Troponin T (Qualitative) Test In Chandigarh

Troponin T (Qualitative) Test In Chandigarh

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Troponin T (Qualitative) Test helps in the elimination of the diagnosis of acute coronary syndrome, or damage to the heart, through the analysis of the specimen of the single plasma collected in the blood drawn for performing this test. This test helps in the diagnosis of early heart problems and monitoring the patients suffering from heart problems not caused because of blockages of arteries. Individuals can book the Troponin T (Qualitative) Test in Chandigarh easily.

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About Troponin T (Qualitative) Test In Chandigarh

Why is the Troponin T (Qualitative) Test done?

The Troponin T (Qualitative) test is commonly conducted to check if there have been any instances of a heart attack. This test is commonly done if the individual experiences pain in the chest or indicates other symptoms of a heart attack. Over the period of 6 to 24 hours, this test is usually repeated a couple of times.

It is also done to evaluate and detect other causes of heart injury and to know if angina, chest pain caused because of the heart not receiving proper blood, is deteriorating, when there is a lack of other symptoms.

What does the Troponin T (Qualitative) Test measure?

The Troponin T (Qualitative) test measures the levels of protein troponin T or troponin I, which is released in the blood because of damage caused to the heart muscles due to heart attack or other causes. Troponin is generally absent in the blood but the injured heart muscles release it into the blood.

Risk/side effects of Troponin T (Qualitative) Test

Even though a heart attack is an alarming and life-threatening medical emergency, the Troponin T (Qualitative) Test is not so. This test is like a regular blood test and does not have any side effects or risks. In fact, this test can be conducted to understand if the individual may suffer from a heart attack in the future or has been suffering from silent heart attacks in the present.


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Is it required for the patients to make special dietary adjustments before the Troponin T (Qualitative) Test?

No, the patients do not have to make any special dietary adjustments before the test because food and drinks do not affect the results.

What is Troponin and what is its importance?

A group of proteins in the skeleton and heart muscle fibers is known as Troponin. It regulates muscle contraction which happens while doing an activity.

Does having chest pain always refer to having a heart attack?

No, all chest pains are not heart attacks. An individual may have chest pain because of acidity, digestion problem, emotional stress, or lung problems.

Interpreting the Troponin T (Qualitative) Test results

Interpreting the Troponin T (Qualitative) Test results

The troponin levels are generally low in the blood because of which they are most of the time not detected in the regular blood tests.

If the Troponin T level in the blood is below 0.04 nanograms per one milliliter, the heart is unlikely to be damaged and there are chances that the heart attack did not occur.

If the Troponin T level in the blood is between 0.04 – 0.39 nanograms per milliliter, it is an indication of a serious heart problem.

If the Troponin T level in the blood is more than 0.4 nanograms per milliliter, it is an indication of a heart attack.
Generally, the increased Troponin T levels in the blood is an indication of damage to the heart muscles. However, there could be an increase in the Troponin levels due to other reasons as well. These include:

  • Fast heartbeat which is not usual
  • Lung arteries having high blood pressure
  • Lung arteries being blocked because of tumor cells, fat, or blood clot
  • Inflammation of the heart muscles because of virus infection
  • Injuries causing trauma such as car accident
  • Prolonged kidney disease

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Steps to book Troponin T (Qualitative) Test for Home Collection in Chandigarh

Once the doctor advises you to get the Troponin T (Qualitative) Test conducted, it is advisable to ask him/her for other related tests to get a fair understanding of the Troponin T (Qualitative) Test cost. For booking Troponin T (Qualitative) Test in Chandigarh for home collection, all you have to do is select the time and the laboratory for the test.

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