Apolipoprotein B Test in Delhi

Apolipoprotein B Test in Delhi

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Apolipoprotein B is a protein produced in the body for the specific purpose of carrying fat and cholesterol through your body. Fat and cholesterol do not dissolve in the body and need to be transported through the blood. In addition, they are required to produce hormones that are necessary for ensuring healthy cells. Apolipoprotein B is responsible for transporting various lipoproteins, which are known as bad cholesterol. Bad cholesterol can cause the buildup of plaque in the patient’s arteries, which directly translates to cardiovascular diseases.

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About Apolipoprotein B Test

Why is the Apolipoprotein B Test done?

Doctors often ask people with a family history of heart disease to get this test done, especially if they display signs of high cholesterol. The lack of Apolipoprotein B can lead to increased levels of low-density lipoproteins, popularly known as Bad cholesterol.

The Apolipoprotein B Test in Delhi is also ordered for people who have been diagnosed with cardiovascular problems, high cholesterol, or if there is an ongoing treatment that needs monitoring of Apolipoprotein B levels in the blood.

The Apolipoprotein B Test in Delhi gives a good idea of the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood.

What does Apolipoprotein B Test measure?

The Apolipoprotein B Test in Delhi measures the amount of apolipoprotein B in the patient’s blood. Apolipoprotein B is the main protein found in the low-density lipoproteins, which is the bad cholesterol that can cause heart problems. The Apolipoprotein B Test in Delhi helps determine the patient’s risk of contracting a cardiovascular disease or the effectiveness of ongoing treatment.

Risk/side effects of Apolipoprotein B Test

The Apolipoprotein B Test in Delhi is done through a simple drawing of the blood with a needle and does not carry severe risks. Normal risks and side effects include excessive bleeding, pain in the arm from where blood is taken, bruising or hematoma, dizziness, or lightheadedness. Normally these side effects would subside on their own.


Why should you choose Flebo.in's home collection services?

Flebo.in provides professional services for the home collection of samples in conduction of an Apolipoprotein B Test in Delhi. Flebo.in is backed by a team of trained and qualified technicians who conduct the test in a professional manner to ensure client satisfaction along with the accuracy of results. Flebo.in also offers various customizable test packages so clients can choose which tests they want to be conducted. It also offers the best Apolipoprotein B Test in Delhi prices when compared to competitors.

Patients looking to get their Apolipoprotein B Test in Delhi done should contact Flebo.in’s customer service team to find out more and book the test with Flebo.in.



How do I prepare for the Apolipoprotein B Test in Delhi?

The Apolipoprotein B Test in Delhi is done through a simple blood draw which does not require any preparation. However, if the test is ordered along with a lipid profile, then you may need to fast for 12 hours.

Is this test safe for home sample collection?

Yes, this test can easily be done at home, and the results would be accurate.

What conditions cause a high level of Apolipoprotein B?

High levels of Apolipoprotein B can be caused due to pregnancy, diabetes, underactive thyroid or kidney problems.

What conditions cause a low level of Apolipoprotein B?

Low levels of Apolipoprotein B can be caused by an overactive thyroid, Reye syndrome, cirrhosis, or malnutrition.

Interpreting Apolipoprotein B Test Results

Interpreting Apolipoprotein B Test Results

The normal range of Apolipoprotein B in a healthy person is around 100mg/dL (milligrams per deciliter). This indicates that the risk of heart diseases is low.

High levels of Apolipoprotein B in the blood can indicate the possibility of heart disease. Various underlying factors can cause higher and lower levels of Apolipoprotein B. If your level of Apolipoprotein B is higher than the level of Apolipoprotein A, you run an increased risk of heart disease.

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Steps to Book an Apolipoprotein B Test for Home Collection in Delhi

Steps to book home collection an Apolipoprotein B Test in Delhi

Booking an Apolipoprotein B Test in Delhi has never been easier. Whether you want to book the test for yourself or someone else, all you need to do is search for the Apolipoprotein B Test at home.
A list of all facilities would show up, which provide a home sample collection option. You can even put location filters or search for Apolipoprotein B Test near me to find more relevant results. Fill in your required details and confirm your booking. You can then contact the technician who will take your sample. Confirm your timing with them and just wait for them to come and collect the sample.

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