Bone & Its Functions

Bone & Its Functions

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The human body consists of 206 bones to make the entire skeleton system. All the bones are made of collagen, the protein that forms the soft framework. The main functions of the bones in the body include providing a structure of the body, protecting all the vital organs, and aiding body movements. In simpler words, bones are the base structure that holds the entire human body together. Additionally, the bones allow the production of blood cells with the help of the bone marrow in the bone environment.

While there is no bone disease as such, different parts of the body can experience pain, stiffness, damage, etc. due to fracture, weakness or wrong body posture. If you had a bone injury in the past or are facing difficulty, you should go for bone tests in Faridabad. Just Search for “bone test near me.

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About Bone Tests

Why Bone Testing Is Important?

As one of the most crucial body parts, it is necessary to keep the bones healthy at all times. There are multiple reasons for participating in different bone tests in Faridabad, one of the main ones being to fight serious bone diseases that can result in long-term issues for the body. With the help of bone tests in Faridabad, you can test the strength of your bones, analyze the potential of a muscle pull or fracture, and much more.

With time, the lack of necessary vitamins and minerals can cause minor bone structure and function issues which can increase the chances of falling prey to serious bone diseases which are not that common.

One of the biggest benefits of bone tests in Faridabad is the ability to detect even the smallest issue in the bone before it becomes a major one in the future. With the right bone tests in Faridabad, you can easily get accurate results to avoid any of the common bone diseases before they take charge.

Common Bone Diseases to Lookout For

Bones play a vital role in providing the body with the proper physical capability to allow movements in different ways and ranges. Out of all the body organs, paying extra attention to the bones of the body is highly valuable as once you grow older, the carelessness around the bones can lead to unexpected disability or chronic pains. Some of the common bone diseases include:

  • Fractures of different nature like hairline fracture, closed or open fractures, etc.
  • Osteoporosis occurs due to the weakness of bones, directly relating to bone density and mass.
  • Scoliosis is another bone disease that affects the spine. It causes abnormal curvature in the spine which results in a C or S shape of the spine.
  • Paget’s disease is a chronic bone disease that directly causes the bones to break down and then re-grow. However, excessive re-growth and breakdown can lead to larger ones in size with increased tenderness.
Common Bone Tests to Help You Monitor Your Bone Health

There are numerous bone diseases and disorders that are around and so it is important for everyone to know all about the necessary bone test nearby at the time of urgency. Along with the common bone tests that are conducted in a hospital with heavy equipment, there are also numerous options available that can be done from the convenience of your home. Some of the common bone tests include the following:

  • At the time of injury, the most effective bone test is an X-ray that can easily show the potential of a fracture, spring, muscle pull, and much more. Additionally, an X-ray also helps with detecting any infection or chances of arthritis.
  • For a more detailed version of an X-ray, you can choose between an MRI or CT scan, which gets into the minute details like the bones, fat, organs, and muscles with great clarity.
  • Sample collection of urine, blood and other fluids of the body for a lap test is also another common form of bone test in Faridabad.

Why Should You Choose's Home Collection Services

Online booking is the need of the hour and that is exactly what’s home collection services deliver. You do not have to wait in queues outside labs for sample collection as you get to choose when you want an expert to come to your location to collect your blood, urine, or other body fluid samples for testing.

Just book online, choose the home collection service you want, and you are good to go. There are multiple different types of disease detection and identification that are possible with the help of these home collection services by They are quick and convenient so try them today.



Are the bones only made of calcium?

No, other than calcium, the bones are usually made up of collagen which is the source that provides the bones with a soft structure. The calcium gives the bones strength and the combination of these two makes the bones strong yet flexible.

What are the common symptoms of a bone fracture or sprain?

For most people, the common symptoms include severe pain, visible swelling, and in the worst case a bone deformity. Fractures or sprains are the results of excessive stress and exertion on a particular bone which then snaps.

Is drinking milk every day enough for the bones?

Even though milk is known to have a high content of calcium, it does not always fulfill the body’s requirements for all vitamins and minerals. Therefore, it is recommended to take necessary vitamins and minerals from a list of sources, along with milk.


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Steps To Book A Bone Test For Home Collection In Faridabad

For most bone diseases, the most recommended bone test is through a sample collection. Given the accuracy of results with these lab tests, If you are looking for a bone test near me, all you need to do is book an at-home sample collection test online.

The process is quick and easy. You are required to first choose a time slot as per your convenience between 6 am to 9 pm. As soon as you clock your time slot, choose the lab that is nearest to your location for urgent assistance. An expert will then come and take your home collection for lab testing.

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