Chikungunya (IgM) Test In Faridabad

Chikungunya (IgM) Test In Faridabad

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In most parts of the world, chikungunya is a viral disease borne because of a mosquito bite. The direct impact of this particular infection is the rise in body temperature for the patients along with severe pain in the joints.

With the help of a chikungunya IgM test in Faridabad, doctors can determine the correct diagnosis for a recently recovered or passed chikungunya infection for a patient. It is a commonly participated trust for individuals who have recently traveled to regions where this infection is widespread. The important antibody necessary to fight this infection is immunoglobulin M which is tested, with the help of a chikungunya IgM test in Faridabad.

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About Chikungunya (IgM) Test

Why is the Chikungunya (IgM) Test Done?

For most people, the main reason why the doctors recommend a chikungunya IgM test in Faridabad or any other city is due to the visible signs of the infection. The prominent symptoms include conjunctivitis, skin rashes, fatigue, nausea, joint pains, headache, and high body temperature.

The main intention of choosing a chikungunya IgM test near me for most patients is to test the presence of the infection, along with its activity level to get the right treatment prescribed by doctors. Moreover, with the help of the chikungunya IgM test, you can also predict the possibility of similar diseases like dengue, malaria, etc., as the sample collection is done through a blood test.

What does the Chikungunya (IgM) test measure?

The spread of the chikungunya virus in the world, infecting humans at a rapid speed is all due to the mosquito bite. The common symptoms of a chikungunya virus are fever, joint pain, exhaustion, muscle pain, a rash, headache to name a few.

  • With the help of her chikungunya IgM test in Faridabad, the doctors determine the level of two important antibodies in a patient’s body. Both these antibodies play a vital role in fighting diseases like chikungunya and are known as IgM and IgG. Their presence or absence directly indicates the potential spread of the chikungunya virus within the body.
  • Additionally, it allows early detection of this disease along with other diseases to help with timely treatment and faster recovery.
  • If you have recently recovered from a chikungunya virus infection, and participated in a chikungunya IgM test, your results can indicate the presence of the remains of the previously diagnosed virus and the effectiveness of the treatment prescribed.
Risk/side effects of Chikungunya (IgM) test

Most patients need to know the potential risks or side-effects involved in the chikungunya IgM test, as opposed to the proposed chikungunya test price. Regardless of your location, a chikungunya IgM test is only carried out through a blood test. Due to the same reason, the side effects and risks involved are a bare minimum.

The maximum complaints include-

  • Dizziness
  • Light bruising
  • soreness around the area where the blood sample was drawn (which does not last for too long).

Other than that, there are no risks of participating in a chikungunya IgM test in Faridabad or any other city.


Why Should You Choose's Home Collection Services?

The demand for home collection services that are quick, convenient, and cost-effective is increasing day by day. So, if you are looking for a chikungunya IgM test near me, or any other tests, choosing’s home collection services is the right choice. All need to do is book yourself an online appointment for the test you want and wait for an expert to come to your chosen location. Sample collection will be completed in just a few quick steps and you will receive your result shortly after.



What are the common treatment solutions for chikungunya?

According to most doctors, to help ease joint pain and fever, some common over-the-counter medicines include ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and naproxen. If the pain carries on for too long, physiotherapy is another solution to help ease the discomfort.

What is the chikungunya IgM test price in Faridabad?

Even though the actual chikungunya IgM test price varies based on your chosen test location, for most cities chikungunya IgM test price is approximately Rs.500.

Are there any home remedies that can help treat joint pain?

The majority of the doctors recommend drinking plenty of fluids to prevent possible dehydration which can increase the pain. Additionally, they advise taking timely doses of paracetamol which can help with both the pain as well as the fever.

Interpreting Chikungunya (IgM) test results

Interpreting Chikungunya (IgM) test results

For any patient today who has the slightest chance of being diagnosed with chikungunya, it is important for them to be able to rightly interpret their chikungunya IgM test results. If you have recently done a chikungunya IgM test, here are a few things you should remember to understand your test report.

  • If your chikungunya IgM test results come out negative for both IgM and IgG, it can indicate the absence of any potential virus causing this infection. However, it is important to get leads there in 5 to 10 days if the symptoms don’t fade off.
  • If your test results come out positive for both IgM and IgG, it indicates the presence of the chikungunya viral infection in the body, either recently or sometime in the past. This is because, post-infection, the antibodies remain within the body for approximately 3 to 4 months.
  • If your test results indicate a presence of IgG and an absence of IgM, it means that an old infection is detected.
  • If your test results indicate an absence of IgG and a presence of IgM, it indicates the recovery of a very recently occurred chikungunya infection. Additionally, doctors recommended to re-do the test to confirm whether the anti-chikungunya virus is developed or not.
    Test result Indication
    Negative IgM and IgG Absence of any potential virus causing this infection
    Positive for both IgM and IgG Presence of the chikungunya viral infection in the body
    Absence of IgG and a presence of IgM Recovery of a very recently occurred chikungunya infection

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Steps to book a Chikungunya (IgM) test for home collection in Faridabad

If you want to book for a chikungunya IgM test near me, but do not wish to travel to a lab or hospital, book online in just a few quick steps. To begin, all you need to do is choose a time slot as per your convenience between the time of 6 AM to 9 PM. Post this, choose a love that is nearest to your current location to allow an expert to come to your house to collect your blood sample for the chikungunya IgM test in Faridabad or any other city.

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