Arsenic - Blood Test In Chennai

Arsenic - Blood Test In Chennai

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Arsenic falls under the heavy metal category which is potentially harmful for human systems. Arsenic is a naturally occurring substance and is found in abundance in nature. There are primarily two types of arsenic found in the environments, inorganic (metallic form) and organic arsenic.

It is the metallic form i.e. the inorganic arsenic that causes various health issues.

  • Arsenic is found in water and often people drink water from a well or pond which contains a substantial amount of arsenic
  • Arsenic can also be found in the form of mineral, mixed with the soil particles
  • In rare cases, arsenic is found in the air and food items, particularly in a locality near an industrial waste dumping site.

Similar to other heavy metal poisoning, arsenic has its toxic reaction on our body too. As a matter of fact, the rural areas are yet to use water filters and purifiers. This exposes the people out there to arsenic poisoning.

However, urban India too has witnessed adverse effects of arsenic poisoning and it can affect a person even after taking all the possible precautions. Therefore, you must be aware of arsenic poisoning and the prevention procedures.

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About Arsenic - Blood Tests

Why Is Arsenic - Blood Test Done?

It is imperative that heavy metals do have negative impacts on our body. However, arsenic pollution is something that has constantly threatened mankind, particularly in rural India. Like mercury poisoning, arsenic poisoning affects multiple systems at the same time. From neurological problems to pulmonary troubles, one can experience several symptoms at the same time.

Some of these symptoms are:

  • Pins and needles sensation in hands,
  • palms and feet
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Increased or decreased heartbeat
  • Rupture in the blood vessels.

A long-term exposure to inorganic arsenic leads to dermatological issues like darkening of skin, appearance of corns on various parts of the body. Breathing and consuming arsenic can deteriorate internal organs and ultimately culminates in carcinoma.

In recent research, it has been observed that the cardiovascular system may fall victim to arsenic poisoning if it is not treated early.

Thus, an arsenic blood test is absolutely necessary to keep things under control. This particular blood test ascertains the presence of arsenic in our bloodstream and the level of complication as well. If you observe some or many of these symptoms recurring, it is always good to see a doctor and go for the arsenic blood test.

What Does Arsenic - Blood Test Measure?
  • Arsenic blood test, as the name suggests, measures the presence of arsenic in our bloodstream.
  • The diagnosis also aims to segregate the type of arsenic found inside our body (whether organic or inorganic).
  • The test measures the level of complication due to arsenic poisoning.
Risk/ Side Effects Of Arsenic - Blood Test

Arsenic blood tests are normal blood tests that detect the presence of arsenic in our body. The test is incontestably risk free and has no adverse effect.

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How can I avoid arsenic poisoning?

Arsenic poisoning may occur due to long-term exposure to organic or inorganic arsenic. If you are bound by profession to stay in an environment that comprises arsenic, use protective gears. Drink water after boiling or purifying.

How should I prepare for the arsenic blood test?

Arsenic blood test needs formal preparations. You can go for the test anytime of the day, even after having food, since this is not a fasting test.

Are arsenic health issues curable?

Arsenic poisoning has certain symptoms. These symptoms could be very mild in the early phases, but do not overlook that. Go for the diagnosis so that treatment can be commenced without delay. If treatment starts early, there is slight to nil health risk. But a prolonged exposure to arsenic without treatment could be fatal and cause serious health issues.

 Interpreting Arsenic - Blood Test Results

Interpreting Arsenic - Blood Test Results

Ideally there should be no arsenic in our bloodstream. Yet, a small amount of arsenic unwittingly gets into our system even if we are not exposed to arsenic in the recent past.

The key reason for this small amount of arsenic is eating shellfish. Certain types of shellfish contain arsenic and if we consume them, inorganic arsenic may get into our system. However, under no circumstances, the level should exceed 50 micrograms per litre (50 mcg/L).

Please refer to the following table for a clearer understanding.

Test Result Interpretation
Less than 50 mcg/L The level of arsenic inside our body is under control and there is no imminent threat due to arsenic poisoning
More than 50 mcg/L The level of arsenic inside our body is on the higher side and precautions must be taken to avoid arsenic poisoning


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Steps To Book An Arsenic - Blood Test For Home Collection In Chennai

Arsenic poisoning has been quite rampant in India. Well, rivers, water bodies in rural parts contain various minerals and inorganic metals. Many of these are harmful for human beings. Arsenic is one of the most dangerous heavy metals that may get into a human body through drinking water. Especially given the economic conditions of the rural folks, it is unwise to expect them to install water purifiers. Therefore, people who do not have a water purifier, must boil the water before drinking to avoid grave health conditions.

We have a very busy and stressful career and personal lives. We are constantly balancing our personal and professional lives to make ends meet with the threat of a pandemic looming over us. This is a challenging process, and many people don’t have much free time. And how aggravating would it be if someone took those few precious hours away from you and forced you to stand in line for an arsenic test? But have no fear, is here to assist you.

You can now arrange for an arsenic test home collection, in which a knowledgeable professional will visit your home and obtain a thorough sample. We will also produce and deliver the test report to you. To take the test, you don’t even need to leave your house!

There is nothing to worry about arsenic test price since this is quite affordable. Based on your location, the arsenic blood test cost might vary a little. However, the normal arsenic blood test in Chennai is more reasonable than ever with

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