Cardiac Risk Markers Test In Chennai

Cardiac Risk Markers Test In Chennai

A cardiac marker test in Chennai is a profiling test that analyzes the blood to find markers that will indicate any illness of the heart. This profile is usually prescribed by doctors if the person has a family history of the heart or if the person has an unhealthy lifestyle that can lead to the development of heart disease. The test is also known as CK-MB or cardiac enzymes test.

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About Cardiac Risk Markers Test

Why is the cardiac risk markers test done?

The cardiac marker test is done to check the condition of the heart. When stressed, certain enzymes, proteins, and hormones are released in the blood system. These chemicals are known as biomarkers and these markers enable the doctors to understand the risk factor the patient faces in terms of developing a serious heart condition.

People can acquire a heart condition genetically or people who suffered massive trauma are usually suggested to get a cardiac marker test done when they exhibit the following symptoms:

  • Pain in the chest that lasts for minutes
  • Discomfort in the neck, arm, or shoulder area
  • Medications do not relieve the chest pain
  • Feeling dizzy
  • Getting nausea and vomiting
  • Irregular pulse rate
  • Addiction to tobacco
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
What does the cardiac risk markers test measure?

The cardiac marker test checks the biomarkers that provide an estimation of the condition of the patient’s heart. There are several key biomarkers and the option to opt for all or get selective determines the cardiac marker test price. A total of 5 tests are done:

  • Apolipoprotein A-I or apo A-I aids with the metabolism and transportation of lipids and forms the core protein in high-density lipoprotein. This protein is checked when the patient has a family history of heart conditions. This lipoprotein also aids with the estimation of the cause of high cholesterol in a person.
  • Apolipoprotein B is another lipoprotein that helps with understanding the cause of abnormal levels of lipid in a person. This test is usually called for with apo A-I.
  • Apolipoprotein B/ Apolipoprotein A1 ratio test is used to check if the person is at any risk of developing any cardiovascular diseases. This test is usually prescribed for people having a family history of high cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases.
  • Lipoprotein B aids with estimating the chances a person has of suffering a heart attack or stroke.
    High sensitive CRP test is used to check the levels of the C reactive protein. This biomarker aid with the estimation of any coronary artery diseases.
Potential risks/side effects of cardiac risk markers test

When searching for a “cardiac marker test near me”, it is important to keep the risks of the test in mind. The tests do not have any serious side effects. Some people might feel the irritation of the needle or feel dizzy after the blood is taken. But resting is the best way to overcome these.


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How to prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases?

Opting for a healthy and active lifestyle can help prevent cardiovascular disease. People who have hereditary CVD issues should routinely have their lipid profile and marker assessment done.

Is fasting required?

Sometimes doctors request patients to fast for at least 10 hours before they go for the test. People who are diabetic can consult their doctors for alternative methods.

What other tests can be suggested?

Apart from a lipid profile, doctors can also request urine samples, CBC count, and diabetes screening to be done.

Interpreting the cardiac risk markers test results

Interpreting the cardiac risk markers test results

The cardiac marker test has no such normal range but an elevated amount of the above-mentioned biomarkers indicate that the person is at risk of suffering from a cardiovascular disease. There are various factors that can cause the elevated results, age and hereditary conditions are among them. With age, people tend to have a higher amount of the biomarkers present in the blood.

Sometimes doctors also ask for a lipid profile in order to understand the extent of cholesterol that has accumulated in the arteries and the blockage caused.

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Steps To Book Cardiac Risk Markers Test For Home Collection In Chennai.

Opting for a home collection of a blood sample for the cardiac marker test in Chennai is a simple task. Choosing the laboratory and looking for slots can help with the booking. When searching for a “cardiac marker test near me”, make sure to consider the reviews and the transparency that the company provides with respect to their certifications and verifications. But, before confirming the test or panel, consulting a doctor about additional tests is a must. This confirmation will aid in understanding the cardiac marker test cost.

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