Complete Urine Routine Test (CUE) in Gurgaon

Complete Urine Routine Test (CUE) in Gurgaon

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Complete urine routine test or urinalysis test in Gurgaon tests the urine of a patient to understand if the person is suffering from any ailments. When a doctor suggests a patient get a urinalysis, the doctor wants to check on the doubt they have pertaining to certain symptoms the patient is displaying.

Going for a routine urine test is suggested to check parameters like the contents of the urine, its concentration, and its appearance. These factors help a doctor offer a proper diagnosis.

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About Complete Urine Routine Test

Why is the complete urine routine test done?

The urinalysis test is conducted to help doctors identify ailments like diabetes, kidney diseases, or urinary tract infections in the patient. The urinalysis comprises three major examinations: microscopic, chemical, and physical.

A doctor suggests a patient get a urinalysis test when they detected the following symptoms in the patient:

  • Frequently having the urge to urinate
  • A burning sensation felt when urinating
  • Urine having blood or a cloudy appearance
  • High blood pressure
  • Frequent back pains with no spinal disorder recorded
  • Excessive fatigue
  • Loss of weight
  • Loss of appetite
  • Symptoms of edema
  • Having a metallic in the mouth
  • Urine has a foul smell

The urine routine test cost also includes checking for alcohol levels in the person’s body even after 48 hours of alcohol consumption. People suffering from chronic conditions are often advised to check for the urinalysis test to stay updated on their condition that also affects their medications.

What does the complete urine routine test measure

The urinalysis test is advised by doctors when they suspect patients to suffer from diabetes, diseases of the kidney or liver, or even bladder infections or urinary tract infections (UTIs). When opting for urinalysis  a person gets their urine tested for the presence or absence of certain elements. These elements are sugars, proteins, and ketones.

The urine analysis also includes checking for the presence of bilirubin and the amount of red or white blood cells in the urine. The pH level of the urine is also checked. Often pregnancy also includes a urinalysis test.

Risk/side effects of the complete urine routine test

The collection of urine samples is a painless process. People who are suggested to get their urinalysis test can ask their doctors if they need to stop certain medications or food to ensure the accuracy of the urine result. Since urine collection is a non-invasive process, there are no side effects or risks of infection present in sample collection.

Parameters/tests included in the complete urine routine test

The urine routine test price when the patient opts for the urinalysis does not include the sample to be collected by the technician unless the patient is wearing a catheter or unable to have the sample collected without aid.

The collection of urine when opting to get the urinalysis test should be done when the urination process is mid-way. The first few drops and the latter part of the urine should be avoided. If the patient is menstruating, they should let the doctor and the technician know the same to set a later date.


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What food or supplement can affect urine color?

Multivitamins and vitamin C often cause the urine to have a greenish tinge. Food like beets or blackberries can cause the urine to have a dark red color. If the diet consists of these types of food or supplements then a urine test is not required, unless the color persists along with the development of the symptoms mentioned above.

Is a highly acidic urine indication of something abnormal

A highly acidic urine is a sign of urinary tract infection or kidney stones.

Why are the first few drops not collected?

The first few drops might contain microorganisms that escaped the labia or penis sterilization process and these organisms can interfere with the accuracy of the test.

Should fasting be observed before the urinalysis?

Ideally fasting is not required unless some medications are required to be avoided. If the patient is considering having other tests along with the urinalysis, they can be advised to fast for a certain period.

Interpreting the Complete Urine Routine Test results

Interpreting the Complete Urine Routine Test results

The results of the urinalysis test in Gurgaon are interpreted to check for the presence of certain elements and even blood. This helps the doctors understand the illness that the patient is suffering from. Having some abnormalities in the urinalysis test is not uncommon as factors like food and medication are to be considered. Apart from that, women who are pregnant also have their urine show some abnormalities.

In terms of appearance, the urine should be pale yellow or amber in color. The presence of proteins often makes the urine have a foamy appearance. Infections can cause the urine to have a foul odor along with having a cloudy appearance.

The pH of urine is acidic with the range being between 4.5 to 8.0. 6.0 is considered to be the average.

  • Dipstick Method: The test is performed to check for chemicals present in the urine. The urine sample should not have any proteins, ketones, sugar, bile, and blood should be negative. Traces of urobilinogen can be present.
  • The third test checks for infections via the microscope. Ideally, urine should not have any nitrates that are indicative of the bacterial presence, leukocyte esterase, hyaline casts, red or white blood cells, pus, and epithelial cells.

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Steps To Book Complete Urine Routine Test For Home Collection In Gurgaon

When searching for the “urinalysis test near me”, the urine routine test cost should be considered along with the reputation and experience of the diagnostic center and the staff. The urine test consists of many parts and all of them are essential to get a better understanding of the illness. Skipping any part is not advised.

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