Allergy Tests In Gurgaon

Allergy Tests In Gurgaon

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Allergies or allergic disease indicate various conditions which may affect a person with weak immunity. It is caused by hypersensitivity of the immune system towards the environment and its minute substances which are untraceable via naked eyes. Allergies can affect a person externally or internally. Externally, the allergies can affect your skin, eyes, nose, mouth areas, hair follicles, etc. while the internal effects include hay fever, food poisoning, allergic asthma, anaphylaxis.

Allergies have many forms and can affect different parts of the body. The treatment of allergies is dependent on the proper diagnosis. The allergy tests in Gurgaon and other cities of India can be recommended by your doctor in this case. However, you will also need to know what are the forms of allergies and allergic diseases and how they can be diagnosed.

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About Allergy Tests

Why Allergy Testing Is Important?

Allergy tests are important for a person, especially if they are suffering from asthma, stomach upset, indigestion or skin issues. These tests will offer you a detailed analysis of your immune system and what you are allergic to. Allergy tests will also help you avoid objects, eateries and other substances you are allergic to. You can search for the “allergy test near me” to get the best service.

The allergy tests in Gurgaon are done to diagnose several health issues. Not typically for this, the allergy can also be done to diagnose other conditions related to the skin or parts of the body. For instance, if you have sensitive skin and you already suffer from acne breakouts, blemishes or scars, allergy may trigger the condition for the worse. Moreover, sensitive skin is prone to allergies. An allergen test will help you with an accurate diagnosis to help you speed up the curing process.

When Should You Consider Allergy Test?

Most people are allergic to something, making it one of the common conditions. Allergies are the leading cause of chronic illness. It occurs when the immune system overreacts to a substance, mainly harmless, or allergen. However, despite being common, allergies can be tricky to figure out. It is important to consider allergy tests in Gurgaon rather than trying to treat them on your own.

The allergy tests will help you understand your condition better, which will ultimately lead to a faster cure. But when should you consider an allergy test? Various conditions that will require you to go for allergy tests include sneezing, wheezing, runny nose, tearing eyes, dermatitis, hives, etc. Also, if you are waking up to unexplained rashes, marks, itching issues or skin inflammation, allergy tests can be done.

On the other hand, an allergy test can be done in case of skin reaction to a certain known product or allergen. These products include dust, pollen, grass, mould, animals, venom, etc. Some artificial substances including cosmetic products, chemicals, etc. can also result in allergies.

Allergy tests can be done for both adults and young children. Babies are not required to be tested for allergies but in recent years, infants are being tested for a peanut allergy in case of any visible rashes.

How Is an Allergy Test Done?

If you are looking for “allergy tests near me”, then this guide will help you. However, before that, you should know how this test is done. Several ways are used for allergy tests in Gurgaon. Categorically, these can be classified as skin prick test, intradermal test, ingestion test, serum IgE test, and patch test.

Prick test

It is the most common form of allergy test and the first approach to test the condition of the patient. The test is done by inserting a small number of allergens under the skin’s surface.

Intradermal test

In this test, the allergen is injected under the skin with the help of a shot. This is the second step of the allergy test which might be done after the failure of the prick skin test. So, in the case of a negative result in the skin prick test, if the irritation persists, your doctor may ask you to go for the intradermal test.

Ingestion challenge

This test is done basically to detect food reactions or drug reactions. In this test, the patient is asked to consume a decent amount of allergen after which, the patient is kept under observation for 3-4 hours.

Serum IgE tests

This test will provide the patient with the details of how allergic he/she is to a certain product/food. Serum IgE test is basically a blood test, which can offer insight into a reaction.

Patch test

For patch tests, the allergen is applied to a patient’s back in a grid pattern. This test takes 48 hours to show visible results. Generally, the test is performed for certain products including chemicals, cosmetics, preservatives, certain metals, etc.


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Allergy can be a dreadful disease if not treated on time. Also, you will need to be extra careful if you are suffering from an allergy. For this, staying inside your clean environment at home is essential, which can be done if you are doing a home collection test for allergies. Thankfully, you can now end your lookout for the “allergy tests near me” since offers you a thoughtful service to let you stay confined and protected. services include-

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How much does an allergy test cost?

The cost for allergy tests in Gurgaon depends on the location you are getting the service from. It may range from INR 600 to INR 2,000.

Which allergy test is the best?

The best allergy tests depend on which condition you are in. A blood test can offer you a detailed result though.

Is an allergy test painful?

No, allergy tests are not painful. It is done in a few minutes. However, waiting for certain reactions (if any due to the use of allergen) that occur might put you in an uncomfortable situation.


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If you have been searching for “allergy tests near me” or “allergy tests in Gurgaon”, then you should consider the service by The platform offers you a simple and convenient way of booking an allergy test. It can be done at your home, or anywhere you might feel comfortable.

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