Barbiturates Urine Test in Faridabad

Barbiturates Urine Test in Faridabad

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Barbiturates Urine Test is used for identifying the use or abuse of a drug named Barbiturates. Barbiturates fall under the category of sedative drugs used as anesthesia and other sedation forms. These drugs are used for relaxing the mind and body, reducing anxiety, and helping a person sleep. However, like other drugs, these drugs, if abused, can cause physical addiction and psychological disturbance. This drug poses a risk to life because there is a slimline between a safe dose and a deadly dose.

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About Barbiturates Urine Test

Why is the Barbiturates Urine Test done?

The Barbiturates Urine Test is run to detect the presence of barbiturates in the urine. This is generally performed to check drug abuse or a drug overdose, which has come into the limelight because of an accident or suicide.
It is important to run barbiturates urine tests because high dose abuse of this drug may cause respiratory collapse, lack of mental and motor coordination, mental disorders, and coma.

What does the Barbiturates Urine Test measure?

The Barbiturates Urine Test measures the presence of barbiturates in the urine. The levels of metabolites of barbiturates such as secobarbital, pentobarbital, phenobarbital, amobarbital are also measured in this test.


Risk/side effects of Barbiturates Urine Test

The Barbiturates Urine Test is done by collecting a urine sample which is then examined on the test strips or test cards. Thus, there is no risk or side effect involved. However, it is imperative that proper care before and after sample collection is taken, as the urine sample could potentially be infectious.


Why Choose’s Home Collection Service?

Phlebotomy is critical for a person, as it is important in determining if he/she is fit or not, and helps in the determination of various medical conditions. Thus, ensuring that the testing center is certified and verified is of utmost importance. is one of the certified and verified testing websites in Faridabad/NCR. ensures that the blood is collected on time for timely delivery of the results. Providing fast, on-time, and painless service is the prime motive of with the help of our certified phlebotomists and advanced technology. also helps individuals in tracking their medical reports through the creation of a Flebo account.

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Can this test be run by one’s own wish, like other tests such as fasting sugar, urine routine, and culture?

No, this test can only be run for professional use and is not meant for over-the-counter sale.

Does this test require any preparations?

No, this test does not require any special preparations or fasting.





Can this test be run through blood tests?

No, this test can only be run through urine samples.

Interpreting the Barbiturates Urine Test results

Interpreting the Barbiturates Urine Test results

The results of the test strips and test cards are almost the same. There are two regions on the band, one is the control region, which means that the amount and flow of the urine were sufficient, and the other is the test region, which indicates if the urine is drug-free or not. The tests can be interpreted as follows:

  • The test is negative if there are two pink-colored bands, one in the control region and one in the test region. This indicates that there is no drug in the urine, or the level of the drug was within the permissible limits.
  • The test is positive if there is only one pink-colored band in the control region. This indicates that the amount of drug in urine is more than the permissible limit. This may indicate drug abuse.
  • The test is considered invalid if the pink line appears only in the test region. This would indicate that the procedure for the test was not done properly or that the device is faulty.

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Steps to book Barbiturates Urine Test for Home Collection in Faridabad

Booking for the Barbiturates Urine Test can be done by calling customer care as well. It is beneficial to ask the doctor if any other tests are also to be run along with this test, as this would enable you to analyze the Barbiturates Urine Test cost and also make an informed decision.

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