Elisa Anti-HCV Test In Gurgaon

Elisa Anti-HCV Test In Gurgaon

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Hepatitis C (HCV) is an RNA virus of the Flavivirus family. It is transmitted through blood transfusions, transplantations, needle sharing, etc. A hepatitis C-positive mother can also spread the infection to her baby.

Read further to know more about the Anti-HCV Elisa test in Gurgaon, including its price and cost, preparation, understanding its results, side effects, etc.

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About ELISA anti-HCV test

Why is the ELISA anti-HCV test done?

The hepatitis C virus is usually asymptomatic. The symptoms typically appear one to three months after contracting the virus.
Symptoms include:

  • Dark yellow coloured urine
  • Fatigue
  • Fever
  • Grey-colored stools
  • Abdomen and joint pain
  • Vomiting, nausea, or loss of appetite
  • Jaundice, characterized by yellowish skin and eyes.

Hepatitis C testing may be done when the liver test reports are abnormal.

What does the ELISA anti-HCV test measure?

Anti-HCV is an enzyme-linked immunosorbent test (ELISA). It helps in detecting the antibodies of the hepatitis C virus located in the human serum or plasma and also in diagnosing the hepatitis C infection. These HCV antibodies are usually formed in the late convalescent stage, i.e., more than six months after contracting the infection. Blood donors are advised to go for the anti-HCV ELISA test.

Hepatitis C is an infection of the liver caused by the hepatitis C virus (HCV).

The majority of people who get infected with the hepatitis C virus (HCV) develop a chronic infection. If the proper treatment for the same isn’t received, major health concerns, including liver damage, cirrhosis, liver cancer, etc can occur. Sometimes, these issues can even lead to death. Thus, it is vital to get tested for hepatitis C, in order to receive the required therapy, since you might be asymptomatic.

Risks/side effects of ELISA anti-HCV test:

There are no side effects associated with the anti-HCV test. However, you may feel a slight pain in the area from where the blood would be withdrawn. This can last for a few days.


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When is the ELISA anti-HCV test performed?

An ELISA anti-HCV test should be done at least once for people aged 18 and above. It can be performed to diagnose hepatitis C in asymptomatic patients and pregnant women. Those who may have been exposed to the hepatitis C virus due to any risky situation can also go for the ELISA anti-HCV test.

Risk factors for contracting hepatitis C infection include:

  • Using injectable drugs
  • Receiving a blood transfusion or an
  • organ transplant
  • Kidney dialysis
  • Sharing needles while getting
  • tattoos or piercings
  • Living or working in a prison
  • Being both HIV-positive and
  • bearing a child
  • Getting infected with HIV
  • Having unprotected sex
How to prepare for the ELISA anti-HCV test?

There is no need to prepare for the hepatitis C tests. However, patients should inform their doctor about any medications they are taking for hepatitis or other medical disorders before the test.

How is the ELISA anti-HCV test performed?

The anti-HCV test involves taking a blood sample from a vein located in your arm through an injection. The area from where the blood would be taken would first be cleaned with an antiseptic solution. Once the blood sample has been collected, it will be sent to the laboratory.

Interpreting the Elisa anti-HCV test results

Interpreting the Elisa anti-HCV test results

Reference Range:
ELISA anti-HCV test’s normal range is “non-reactive”.
This test has a quantitative range of 10 – 100,000,000 IU/ml (1.0 – 8.0 log IU/mL).

<1.00 Non-Reactive HCV antibodies absent
>1.00 Reactive HCV antibodies present

A non-reactive or negative antibody test means that you, at this particular time, are not infected with the hepatitis C virus.

A reactive or positive antibody test signifies that you had contracted the hepatitis C infection at some point in your life.

After contracting the hepatitis C virus, one will continue to have the antibodies in his/her blood, even while he/she is being treated or has recovered from the infection.

A confirmatory test might be required if your ELISA anti-HCV test comes out as positive.

An HCV RNA test can be done to measure the amount of Hepatitis C virus present in the blood.


1. False-positive results are seen in cases of autoimmunity, rheumatoid factor, hypergammaglobulinemia, paraproteinemia, passive antibody transfer, anti-idiotypes, and anti-superoxide dismutase.

2. False-negative results are also seen in cases of early acute infection, immunosuppression, and immune-incompetence.

3. HCV RNA PCR can be used to track the progress of the infection.

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