bilirubin levels.

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About Total Bilirubin Serum Test

Why is the total bilirubin serum test done?

When the older red blood cells die, they are broken down. When the heme part of hemoglobin is broken, it releases a protein-bound yellow-colored pigment called bilirubin. Since it is bound to a protein, it is called non-conjugated bilirubin. This pigment is taken to the liver to be further broken down to conjugated bilirubin. This substance is then passed along to the small intestine via bile ducts for removal from the body.

Doctors prescribe a total bilirubin test in Chandigarh when patients show the following symptoms:

  • Urine has the color of dark yellow
  • The stool is pale gray or clay-colored
  • Excessive fatigue
  • A feeling of discomfort that remains constant
  • Abdominal pain and swelling
  • A feeling of nausea and vomiting
  • Skin and whites of the eyes have taken on a yellowish hue
  • Anemia

People with alcohol dependence are often prescribed to get a total bilirubin test done in order to identify the onset of cirrhosis of the liver. Apart from this, doctors also need to see the results of the total bilirubin test when they suspect the patient to have hepatitis or Gilbert’s syndrome.

What does the total bilirubin serum test measure?

The formation and destruction of the red blood cells in the body is a regular occurrence. When the older red blood cells die, the components of the blood are broken down. The heme part of the hemoglobin is broken down to form unconjugated bilirubin. This component is carried to the liver to be further broken down to form conjugated bilirubin that is sent to the small intestine via bile ducts to be excreted.

A smaller amount of bilirubin to be present in the blood is normal. Having no bilirubin is also considered normal, but having a higher amount can be an indication of abnormalities in liver functioning or damage to the bile ducts. The total bilirubin test helps identify the underlying cause so proper treatment can be conducted.

Potential risks/side effects of Total bilirubin serum test

A bilirubin test is often conducted via venipuncture. The blood is drawn from the vein. The size of the vein and how farther it is from the skin often determine the side effects that the patient may feel. When looking for “serum bilirubin test near me”, make sure the lab technician who is in charge of taking the blood sample knows how to identify the correct vein.


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Does cancer of the gallbladder require a bilirubin test?

Yes. Any injury or disease associated with the bile ducts or gallbladder can cause an abnormal amount of bilirubin in the blood.

What are gallstones?

When cholesterol or bilirubin pile up in the bile duct, they create a blockage. Further addition of these components causes gallstones to be formed.

Is dark yellow urine always a sign of liver damage?

Having dark yellow urine is not always a sign of liver damage. Sometimes dehydration or urinary tract infections can cause the urine to be dark in color.

How to ensure the tests results for bilirubin are accurate?

Some food and medication cause lower levels of bilirubin. To avoid any inaccuracy, do not consume caffeine or barbiturates at least 8 hours before the test.

Interpreting the Total Bilirubin Test results

Interpreting the Total Bilirubin Test results

The total bilirubin test in Chandigarh comprises measuring both the amount of unconjugated or indirect bilirubin (BU) and conjugated or direct bilirubin (BC) levels in the blood sample.

In adults, the total bilirubin results should be 1.2 mg/dl (milligrams per deciliter) to be considered normal. The normal amount of bilirubin to be present in the blood for people under 18 years is 1 mg/dl. The amount of conjugated bilirubin in the blood that is considered normal is 0.3 mg/dl. The absence of conjugated bilirubin is also normal.

Bilirubin Serum Test (Total) Reading Health Risk
1.2 mg/dl for adults

1 mg/dl for children

NORMAL/ Manageable

Certain factors that should be kept in mind when consulting the results of the total bilirubin test in Chandigarh are:

  • Men tend to have a higher bilirubin count when compared to women
  • People of African-American origin have lower levels of bilirubin
  • Certain exercises, especially marathon running, tend to cause a rise in bilirubin results
  • Antibiotics and caffeine tend to lower the bilirubin count
  • Newborn babies have a 15mg/dl bilirubin count

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