BCR-ABL Gene Test in Chennai

BCR-ABL Gene Test in Chennai

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BCR-ABL Gene Test diagnoses the presence of abnormal gene BCR-ABL, which is present in the patients with chronic myeloid leukemia. Chronic Myeloid Leukemia is the cancer of white blood cells and bone marrow. BCR-ABL Gene Test is also used for determining the effectiveness of the cancer treatment or if the treatment has become inefficient for the patient.

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About BCR-ABL Gene Test

Why is the BCR-ABL Gene Test done?

Generally, people with BCR-ABL Gene do not show any symptoms or express very few symptoms. Thus, if a person is complaining of symptoms, such as fatigue, fever, pain in joints or pain in bones, excessive sweating at night, weight loss, he/she may be asked by the doctor to get the BCR-ABL Gene Test done if the results of the complete blood count tests or other blood tests were not normal.
BCR-ABL Gene Test is required to diagnose if the symptoms match with those of Ph-positive acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) or chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) and to understand if the treatment for the above-mentioned diseases is working or not.

What does the BCR-ABL Gene Test measure?

BCR-ABL Gene Test diagnoses the fusion gene BCR-ABL or Ph chromosome. The BCR-ABL gene is known as Ph because this gene sequence was first identified in Philadelphia. This gene is responsible for the growth of enzymes which are further responsible for the development of the leukemic cells in the blood that further cause chronic myeloid leukemia, a type of cancer of the blood.

This test is used to measure the breakpoints in the fusion gene which would lead to the development of a larger enzyme or smaller enzyme. This test also measures the response to the treatment or monitors the recurrence if the person has achieved remission.

Risk/side effects of BCR-ABL Gene Test

The BCR-ABL Gene Test is done either through a blood test or by bone marrow testing.
The blood test involves little to no risk to an individual. The individual may experience slight pain or bruise at the site of the test which would subside within some time and would not involve disruptions in the individual’s regular life.

The bone marrow on the other hand may cause stiffness or soreness at the back where the injection was inserted. This may take a few days before it subsides completely. It is also advisable for the individual to rest and take a few prescribed painkillers for relieving the pain.



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Is there a particular time that one should get the BCR-ABL Gene Test?

If an individual’s white blood cell count in blood is abnormally high and if they are experiencing symptoms suggestive of leukemia then the individual should get BCR-ABL Gene Test done. Also, if the individual is going through treatment for leukemia, then this test is performed for monitoring the treatment.

Do I have to prepare for the test?

No, there are no special preparations that would be required for the blood or the bone marrow test.

Is the presence of the BCR-ABL gene in an individual hereditary?

No, the BCR-ABL gene fusion occurs during an individual’s lifetime and is not passed on from gene to gene.

Interpreting the BCR-ABL Gene Test results

Interpreting the BCR-ABL Gene Test results

The test results may indicate that there are an abnormal amount of white blood cells in the blood and may indicate the presence of the BCR-ABL gene in the blood. Thus, chronic myeloid leukemia or acute lymphoblastic leukemia would be diagnosed.
If the individual is already undergoing treatment for leukemia, the results would indicate:

  • The treatment is not working or the body has become resistant to the treatment if the BCR-ABL values are increasing.
  • The treatment would be considered appropriate if the BCR-ABL values are decreasing.
  • The leukemia would be considered stable if the values of the BCR-ABL are neither decreasing nor increasing.

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Steps to book BCR-ABL Gene Test for Home Collection in Chennai

The additional tests that the doctor may need along with this test would help an individual to determine the BCR-ABL Gene Test cost for quick decision making for faster results.

It is recommended that when an individual looks for a “BCR-ABL Gene test near me”, they check the certifications of the testing company because there are numerous testing companies in Chennai but choosing the best one for correct results and the diagnosis of chronic diseases is essential.

The BCR-ABL Gene Test would be done either through a blood test or through a bone marrow test. The following steps are to be taken for booking BCR-ABL Gene Test for Home Collection in Chennai:


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