Rapid AntiStreptolysin Test In Delhi

Rapid AntiStreptolysin Test In Delhi

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The rapid antistreptolysin O or an ASO test in Delhi is conducted in order to determine if any infection due to the Streptococcus bacteria is caused to the patient. The test is performed by collecting blood and then subjected to latex agglutination or slide agglutination. An ELISA might be conducted to determine the exact value of the ASO titer. This causes an addition to the ASO titre test cost.

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About Rapid AntiStreptolysin Test

Why is rapid antistreptolysin done?

The ASO test is prescribed by doctors when the patient shows symptoms of having contracted the group A streptococcus bacteria. This bacteria causes skin infections and strep throat. Often previous infections can go untreated and hence a doctor would prescribe the patient to go for an ASO test.
Bacterial infections are often treated with antibiotics. If the symptoms go away and yet the strain remains in the body, it may give rise to secondary complications. When a patient shows the following symptoms after antibiotics treatment, the doctor will prescribe an ASO test:

  • Rashes that look like sunburns
  • Pale ring around the mouth
  • Flushed face even when resting
  • Elbows, groin area, or neck developing red lines
  • Infections in the tonsils, sinuses, middle ear, skin, or even blood
  • Knees and elbow joints feeling tender and painful
  • Tiredness
  • Involuntary jerking
  • Shortness of breath
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • The skin near the joints develops lumps under it
What does the rapid antistreptolysin test measure?

When the body is infected by a bacteria, it produces antibodies. With the ASO test, doctors find the specific amount of antibodies that the body’s immune system has developed to counter the infection caused by the group A Streptococcus bacteria or GAS bacteria. The bacteria are contagious and spread from being in direct contact with infected people. People who have an open wound and come in contact with a person suffering from strep infection are at highest risk of contraction.

The test is conducted to confirm the presence of the strep bacteria. Some of the infections caused by the strep bacteria are:

  • Scarlet fever
  • Rheumatic fever
  • Glomerulonephritis
  • Impetigo
  • Toxic shock syndrome
Risk/side effects of rapid antistreptolysin test

The ASO test involves drawing blood from the vein for testing. Sometimes, people have veins that are hidden and even an experienced phlebotomist might need to insert the needle multiple times to get the correct vein. This can cause some stiffness of the arm. While people are at no risk of suffering any permanent damage due to venipuncture, it is always essential to opt for the best diagnostic center even if the ASO blood test price might seem high.


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What are the symptoms of strep infection?

The most common infection caused by the GAS bacteria is strep infection. Symptoms include sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, fever, petechiae on the mouth’s roof.

What other tests are booked along with ASO?

Doctors might request a CBC test, Rheumatoid Factor – Quantitative, or certain antibody tests for narrowing down the cause.


What other disease do the strep bacteria cause?

Strep bacteria is known to cause heavy damage to the human body that includes causing organs to malfunction or cause the flesh-eating disease.

Interpreting the Anti Streptolysin Test results

Interpreting the Anti Streptolysin Test results

How to interpret the rapid antistreptolysin test results

The ASO test yields the result in IU/mL. In adults, the normal value for no infection is any value less than 200 IU/mL. In children, the normal value is any number below 100IU/mL. A positive result is clear indication of infection. But, a negative result with symptoms is not always accurate. In such cases, doctors might suggest another test after a gap of 2 weeks.

Category ASO Value (for no infection)
Children > 100 IU/mL
Adults > 200 IU/mL

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Steps To Book AntiStreptolysin Test For Home Collection In Delhi

Opting for home collection for an ASO test in Delhi is easy given the plethora of laboratories offering the best deals on home collections and the flexibility of choosing the tests from panels that reduces the overall ASO blood test cost. While visiting the website, patients should look for the time of result delivery and if the laboratory requires any specific details pertaining to the patient’s medical history. Some tests require fasting while others requires cutting off certain medications. Consulting the doctor before booking the test would be advised.

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