Anti-Nuclear Antibody (ANA IFA) Test In Delhi

Anti-Nuclear Antibody (ANA IFA) Test In Delhi

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An anti-nuclear antibody or ANA IFA test in Delhi is conducted to test the presence of antinuclear antibodies in the bloodstream. The presence of these antibodies is considered to be very harmful as they increase the chances of getting targeted by autoimmune diseases. However, as the symptoms are similar to that of a viral infection, it is not always the case. But to ensure there are no antinuclear antibodies within the bloodstream that can encourage the immunity system to attack its own body tissues, cells, or organs, an ANA IFA test is necessary.

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About Anti-Nuclear Antibody (ANA IFA) Test

Why is Anti-Nuclear Antibody (ANA IFA) Test done?

There are multiple reasons why doctors prescribe the ANA IFA test, the major one being able to diagnose the possibility of various autoimmune disorders. These disorders are known to be highly risky as they encourage the immune system to attack the body by creating antinuclear antibodies.

Some of the common autoimmune disorders include systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogren’s syndrome, and scleroderma to name a few. It is usually one of the initial screening tests conducted as the results do not give conclusive answers each time.

Antinuclear antibodies are usually present in 1/3 of the healthy adults today who are above the age of 60. However, that does not mean that they have an autoimmune disorder but do require testing to confirm.

What does the Anti-Nuclear Antibody (ANA IFA) Test measure?

In simple words, the antinuclear antibody test or the ANA IFA test measures the absence or presence of antinuclear antibodies in the bloodstream. These antibodies are very harmful to the immune system as it starts fighting the inner parts of the body like cells, tissues, and organs as it fails to recognize them as their own. This develops severe autoimmune disorders that can lead to fatal risks if not treated at the right time.

Other than autoimmune disorders, a positive result on an ANA IFA test in Delhi also highlights the increased possibility of thyroid diseases, lung diseases, viral infections, cancer, or liver diseases for a patient. Moreover, the doctors cannot detect the exact autoimmune disorder in case the results come positive and so require further testing of different categories to conclude the actual autoimmune disorder that has targeted the patient’s body.

Risk/side effects of Anti-Nuclear Antibody (ANA IFA) Test

Other than the concern of the possible ANA IFA test price or ANA IFA test cost, people are also highly concerned about the potential risks or side-effects of participating in an ANA IFA test in Delhi. The risks involved in the medical procedure are bare minimum as it is done through a blood sample collection which is very less invasive. However, for side-effects, people complain of issues like soreness, light bruising, bleeding, or dizziness but none of these issues last for too long and do not require any medical attention.


Why should you choose's home collection services?

The requirement for quick, efficient yet highly convenient home collection services is increasing daily and this gap is bridged by’s home collection services. The only necessary step to avail of these home collection services is to make an online booking for the test you want to give you a sample for and then wait for an expert to come to you to collect your sample. There is a wide range of test types available to choose from and you can pick between both urine and blood sample collection. The services are safe and do not require you to wait in long queues to give your sample.

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What are some of the common symptoms indicating the need for an ANA IFA test?

Some of the most common symptoms that require medical attention and testing include muscle pain, fatigue, fever and cold, joint swelling and pain, hair loss, rash, etc.

Do I need to prepare before giving my sample for the ANA IFA test in Delhi?

There is no special pre-sample collection preparation required for testing. However, certain factors might affect this like medications, supplements, etc., so consulting a doctor is always recommended

Does a positive result guarantee the possibility of an autoimmune disease?

No, this is not always the case as people also develop these antibodies with age, even if they are completely healthy. However, it is still important to get and then consider doctors’ diagnoses for necessary treatment plans if any.

Interpreting Anti-Nuclear Antibody (ANA IFA) Test results

Interpreting Anti-Nuclear Antibody (ANA IFA) Test results

If you are looking for an ANA IFA test near me, other than finding out the different types available around and what the ANA IFA test cost is, it is also necessary to understand how to read and interpret the test results you achieve on your next ANA IFA test in Delhi. This not only helps the patient to be more informed about their medical condition but also encourages open-mindedness for different types of treatment for resolving the issue at hand. Here are some key pointers to remember.

  • There are only two possible results that can be achieved on the test that includes a positive test result or a negative test result.
  • A negative test result is a direct indicator of the absence of the antinuclear antibodies within the bloodstream meaning there is a very low potential of getting diagnosed with diseases relating to these antibodies.
  • A positive result however can mean two things. One, it can be a direct indicator that the patient might have an autoimmune disorder. However, it will require further testing to confirm the same as approximately 20% of the healthy individuals also have antinuclear antibodies present in the blood with no harm of an autoimmune disorder
Result Diagnosis
Negative No antibodies, no autoimmune disease
Positive Might be an autoimmune disease, further testing recommended


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Steps to book an Anti-Nuclear Antibody (ANA IFA) Test home collection in Delhi

If you are looking for an ANA IFA test near me or want to book an ANA IFA test home collection services in Delhi, all you need to do is follow a few quick steps to complete an online booking. Begin with choosing a time slot between 6 am to 9 pm as per your schedule and convenience, and then choose a lab that is nearest to your current location to finalize your booking. Now, all you need to do is wait for an expert or clinician to come to your house to collect your blood sample for the ANA IFA test.

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