17 ­OH Progesterone Test In Faridabad

17 ­OH Progesterone Test In Faridabad

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The 17 ­OH Progesterone is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands in the body. Adrenal glands are situated above each kidney. 17 ­OH Progesterone is used in the production of Cortisol along with other enzymes and proteins. Cortisol is an important hormone that is useful in regulating metabolism as well as immunity. A 17 ­OH Progesterone Test In Faridabad is conducted to see the levels of 17 ­OH Progesterone in the body.

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About 17 ­OH Progesterone test

Why is the 17 OH Progesterone Test done?

A buildup of 17 ­OH Progesterone occurs in the blood if there is a deficiency of Cortisol. Excess buildup of 17 ­OH Progesterone can indicate the existence of Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia. This can lead to increased production of Androgens, popularly known as the male sex hormone. CAH can even affect infants who may experience dehydration or shock, which can harm them in serious ways. This is why the 17 ­OH Progesterone Test is made a part of the checkup of newborns and infants.
CAH can cause various serious problems including infertility and is important to be tested early to find a resolution.


What does 17 ­OH Progesterone Test measure

The 17 ­OH Progesterone Test measures the level of 17 ­OH Progesterone in the patient’s blood. When the body is not functioning properly, the lack of cortisol production can lead to a buildup of 17 ­OH Progesterone. This can cause serious problems in infants as well as adults. In newborns and infants, it can even cause ambiguity of genitals, which means that their genitals could appear as both male and female, making it difficult to understand the gender of the child. In adults, it can be indicative of adrenal cancer, tumour, or infertility among other things.

Risk/side effects of 17 ­OH Progesterone Test

A 17 ­OH Progesterone Test is carried out by a simple blood draw method. The patient may feel dizzy. There may even be pain, bruising, collection of blood, or excess bleeding at the site of the needle prick.


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Opting for Flebo.in ensures that your tests are conducted unhindered, at your convenience, and with absolute accuracy. Flebo.in only hires trained lab technicians who can perform tests with precision. The technicians are also trained to be extremely courteous and professional in their behaviour so that patients do not face any sort of stress or discomfort with the technician that comes for sample collection. Patients get all these services for 17 ­OH Progesterone Test at extremely competitive 17 ­OH Progesterone Test prices.

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How do I prepare for this test?

Your doctor may ask you to fast for 6-8 hours before this test, therefore it is necessary to confirm the requirement of any precautions from the doctor. They may even ask you to stop taking certain medicines.


Can this test be done on infants and babies as well?

Yes, this test is also performed on infants and babies. Any precautions needed to conduct the test on them must be confirmed with the doctors.

Will the home testing results be accurate?

Yes, the results will not be compromised if you opt for a home test.

How do I get the results if I opt for a home collection of samples?

If you opt for home collection of samples, you will probably be sent the reports over email which you can then print out. Some facilities also send reports in a pdf format over WhatsApp for easier access.

 Interpreting 17 ­OH Progesterone Test results

Interpreting 17 ­OH Progesterone Test results

The results of this test can only be understood by a doctor as they depend upon several variables including sex, age, and more. In general, the normal levels of 17 ­OH Progesterone in the body is as follows:

Infants Between 1000-3000 ng/dL
Babies (over 24 hours) Less than 100 ng/dL
Adults Less than 200 ng/dL

Higher levels of 17 ­OH Progesterone can indicate the presence of an adrenal tumour or Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia.

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Steps to book a 17 ­OH Progesterone Test home collection in Faridabad

To book a 17 ­OH Progesterone Test In Faridabad, just go on to your internet browser and type in 17 ­OH Progesterone Test home collection, or 17 ­OH Progesterone Test near me. You will be able to see all the facilities that conduct this test and provide home collection service. You can browse through the different options and select the one you like. You can also get in touch with your assigned technician to confirm the booking.

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