Dual Marker With Graph Test In Gurgaon

Dual Marker With Graph Test In Gurgaon

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Are you considering a double marker test in Gurgaon but not sure about it? Here is all you need to know about:

Dual marker with the graph is a comprehensive yet predictive test. In simpler words, a dual marker test can predict certain health anomalies. However, the test does not bring a conclusive report on the syndromes it diagnoses. The test is done during the 11th to 14th week of pregnancy of a woman. Thus, it is referred to as maternal serum testing.

A dual marker test is performed to predict chromosomal abnormalities. The normal number of chromosome pairs for a fetus is 22. If there are 22 pairs of XY chromosomes, the fetus is ascertained to be a male and in the case of 22 pairs of XX chromosomes, the fetus is a female. However, dual marker with the graph is not at all a sex-determining test. The dual marker test determines whether there is any abnormality of chromosome pairing. Although this is not a mandatory test, women conceiving after 35 should ideally go for a double marker test.

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About Dual Marker Test

Why Is Dual Marker Test Done?

As we said earlier, the human body needs 22 pairs of chromosomes (either XX or XY). However, in extreme cases, certain pairs of chromosomes can be dysfunctional. The most common types of chromosome disorder in a fetus are –
1. Trisomy 21 or Down’s Syndrome
2. Trisomy 18 or Edward’s Syndrome
3. Trisomy 13 or Patau’s Syndrome.

For instance, in the case of Trisomy 21, the 21st pair of chromosomes produce a copy or a clone which causes Down’s syndrome. Similarly, if a copy of pair number 18 or pair number 13 is produced within a fetus, they lead to Edward’s syndrome and Patau’s syndrome respectively.

A dual marker test with a graph during pregnancy is performed to ascertain such abnormalities.

Remember that the result of the dual marker with graph test only tells you if there is any abnormality. This does not provide you with a definite result. In case an anomaly is diagnosed during the dual marker test, further follow-ups must be done under the guidance of a doctor.

What Does Dual Marker With Graph Test Measure?

Dual marker with the graph is a non-fasting simple blood test. You can take a dual marker test after eating and drinking normally. However, if your health practitioner lays down certain norms for the test, you must follow them.

Risk/ Side Effects Of Dual Marker With Graph Test

Dual markers with graph tests are risk-free. This test can be taken after eating and drinking normally. Typically diabetes tests are done after overnight fasting which could be strenuous. Here you have to worry about no such things. This is a simple blood test that you can undertake from the comfort of your home.

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Why Choose Flebo.in's home collection Service?

Dual marker is a predictive test that is not mandatory for every mother. However, if there is a record of chromosomal disorder in the family or the conceived woman is above 35, doctors may prescribe a dual marker with a graph test to ensure delivery of a healthy baby. Flebo.in truly understands these anxieties and has come up with a great solution. If you are still searching “dual marker with graph tests near me”, give Flebo.in a call. Flebo.in has brought a new insurgency to the double marker test in Gurgaon.

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Is dual marker test risk-free?

The dual marker test is a normal maternal serum screening or a predictive test that has no adverse side effect either on you or your baby. It is risk-free.

What could be the possible outcomes of the test and what should you do?

The possible outcomes of the double marker test are low risk, moderate risk and high risk. Until and unless it is a high risk, you have nothing much to worry about. If you have a family history of chromosomal abnormalities, you can opt for the test voluntarily to ensure safe health for your baby.

How much is the cost for the double marker test?

The double marker test price is between Rs.1300 to Rs. 2000. However, some labs might charge more than that.

Interpreting Dual Marker With Graph Test Results

Interpreting Dual Marker With Graph Test Results

There are three typical outcomes of this test with unique significance.

  1. Low Risk: Low risk implies no chromosomal abnormality in your baby. If the result of the dual marker with graph test comes as low risk, you should be heaving a sigh of relief.
  2. Moderate Risk: Moderate risk is still okay to a certain level. However, you should go for further analysis such as family history, age, etc. to ensure delivery of a completely healthy baby.
  3. High Risk: If the result of your dual marker test turns out to be high risk, then there is a bit of concern for you. Although you have nothing much to do about it and have to wait for the baby to be born for further treatments.

The clinics usually take three to five days to send in the report after the dual marker test. If your health practitioner is concerned about your baby going by your family history or age, you can go for the dual marker test.

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Steps To Book A Dual Marker With Graph Test For Home Collection In Gurgaon

Dual marker tests are typically done via blood tests etc. For blood sample collection at home, you can get in touch with Flebo.in to send a veteran phlebotomist to your address who will collect the blood sample. The home collection sample is then taken to the laboratory for testing. You can book Flebo.in slots for dual marker tests to ascertain whether there is any chromosomal disorder in your baby. Flebo.in is just a click away.

Flebo.in will take the initiatives to ensure that the issues are well-addressed. Furthermore, Flebo.in helps you manage your medical history, from testing to generating reports, Flebo.in is your one-stop medical help. If you are looking for a “dual marker with graph tests near me”, Flebo.in is the perfect solution for you.

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