Chloride Urine Test In Delhi

Chloride Urine Test In Delhi

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The chloride urine test in Delhi is done to check the amount of electrolyte chloride present in a specific amount of urine at a specific time. While there are two methods of checking for the levels of chloride in the body, the urine test is the most requested sample testing method for better analysis. Since this test requires a urine sample, it is best to look for home collection for the same to ensure the accuracy of the results.

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About Chloride Urine Test

Why is the Chloride Urine test done?

The chloride urine test is done to diagnose the reasons behind certain ailments that can be caused due to an abnormal level of chloride in the body. When the person experiences the following symptoms, they should look for ‘chloride urine test near me’:

  • Confusion
  • Difficulty in focusing or forming coherent thoughts
  • Seizures
  • Numbness of the limbs
  • Paresthesia or tingling and pricking sensation in hands and feet
  • Breathing becomes slower
  • Muscle cramps
  • Stiffness of muscles

The chloride urine test is also used as a way to monitor conditions that cause metabolic alkalosis and are caused due to an abnormal level of chloride in the body. These conditions are:

  • Bartter syndrome is usually detected in younger people or kids. Some of the symptoms of this condition include unusual craving for salt, always feeling thirsty, more than normal urine production, and fatigue.
  • Gitelman syndrome is usually detected in adults or teens. Some of the symptoms include abdominal pain, muscle cramps, fever, nausea, craving for salt, and severe fatigue.
What does the Chloride Urine test measure?

The chloride urine test measures the chloride level in the person’s urine sample. Chloride is an electrolyte that plays a vital role in helping the body maintain the correct pH and acid-base balance. Usually, it is the lungs, kidneys, and chemical processes that regulate the electrolyte activities in the body. If there are any diseases of the above-mentioned organs or the hormones and enzymes are not secreted properly, it leads to a chloride imbalance along with other electrolyte imbalances in the body.

Potential risks/side effects associated with the Chloride Urine test

The urine collection for the chloride urine test poses no threats as no needles are involved. An experienced home collection technician will give the correct instructions with regards to which part of the urine should be captured for testing. They will also ask about medications or supplements that can affect the results. They will guide the person accordingly to prevent inaccurate results.


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What other tests are prescribed along with the chloride urine test?

Since the electrolyte activity is essential to pinpoint which conditions are causing the symptoms, a panel is suggested. Hence, along with the chloride urine test, doctors might also prescribe potassium urine test, sodium urine test, arterial blood gas, and overall blood pH.

How much will the chloride urine test in Delhi cost?

The chloride urine test price depends on the lab or diagnostic center that will be testing the sample. The cost will also vary if additional tests are included.

What drugs can cause abnormal chloride levels?

Medications like laxatives, aldosterone hormone, or diuretics can cause low chloride levels while medications like corticosteroids can cause an increase in chloride levels.

Interpreting the Chloride Urine test results

Interpreting the Chloride Urine test results

The chloride urine test is measured in milliequivalents per liter. The chloride urine test in Delhi delivers results within a day. While the results that are deemed to be the normal range does vary a bit based on the laboratories and the method used to check, the overall general normal range is 20 to 40 mEq/L. Since it is an electrolyte, chloride should neither be lower nor higher than this stipulated range for a long duration.

If the chloride levels are higher, it is known as hyperchloremia and it can indicate:

  • Adrenal glands not functioning properly or are underactive
  • Salt-losing nephropathy, which is caused by an inflammation of the kidneys
  • Loss of potassium
  • Polyuria or unusually large urine production
  • Consumption of too much salt (sodium) through diet
  • Hyperparathyroidism

If the chloride levels are lower, it is known as hypochloremia and it can indicate:

  • Sodium retention or the body not filtering salt properly
  • Cushing syndrome
  • Consumption of too little salt through diet
  • Loss of fluids due to conditions like diarrhea, vomiting, or sweating
  • Syndrome of inappropriate ADH secretion
  • Heart failure

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