Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC) Test In Faridabad

Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC) Test In Faridabad

The fine needle aspiration cytology test, also called the FNAC test, is considered to be a safe procedure to investigate the presence and nature of lumps or excessive mass under the skin surface to diagnose the possibility of them being cancerous. This medical procedure is also prescribed by doctors to test for salivary gland, lymph-node, or thyroid diseases and illnesses. In simple words, it is a biopsy procedure and serves multiple purposes for a doctor to help with an accurate diagnosis. The FNAC cost in Faridabad and other parts of the country can differ, keeping in mind the type of services provided and the convenience attached with the same.

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About FNAC Test

Why is the Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC) Test done?

One of the main reasons why a fine needle aspiration cytology test is prescribed by the doctors is to study the swellings or unexpected lumps that are located under the skin surface and are starting to cause discomfort for a patient. The presence of the lump can either be directly felt by the patient or by the doctor during an examination. Other than this, some medical procedures that can detect the presence of these swellings in a lab include mammogram, CT scan, or an ultrasound.

Other than the FNAC price in Faridabad, it is also important to know that the test is done to remove the stress of cancer from the patient’s mind by studying the swelling or lump in detail with the help of this biopsy test procedure.

What does the Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology Test Measure?

For most people, other than finding the appropriate FNAC test costs, it is necessary to also know what the test is about and what is measured in this biopsy. During the process of a fine needle aspiration cytology test, the main intention is to measure the presence of cancer cells within the tissue or fluid collected from the area of lump or swelling.

The procedure is not considered to be the only method to detect cancer for patients. However, as an initial and immediate test type, this core needle biopsy test is recommended by most doctors. This also helps the doctors rule out maximum chances of cancer in the initial stage itself, without opening up the body for further testing.

Risk/side Effects of FNAC Test

The medical procedure of completing an FNAC test is done with the help of a needle which is inserted at the area of swelling or lump to collect the tissue or fluid of the same for further testing. This process is very less invasive in comparison to other biopsy tests and can be completed quickly.

There are no risks involved in the entire process, however, some of the common side effects experienced by the patients include soreness, bleeding at the location, light bruising, dizziness, etc. These last for a very short time and then resolve on their own.


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There are multiple reasons why home collection services are garnering maximum popularity today. provides convenient home collection services for test samples. The services are safe and align well with your comfort by eliminating the hassle of standing in long queues at a lab or hospital to give your blood sample for any test. offers a wide range of tests to choose from and only requires an online booking to send an expert to your chosen location to collect a sample from home. The sample can be of urine or blood, based on the test you chose from the list.

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Is there any way to prepare in advance for my next FNAC test?

No, according to most doctors, there is no standard preparation list to complete before sitting for the test. However, they do recommend limiting liquid and food intake several hours before the examination. Consulting a doctor first and showing the lump or swelling for an initial examination before sitting for an FNAC test is highly recommended.

What happens once my sample is collected?

Once the medical technician collects your sample from the swelling or lump location, the sample is taken forward for microscopic testing to study whether the sample collected is sufficient for accurate results and to make the right diagnosis.

Are all the lumps found in the breast area or around the body cancerous?

No, not all lumps or swelling are considered to be cancer by doctors. However, it is necessary to ensure that proper testing is done to rule out the possibility of cancer and remove the lump before it turns into a health problem.

Interpreting Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC) Test Results

Interpreting Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC) Test Results

Other than knowing the FNAC test cost in Faridabad, it is also necessary to know how to read your test results for FNAC as it helps you to be well informed about your medical condition. The results received on this test are fairly easy to understand. Here are the important things to remember when you wish to read your FNAC test result report.

  • There are only two case scenarios on the test result for an FNAC test. The results can either be positive or negative depending on the nature of the swelling or lump.
  • If the results come out negative for the presence of cancer cells in the area of concern, the doctors rule out the possibility of cancer but do suggest further testing and removal of the lump or swelling before it turns cancerous.
  • If the results come out positive for the presence of cancer cells in the age of concern, the doctors do not directly conclude cancer as the end diagnosis. Instead, as FNAC is an initial screening process, the doctors recommend patients to undergo other tests to confirm the possibility of cancer before prescribing a treatment plan for the same.
Results Diagnosis
No cancer cells, negative Low chance of cancer, removal of lump/swelling recommended
Cancer cells present, positive Cancer possible, further testing recommended


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Steps to Book a Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC) Test Home Collection in Faridabad

If you are searching for “FNAC test centre near me” and want to know the FNAC test price in Faridabad for home collection services, it is important to make the booking in a few quick easy steps. All you need to do to begin is go online and choose a time slot between 6 AM to 9 PM as per your time availability and convenience. Once done, select a lab that is closest to your house or current location to finalize the booking. After this, a medical expert will be sent to your chosen location within the time you have booked for the collection of blood sample for the FNAC test.

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