Anti Cardiolipin Antibody (ACL IGM) Test In Delhi

Anti Cardiolipin Antibody (ACL IGM) Test In Delhi

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When a foreign substance, that is potentially harmful, enters our body, it is called an antigen. In response to the antigen, our immune system automatically produces an antibody that deters the adverse effects of the antigen.

However, anti cardiolipin is a rare type of antibody that gets created against normal body parts. Cardiolipin is a type of phospholipid. There are two broad categories of anti-phospholipid antibodies found in the human body. These are – Lupus anticoagulant and Anti cardiolipin antibodies.

The test that detects and confirms the presence of anti cardiolipin antibodies is called the anti cardiolipin antibody (ACL IGM) test.

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About Anti Cardiolipin Antibody (ACL IGM) Test

Why Is the Anti Cardiolipin Antibody (ACL IGM) Test Done?

There are certain scenarios that enhance the possibilities of contracting the anti cardiolipin creation. Some of the escalated cases are-

  • Abnormal clotting of blood that leads to cardiac arrest or stroke
  • Unexpectedly prolonged and activated partial thromboplastin time
  • Platelet deficiency and anaemic health conditions
  • Repeated miscarriages
  • Previous history of cancer.

Now, people who suffer from any of these health conditions for a long time, become susceptible to anti cardiolipin antibody disease.

If you particularly undergo any of the above mentioned scenarios, please ensure that proper ACL IGM testing is done to avoid unwanted health conditions. The common symptoms of anti cardiolipin antibody disease are-

  • Primary blood clots in the leg muscles which can further magnify to pulmonary clotting or clots in the lungs.
  • Repeated miscarriages or any other complications pertaining to pregnancy are typical symptoms of anticardiolipin antibody syndrome.
  • The transient ischemic attack is also a typical classification of normal stroke which lasts only a few minutes and generally poses no permanent damage to your health.
  • Cardiac arrest and stroke, especially at a young age, could possibly be indications of an anti-phospholipid syndrome (apart from common cardiovascular ailments).

If these symptoms are persistent or recurring, do consult a doctor and seek guidance to avoid complications pertaining to anti cardiolipin ailments.

What Does Anti Cardiolipin Antibody (ACL IGM) Test Measure?
  • Anti cardiolipin tests measure the presence of the anti cardiolipin antibodies in the bloodstream.
  • This is a blood test that is executed for this particular type of antibody.
Risk/ Side Effects Of Anti Cardiolipin Antibody (ACL IGM) Test

Anti cardiolipin test is a completely risk-free test.
A small amount of blood is collected from your vein to detect the presence of the anti cardiolipin antibodies in the bloodstream.
These tests are confirmatory tests for anti cardiolipin antibodies.

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Blood clotting disorders and pregnancy-related complications are quite common these days. Hectic professional life and stressful personal life also contribute to the aggravation of anti cardiolipin syndrome.

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How should I prepare for the Anti Cardiolipin Antibody (ACL IGM) tests?

There is no such process of preparation for the anti cardiolipin antibody (ACL IGM) tests. However, depending on your current health condition and especially the blood clotting issues (if any), your doctor may provide some instructions.

What are the factors that affect the test result?

Some medicines could raise the antibody production level. Therefore, consult your health practitioner before you start taking medicines that might have an adverse side effect on your body.

What are the most common follow up tests alongside Anti Cardiolipin Antibody tests?

Since anti cardiolipin antibody syndromes dwell on the verge of blood clotting issues, you should go for a PTT test to find out the root cause of the issue.

Is antiphospholipid syndrome completely curable?

Although early discovery and instant treatment are essential to keep the disease under control, there is no permanent solution to the disease. Medication diminishes the risk factors and allows the patients to lead a normal life.

Interpreting Anti Cardiolipin Antibody (ACL IGM) Test Results

Interpreting Anti Cardiolipin Antibody (ACL IGM) Test Results

Test results typically differ on the basis of age, sex, medicines used, health history, previous cases of severe health conditions such as cancer and underlying ailments, etc.
The following table will help you understand the results further.

Test result Interpretation
  • There is no anti cardiolipin antibody present in the blood.
  • This requires no further screening unless you observe symptoms, as discussed earlier.
Low to Moderate
  • There is a small trace of the anti cardiolipin antibodies.
  • This could happen due to recent illnesses or as a side effect of a medicine.
  • It is advisable to go for the diagnosis within a span of 12 weeks to ensure the result is negative.
  • Anti cardiolipin antibodies are present in the bloodstream in a higher than low to moderate amount.
  • This could be a real sign of worry, since the amount is high.
  • Immediate treatment and medication are required to reduce the risks.

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Steps To Book An Anti Cardiolipin Antibody (ACL IGM) Test For Home Collection In Delhi

Steps To Book An Anti Cardiolipin Antibody (ACL IGM) Test For Home Collection In Delhi
Anti cardiolipin antibody (ACL IGM) tests are blood tests. For blood sample collection at home, you can get in touch with to send a veteran phlebotomist to your address. The collected sample is then taken to the laboratory for testing.

ACL IGM test cost is also very much affordable. Depending on the location, the ACL IGM test price might vary a little. However, the average ACL IGM test cost is within the upper cap of INR 1000 at max.

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