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Book Calcium Ionised Test in Gurgaon

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There are several types of calcium found in the body. The types include ionised calcium, calcium bound to minerals known as anions, and calcium bound to proteins (like albumin). Also known as free calcium, ionised calcium is the most reactive of the three types. As the name suggests, the ionised calcium test in Gurgaon and other cities is a test to measure the ionised calcium level in the body. Calcium is an essential mineral used by the body to improve bone strength and muscle function.

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About Calcium Ionised Test

Why is the Calcium Ionised test done?

Ionised calcium is considered the most accurate measure of calcium inside the body of individuals. The ionised calcium level is used to check for any abnormalities or diseases that the person might be suffering from. There are several instances in which calcium ionised test is ordered which include:

  • If the person is receiving blood transfusions
  • If the person is critically ill and living on IV fluids
  • If the person is having a major surgery
  • If there are abnormal levels of blood proteins in the individual
  • If any of these cases are occurring, it is important to measure how much free calcium is inside the body.
What does the Calcium Ionised test measure?

Calcium is one of the essential minerals that the body needs. The body uses calcium to improve bone strength and teeth while also improving muscle and nerve functions. Free calcium and bound calcium make up about 50-50 of all the calcium in the body. Therefore, if there is any disbalance in that distribution, it could signify a major disorder.

The test is basically used to quantify the free calcium level in the body. Low levels of free calcium in the body could lead to abnormal heartbeat rates in individuals, muscle spasms, or even coma in severe cases. If there is numbness around the mouth or in the individual’s limbs, the calcium ionised test is used for that purpose.

A calcium serum test is the one most commonly done. It measures the level of free as well as bound calcium inside the body. A doctor must be contacted if there are any abnormalities.

Risk/Side-effects of Calcium Ionised test

Generally, there is very little risk of any major symptoms inside the body. The person might feel slight pain (or some bruising) in the area where the needle has been pierced to take the blood. But those tend to disappear pretty quickly and not cause any major problems to the patient. In very rare cases, the patient might develop blood collection under the skin or infection at the site where the needle was pierced. But that is a very rare occurrence and nothing major to worry about.


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Are there any preparations needed for this test?

There are no major preparations needed for the test (preferably stay empty stomach before the test).

How is the sample taken?

The blood is taken from the arm. The area is cleaned with rubbing alcohol, and the technician takes blood precisely.

Are there any risks to the test?

There are minor risks that do not happen under general circumstances. The technicians just need to be a little careful.

What are some foods rich in calcium?

Milk, cheese, vegetables, banana, etc.

Interpreting the Calcium Ionised Test Results

Interpreting the Calcium Ionised Test Results

If the test shows low levels of ionised calcium, that could be indicating towards the following conditions:

  • Hypoparathyroidism (inactive parathyroid gland)
    Inherited problems to parathyroid hormone
  • Vitamin D deficiency leads to diseases like rickets
    Rickets (a disease where the bones soften, majorly due to Vitamin D deficiency)
  • Deficiency of magnesium
  • High levels of phosphorus
  • Acute Pancreatitis (Inflammation of the pancreas)
  • Kidney failure
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Malnutrition

High levels of calcium ionized in the body could be an indication of the following conditions:

  • Hyperparathyroidism (overactive parathyroid gland)
  • Lack of mobility in the lifestyle
  • Milk-alkali syndrome, High levels of calcium in the body due to extreme consumption of food like milk
  • Cancer of plasma cells (multiple myeloma)
  • Paget’s disease (results in deformity due to abnormal destruction and growth of bones)
  • Sarcoidosis (inflammatory disease affecting the eyes and the skin)
  • Tuberculosis (a life-threatening disease)
  • Certain kinds of tumors
  • Overdose of Vitamin D in the body

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