Protein S Test In Delhi

Protein S Test In Delhi

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For most patients, a protein S test in Delhi is recommended to observe and determine the level of this particular protein within the bloodstream as it is very important for the body. This protein S prevents the formation of blood clots in the body that can cause internal damage to the body and organs. Multiple other reasons can cause the increase or decrease of this particular protein within the body but the deficiency is very risky so getting tested at the earliest is highly advisable.

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About Protein S Tests

Why Is Protein S Test Done?

There are multiple reasons why you might need a protein S test in Delhi or any other location but the major reason why this test is done is to determine the level of protein S in the bloodstream and to evaluate any potential blood clot present in the patient’s body.

Additionally, it is very crucial to test for a protein S test if you have a family member who has recently been diagnosed with a clotting disorder, Random blood clots without any reason, unusual blood clots around the body repeated miscarriages, etc. In certain cases, if a particular family member is detected with a clotting disorder, the other family members are also advised to sit for a protein S test in Delhi to rule out the possibility of the issue passing from one family member to another.

What Does The Protein S Test Measure?

Other than knowing the S protein test price, it is also important to know what exactly the test measures to be well informed about your diagnosis at all times. If your doctor prescribes a protein S test in Delhi or any other city, it is necessary to measure the level of protein within the bloodstream of a patient. This is an important protein that helps with the prevention of blood clots. It is very important to have a certain level of protein within the blood. If not, the protein deficiency can be very harmful to the body. It is usually considered an inherited condition which means that the patient might have inherited a mutated gene from the parent.

However, other than blood clots, other serious conditions can be witnessed in the case of protein S deficiency including deep vein thrombosis which causes blood clots around your legs and arms and also allows them to travel all around the body and settle in the patient’s lung. The deficiency can either be mild or very severe but it is very important to test and find out the level, even in the case of deficiency, to prevent it from the root cause before it spreads around the body.

Risk/Side Effects Of The Protein S Test

If you are looking for a protein S test in Delhi, you wish to enquire about the protein S Test price and the potential side effects or risks involved in the medical procedure. To complete the protein S test in Delhi or any other city, you are only required to give your blood sample for testing. This is a non-invasive procedure and so the risks involved are a bare minimum. However, some of the potential side effects can include dizziness, bleeding, soreness, and slight bruising, but none of them is long-lasting.


Why Should You Choose Flebo.In's Home Collection Services?

If you are looking for a convenient and effective protein S Test in Delhi,’s home collection services bring to you the flexibility of giving your sample for any medical test from the comfort of your home, as per your availability. You do not have to wait in line for your appointment to give your sample as by completing an online booking which only takes a few steps, you can have an expert come to your location to collect your sample for your chosen test without any hassle. Additionally, you can also pick the delivery time of your reports.



How do I prepare for a protein S test in Delhi?

You do not need to prepare as much for a protein S test as only a blood sample collection is required. However, always consult your doctor to know of any prerequisites necessary for your sample collection like fasting, avoiding certain medications, etc.

Are there any possible reasons why my test results are favourable but not in the right range?

The test results vary from lab to lab but also depend on the age, health history, and gender of the patient. Additionally, it does not always necessarily mean that you have a problem if your test results come positive.

I was asked to sit for a protein C test along with the protein S test in Delhi. Why is that?

Both protein S and protein C work simultaneously to help your body prevent blood clotting in excess amounts. If there is a deficiency of either of these proteins, the body might not be able to prevent the same and multiple blood clots can take place.

 Interpreting Protein S Test Results

Interpreting Protein S Test Results

Other than researching the possible protein S test cost around your location, it is crucial to be aware of the correct interpretation of the results received on the test. This would help you be better prepared for the possible diagnosis as well as the potential treatment plan that can work in your favour. Here are some pointers to help you read your next test results with ease.

For most people, the normal values on the test results are between 60% to 150% of inhibition. The results can be different for some labs but the variation is not extreme.

If the test results on the protein S test come below the normal values indicates a deficiency of protein S in the body which can lead to clothes within the veins of the body. There are multiple other reasons why there might be a protein S deficiency for the patient including genetics, pregnancy, AIDS infection, liver disease, long-term use of antibiotics, etc.

The test results can also be more than the normal range but it does not pose any health problems and usually rise with age.

Results Potential Diagnosis
Between 60-150% Normal value
Less than 60% Protein S deficiency
More than 150% No major risks or health problems

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If you are looking for a protein as Test in Delhi, choose’s home collection services. These services are extremely easy to book and only require an online booking. However, to book online, you need to register with your contact number that will receive an OTP which is required to confirm the profile set up. Once done, choose a time slot between 6 AM to 9 PM and the location more suitable for you to complete the booking, and an expert will be sent to your chosen location to collect your sample.

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