Vitamin A (Retinol) Test In Delhi

Vitamin A (Retinol) Test In Delhi

If you have been prescribed a vitamin A test, it is necessary to know what this test is all about. Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin that is actively present in a wide variety of the food we consume. In humans, vitamin A is present in the form of retinol. It is one of the essential vitamins for the body, as it aids in bone formation, immune system function, and making our skin healthier.

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About Vitamin A (Retinol) Test

Why Is Vitamin A (Retinol) Test Done?

The main purpose of conducting a vitamin A test is to study the level of vitamin A or retinol within the bloodstream of a patient. This particular vitamin is directly absorbed within the body while consuming its strict healthy dietary sources, like meat, fruits, vegetables, etc.

However, you might have to search for “vitamin A test near me” if you feel that your body has either high levels or low levels of Vitamin A. In most common cases, a vitamin A test is done to first observe and diagnose the potential of a vitamin A deficiency in people who have visible symptoms and signs. Additionally, a vitamin A test also helps doctors observe and detect if the consumption of vitamin A needs to be altered by a patient so that it can come below the toxic level.

What Does The Vitamin A (Retinol) Test Measure?

As important as it is to know the possible vitamin A test cost in your city or a location, it is necessary to have complete background knowledge as to what the vitamin A test measures. According to health experts, the main purpose of the vitamin A test is to measure the level of this particular vitamin within the bloodstream of the patient. This vitamin A plays an important role in the overall formation of the pigment in the retina of the eye and helps maintain epithelial tissues for most of the internal organs, surfaces and glands within the body.

According to the body’s anatomy, approximately 80 to 90% of the vitamin present within the body is stored in the liver. However, at times, dietary deprivation of vitamin A can result in vitamin A deficiency. On the other hand, too much consumption of this fat-soluble vitamin can instead cause severe liver disorders, due to over-storage and underconsumption. Some of the rich dietary sources for balancing out the level of vitamin A and avoiding the deficiency of the same include animal meat like chicken, beef, eggs, milk products, fish with green vegetables, and bright deeply pigmented fruits.

Risk/Side Effects Of Vitamin A (Retinol) Test

Other than knowing the vitamin A test price in your city, most patients are highly concerned about the potential side effects and risks involved in sitting for a Vitamin A test. The medical procedure followed to complete a vitamin A test is through the sample collection of blood. This process is completely non-invasive and thus poses no risk for the patient. However, some patients do witness slight side-effects that include bleeding, soreness, bruising around the area where blood was drawn from, dizziness, etc. Other than this, there are no serious side-effects involved in the procedure.


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What are some of the common symptoms of Vitamin A deficiency?

Some of the common symptoms of vitamin A deficiency include inflammation in the eyes, hair loss, night blindness, recurring infections, rashes on the skin, loss of appetite, etc.

Do I need to prepare before sitting for my next vitamin A test?

No, as the procedure is a blood test, you do not have to prepare in advance. However, it is always recommended to discuss with your doctor to know if any specific prerequisites are required in your case.

What are some of the diseases or issues my body can face due to vitamin A deficiency?

Some of the common diseases that directly attack your body in the absence of vitamin A include cystic fibrosis, pancreatitis, celiac disease, etc.

Interpreting Vitamin A (Retinol) Test Results

Interpreting Vitamin A (Retinol) Test Results

If you are looking for “vitamin A test near me” or “vitamin A test in Delhi”, it is important to know two important things before you set for the medical procedure and they include the potential vitamin A test price in your locality and the meaning of the test results achieved after completing your vitamin A test. To understand the test results, it is important to keep in mind the following pointers to be able to read the results better.

For an individual today, the normal vitamin A value ranges between 20 to 60 mcg/dL. If the test results fall within this range, it is declared that the patient has an optimum level of vitamin A present in the body.
However, if the test results indicate a value lower than the normal range, it directly highlights the increased possibility of vitamin A deficiency for a patient, having adverse effects on the body.
On the other hand, if the test results indicate a value higher than the normal range, it is declared that the patient is consuming vitamin A in abundance, and this excess/toxic level of vitamin A can be harmful to the body, causing severe issues.

Results Potential Diagnosis
Between 20 to 60 mcg/dL Normal range
Less than 20 mcg/dL Vitamin A deficiency
More than 60 mcg/dL Excess level of Vitamin A, diet change recommended

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Steps To Book A Vitamin A (Retinol) Test Home Collection In Delhi

For anyone looking to book a vitamin A test home collection service in Delhi, choosing for your next appointment or test is the right choice. The process of making an online booking for a vitamin A test with is quick and requires bare minimum effort. Once the booking is complete, all you need to do is wait for an expert to come to your chosen location at a time window that suits your routine to collect your blood sample for the vitamin A test in Delhi.

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