Kidney Tests In Delhi

Kidney Tests In Delhi

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The kidney is a vital organ of our body that is responsible for removing waste. It helps the body get rid of waste from the blood in the form of urine and keeps various chemicals balanced in the body. The kidney is also responsible for producing hormones, which help to control blood pressure as well as stimulate the bone marrow to make red blood cells. Due to its crucial contributions to the body, proper functioning of kidneys are necessary, failing to which, a person may suffer from life-threatening conditions.

To check how your kidneys are working or whether there is any possibility for kidney disease, you must go for kidney tests in Delhi. It will help you refrain from any issue that may otherwise lead to life-threatening disease or even kidney failure.

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About Kidney Tests

Why is kidney testing important?

Kidneys are one of the most important parts of the human body, which is located near the abdomen. The kidney is responsible for seven vital functions in the human body which can be easily defined and memorized via initials that is A WET BED. Here,

A – maintaining Acid-Base balance

W – maintaining Water balance

E – maintaining Electrolyte balance

T – responsible for removing toxins from the body

B – maintaining Blood pressure

E – Erythropoietin production

D – activating vitamin D.

These are the major functions of the kidney. In case of kidney failure, the proper functioning of a human body gets hampered which is why it is important to keep a check on the proper functioning.

Common Kidney Diseases to Lookout For

All we know about is the external hygiene of the body, However, internal hygiene is equally important, and even more to some extent. The pair of organs known as the kidney is responsible for maintaining exactly that. It helps to remove wastes and toxins from the body, which ultimately leads to smooth functioning. On the other hand, kidneys are also exposed to various kinds of disease if not taken care of. The most common diseases or disorders associated with the kidney are-

  • Acute Kidney Failure: When both the kidneys stop functioning or slow down due to severe damage.
  • Chronic Kidney Disease: It has no cure and thus it is a dreadful condition.
  • Nephrotic Disease: When there is high protein deficiency in the urine, a low protein level in the blood, high cholesterol level, etc.
  • Urinary Tract Block Disease: It mainly occurs in children for both short-term and long-term duration.
  • Kidney Stone: It is a very common condition that may or may not have any symptoms.
Common Kidney Tests To Help You Monitor Your Kidney Health

Many kidney diseases show symptoms while many don’t, which makes it difficult to know if your kidneys are healthy enough. To ensure your kidneys are functioning properly, you should consider a kidney checkup from time to time. There are many centres for kidney tests in Delhi you can opt for. Some of the tests are also available at home.

Here is a list of different kidney function tests:

  • Urinalysis: This test helps to diagnose chronic kidney disease. It helps to indicate any abnormalities that may lead to a disease condition or infection.
  • Serum Creatinine Test: It helps to test the amount of creatinine in urine. This test is conducted when the kidneys aren’t functioning properly. The doctor can recommend this test for various types of kidney disease.
  • Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN): This test is done to measure the amount of nitrogen in your urine. It helps to diagnose how your kidneys are functioning.
  • Estimated GFR: GFR stands for Glomerular Filtration Rate, which measures how well the kidneys are filtering or cleaning the blood. An eGFR helps to determine how well the kidneys are functioning. The test is important to help a doctor combat kidney failure.

For the proper kidney tests in Delhi and home collection, you will need to provide a sample of blood and urine.


Why Choose's Home Collection in Delhi Services?

To offer you the best experience,’s has taken a reliable and much-needed step forward. Knowing that home is your safest zone, we provide a home collection service by collecting samples of your blood, urine, etc. Be it your office or your home, we will happily take a walk to reach you anywhere. Get the service at the comfort of your space and stay updated on your health matters and concerns.

With, you can schedule the delivery of your reports as per your convenience and we will make it strictly on time. Also, stay worry-free in terms of losing the reports since those will be just one click away now, will help you with the history of your services and reports. On-time service is a guarantee or else you can claim a refund in case of delay!

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Which is the most reliable test for proper kidney function?

Different types of kidney tests help to identify different problems with the organ. You can go for an eGFR to measure how well your kidney is cleaning the blood or go for a creatinine test and BUN to know the creatinine in urine and nitrogen in urine respectively.

How is the kidney test done?

A kidney test can be done with the help of different means such as CT scans, Ultrasounds, Biopsies, etc. However, blood and urine samples will help to know if the kidneys are functioning properly.

Can a kidney test be done at home?

Yes. With the best team of experts at, you can now avail the kidney test at home. The team will collect your urine and blood sample at your scheduled time and will deliver the report to your doorstep.


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