Alcohol (Serum) Test In Gurgaon

Alcohol (Serum) Test In Gurgaon

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Most doctors prescribes a blood alcohol test in Gurgaon or any other city to detect the evidence of alcohol in a patient’s blood. Other names of this test are called ethanol or ethyl alcohol, which is an active ingredient in all drinks like wine, liquor, beer, etc., causing intoxication. For some patients, blood alcohol test in Gurgaon and other cities is very common as it also helps doctors determine a potential alcohol intoxication pattern for a patient and the harm it can be doing to the body.

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About Alcohol (Serum) Test

Why Is Alcohol (Serum) Test Done?

One of the major reasons why blood alcohol test in Gurgaon and around the world is performed is to observe and determine the use of alcohol and the level of consumption of the same for a patient. It is considered to be one of the most accurate methods to measure the amount of alcohol in the bloodstream and multiple reasons encourage the need for a blood alcohol test near me.

In addition to that, a blood alcohol test in Gurgaon and other cities are also performed as part of workplace testing, medical testing, monitoring and alcohol-induced disorder, legal testing, etc. Moreover, this test also helps monitor the progress of patients with drinking disorders in the past by observing whether they have had a relapse or not after a period of sobriety.

What Does The Alcohol (Serum) Test Measure?

In simple words, the male element that is measured through a blood alcohol test in Gurgaon or any other city is the level of alcohol present in the body through the blood. The amount of alcohol that is found in a person’s bloodstream is known as the blood alcohol content or blood alcohol concentration. It is a necessary test to understand and rectify if a patient is relapsing from a treatment plan or is involved with chronic alcohol use, resulting in adverse effects on the body.

The two alcohol biomarkers that are measured during a blood alcohol test in Gurgaon include carbohydrate-deficient transferrin do identify concerns of heavy alcohol use and phosphatidyl ethanol as part of regular research studies.

Alcohol consumption can easily be detected in the blood within a few minutes after consuming the first drink but the overall detection window for alcohol in the blood can depend on the type of test you choose between BAC, CDT, Peth, and EtG or EtS, each with a different time detection window.

Test Type Detection Window
BAC Between 6- 12 hours
CDT Between 2-3 weeks
PEth Between 1-2+ weeks
EtG or EtS For a maximum of 80 hours
Risk/Side Effects Of The Alcohol (Serum) Test

If you are looking for blood alcohol does near me and want to know about the potential risks or side-effects involved in the medical procedure, there are no visible risks involved as you only need to give your blood sample for further testing. However, for some patients, a list of possible side effects included dizziness, light bruising, soreness, and bleeding. However, none of these is long-lasting and is usually resolved within a few hours after the blood sample is collected from the vein.


Why Should You Choose Flebo.In's Home Collection Services?

If you are looking to get highly convenient and secure home collection services,’s home collection services are the right choice. It brings the comfort of sample collection right to your doorstep once you complete an online booking which takes a few quick steps. You need to select the test you want to give you a sample for and the location and time as per your suitability to have an expert come to your location to take your sample and bring it back for further testing.



What are some of the symptoms that indicate the need for a blood alcohol test in Gurga

If you are caught under the influence of alcohol, some of the visible symptoms that might require a blood alcohol test in Gurgaon can include poor judgment, slowed reflexes, mood changes, slurred speech, difficulty with coordination and balance, etc.

Why do doctors or officers suggest a blood alcohol test?

The main reason why this test is recommended is to find out whether you have been drinking and driving, drunk over the limit allowed, drinking when you are prohibited to drink as per a treatment plan or have fallen for alcohol poisoning.


How do I know if I am a patient of alcohol poisoning?

If you are facing low body temperature or irregular breathing for a longer period and you have witnessed seizures or regular confusion while making decisions are going about with your day, it is recommended to get alcohol testing conducted with a doctor’s prescription.

Interpreting Alcohol (Serum) Test Results

Interpreting Alcohol (Serum) Test Results

The percentage of the level of alcohol or alcohol concentration in the bloodstream can be measured with the help of different tests. However, if you are sitting for that alcohol test in Gurgaon or any other city, it is important to know how to read your test results to be more informed about your alcohol consumption as well as the potential treatment plan if need be. Here are some pointers that can help you reach your test results better.

  • If the level of alcohol concentration during a BAC test comes out as 0.0%, it indicates the complete sobriety of the patient.
  • If the level of alcohol concentration comes how to .08%, it indicates the consumption of alcohol under the legal intoxication bracket.
  • If the level of alcohol concentration is between .08 to 0.40%, it is considered to be a high level of alcohol consumption which may cause difficulty in speaking and walking, and in some cases nausea or drowsiness.
  • If the alcohol concentration level is above 0.40%, there is a high chance of serious risks of coma or death for a patient.
Alcohol Concentration % Potential Results
0.0% Sober
0.08% Legal concentration of alcohol
0.80-0.40% Impairment to walk or speak
More than 0.40% Risky with serious complications


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Steps To Book An Alcohol (Serum) Test Home Collection In Gurgaon

If you are looking for an alcohol test in Gurgaon for home collection services, choose the convenient and flexible services by that makes sample collection a stress-free process. To begin, just create your profile on using your contact details and an OTP you receive on your mobile which allows you to make an online booking.

Then, move on to selecting a time between 6 AM to 9 PM and the location where you want an expert to visit you to collect your sample. You can also benefit from the option of scheduling the report delivery as per your suitability and availability right at your doorstep.

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