Beta Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (Serum Beta HCG)Test In Gurgaon

Beta Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (Serum Beta HCG)Test In Gurgaon

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Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG is typically present in the blood and urine of a pregnant woman. The placenta of a fetus is made of HCG which nourishes the egg after fertilization. HCG test is often referred to as Beta HCG blood test or quantitative blood pregnancy test. The test is critical for various reasons including:

  • Confirming pregnancy
  • Determining the age of the fetus
  • Diagnosing abnormal pregnancy
  • Detecting potential miscarriage
  • Screening Down’s syndrome (chromosomal abnormality within a fetus).

The test is recommended by doctors. You can check the Beta HCG test in Gurgaon. The quantity of HCG within a woman’s blood typically doubles within a span of 48 to 72 hours from the 11th day after conception. The amount of HCG reaches its peak during the 14th week of pregnancy. The level should be well-balanced for a healthy baby.

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About Serum Beta HCG Test

Why Is Beta HCG Test Done?

Beta HCG confirms a lot of things as we have discussed above. Furthermore, it is a part of the routine tests for a pregnant woman. The fetus draws its nourishment from the placenta. The placenta is made of HCG hormone. Therefore, the slightest anomaly could even lead to dire complications. Early Beta HCG can detect such anomalies and with proper treatment and care, you can mitigate these health concerns.

Down’s syndrome screening is a predictive test that you can confirm through a beta HCG test. If the Down’s syndrome test is positive, you must consult your health practitioner. Overall, the beta HCG test can diagnose critical aspects including the health of the fetus. For a mother, the well-being of the baby is always a priority and the beta HCG test does that for you.

What Does Beta HCG Test Measure?

Beta HCG test results depend profusely on the time of test taken. HCG is present in the placenta of a fetus. In a normal scenario, a woman won’t secret HCG but a pregnant woman will. This is therefore a confirmatory pregnancy test as well.

  1. Primarily the beta HCG test taken within 10 to 15 days of conceiving confirms pregnancy
  2. The amount of HCG determines the approximate age of the fetus. Therefore, in case of late realization of the pregnancy, you can ascertain the age of the fetus and take proper care consequently
  3. HCG tests can detect various pregnancy-related abnormalities including the possibility of miscarriage
  4. Beta HCG test can predict Down’s syndrome by screening maternal serum.
Risk/Side Effects Of Beta HCG Test

Beta HCG tests are risk-free. You can take this test at home. If you are going for the urinal sample testing, you should collect the urine sample of the first urinal excretion of the day. If you prefer a blood test (which is recommended), you can call a phlebotomist at home for home collection of the blood sample.

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Why Choose Flebo’s Home Collection Service?

Beta HCG is a compulsory test that is performed during the early and mid-stage of pregnancy to ascertain various factors as discussed above. You simply cannot skip the beta HCG test. If you are still searching “beta HCG tests near me”, give Flebo a call. Flebo has brought a new insurgency to beta HCG tests in Gurgaon. From taking blood samples to generating and managing reports, Flebo is your one-stop solution for different health issues. Besides, you can avail of the services from the comforts of your home. Flebo home collection services include –


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Is the beta HCG test definitive of pregnancy?

The blood sample test for HCG is more or less accurate. It can confirm pregnancy with 99% accuracy. However, the urine test for HCG is not definitive since the amount of HCG in urine varies from time to time. Try to collect the first urinal disposal of the day for the most optimum result.

Are beta HCG tests expensive?

Beta HCG tests are necessary for pregnant women. Therefore the beta HCG test price has been kept to a bare minimum so that everyone can afford it.

Can HCG Beta Test be Wrong?

No, the HCG beta test is 100% accurate every time it is done. Your doctor will help you check the result correctly in case you might have any doubts.

Interpreting Beta HCG Test Results

Interpreting Beta HCG Test Results

Beta HCG is a simple blood or urine test. The blood test is preferred to its counterpart of a urine test as the former is more accurate. In case you don’t want to go for a blood test, ensure to collect a sample from the first urination of the day as it contains a higher amount of HCG.

  • For recently pregnant women, HCG positive refers to pregnancy positive
  • For conceived women, HCG tests ascertain the age of the fetus by the amount of HCG present within the blood. Typically the amount gets doubled within 48 to 72 hours till the 14th week after conception
  • This acts as a maternal serum screening and therefore anomalies such as the possibility of miscarriage, the chromosomal abnormality is detected through beta HCG test

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Steps To Book A Beta HCG Test For Home Collection In Gurgaon

Beta HCG tests can be done via a blood sample or urine sample. The presence of HCG in the blood of a pregnant woman is something unique that distinguishes her from other women. Therefore, the beta HCG test can be considered as a confirmatory test for pregnancy as well. The well-being of the fetus depends on HCG that creates the nourishing placenta around the fetus within the womb. Thus, beta HCG is a crucial and indispensable test for pregnant women.

If you are looking for a home collection of blood or urine samples, Flebo is just a click away. Let Flebo take the onus of your concerns and Flebo will take the initiatives to ensure that the issues are well-addressed.

Furthermore, Flebo helps you manage your medical history, from testing to generating reports, Flebo is your one-stop medical help. If you are looking for “beta HCG tests near me”, Flebo is the perfect solution for you.

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