Chromogranin A Test In Gurgaon

Chromogranin A Test In Gurgaon

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Looking to book a Chromogranin A in Gurgaon? Read below to know about Chromogranin A.

Chromogranin A or CgA for short is a protein released by the neuroendocrine cell in the body. These cells respond to the nervous system and release hormones for various purposes when signaled by the nervous system to do so. Endocrine glands, where the neuroendocrine cells are produced, can lead to the creation of tumors in the body. These tumors can be benign or malignant.

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About Chromogranin A Test

Why is the Chromogranin A Test done?

This test is done if the patient is experiencing any symptoms related to the presence of a carcinogenic tumor, like abdominal pain, diarrhea, wheezing, flushing, or any other symptom which may suggest to a medical practitioner that you may have a carcinogenic or neuroendocrine tumor. This test is done to monitor such tumors and test their reaction to different treatments. It is also used in determining an effective course of action for treatment.

What does Chromogranin A Test measure?

A Chromogranin A Test is used to measure the amount of Chromogranin A in the blood. The results of this test can be used in identifying the presence of tumors, helping in diagnosing whether they are malignant or benign as well as in monitoring the effectiveness of any ongoing treatment of existing tumors. It is also helpful in gauging the progress or relapse of tumors, especially carcinoid tumors. This test is known as a tumor marker and may be ordered alone or along with additional tests.


Risk/side effects of Chromogranin A Test

The Chromogranin A Test is done through a drawing of blood from your arm. As such, you may experience pain at the sight of the needle prick, excessive bleeding, dizziness, or bruising where the blood is drawn from. These are regular side effects that resolve on their own.


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Are any special preparations required for this test?

As with any doctor-ordered test, it is important to confirm whether any preparation is required for the Chromogranin A Test. You may be required to stop the intake of certain medications which can have an effect on the test and/or fast for some hours before the test.

Can I take the Chromogranin A Test at home?

Yes, you can take this test at home safely. This test is conducted through a simple blood draw and as such, any lab or home collection facility with qualified testers would be fine.

Are any other types of samples required?

No, this test is conducted through a blood draw only as of now.

 Interpreting Chromogranin A Test results

Interpreting Chromogranin A Test results

Under normal conditions, the amount of Chromogranin A in the blood is quite low. Increased levels can be an indication of a tumor, however, additional tests would be required to confirm their existence as well as to find their location. The test is nonspecific in nature and increased levels may only indicate the existence of a tumor. However, other reasons can also cause increased Chromogranin A levels in the blood including Pancreatitis, liver diseases, IBS, renal insufficiency, and many more.

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Steps to book a Chromogranin A Test for home collection in Gurgaon

To book a Chromogranin A Test at home, whether for yourself or for someone else, you just need to go to your internet browser and look for facilities that provide the home collection of sample facilities. Alternatively, you can also look for Chromogranin A Test near me to get a more relevant list for you. You can then browse the various plans every facility has to select one which suits your requirements the best. Thereafter you can make the booking and get in touch with the person assigned for your sample collection.
You can set up a suitable time with them as well and they will come to you for sample collection at that time.


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