Gastrin Test In Gurgaon

Gastrin Test In Gurgaon

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Gastrin is a type of peptide hormone that secretes from the human stomach and this hormone is also partially responsible for the secretion of gastric motility, hydrochloric acid and growth of the gastric mucosal. With the help of a gastrin test in Gurgaon one can determine the level of gastrin production in his or her stomach. With the help of a simple blood test, the excess level of gastrin production can be deduced.

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About Gastrin Test

What Is A Gastrin Test?

The Gastrin hormone is responsible for the release of gastric acid in the human body. Whenever we eat or consume food our body needs to digest and imbibe the nutrients from the food especially the likes of amino acids and proteins. A normal human stomach can produce two to three litres of acidic fluid every day.

G cells are mainly responsible for the production of Gastric acid and these particular cells are located in the lining of the upper small intestine and in the stomach lining of the human body. A gastrin test is necessary to find out the level of gastric acid in your body which directly affects your digestive system. can easily assist you because it is the best when it comes to a gastrin test in Gurgaon.

Why Is The Gastrin Test Done?

If your doctor thinks that you are having problems with your gastrin levels, then your physician may recommend a gastrin test. You may encounter digestion problems if your gastrin levels are too high or low. Also if you are frequently experiencing stomach issues like peptic ulcer, stomach pain, diarrhoea, etc. then you may be required to take a gastrin test in Gurgaon.

Another instance where your physician might ask you to take a gastrin test is if you had a gastrin-producing tumour removed because you and your physician obviously don’t want the tumour to come back.

What Does Gastrin Test Measure?

When you are suffering from peptic ulcers and diarrhoea or any kind of abdominal pain/discomfort, your doctor might suggest you have a gastrin test done. This test helps to determine your higher gastrin production. This monitors the recurrence of gastrinoma.

Precisely, the test measures-

  • Producing too much gastrin to help diagnose Zollinger Ellison syndrome.
  • To help diagnose gastrin-producing tumours or gastrinomas.
  • To help diagnose G-cell hyperplasia.
Risks/Side Effects Of Gastrin Test

Even though the test itself is safe, there is a little percentage of risk involved with the gastrin test. Normally the position and size of the veins and arteries slightly differ due to the age and overall size of the patient. Therefore, extracting blood through a syringe can be slightly more difficult in some cases.

The associated risk of drawing blood from the human body (stomach) may include:

  • Feeling lightheaded or fainting.
  • Excessive bleeding.
  • A slight risk of getting an infection (whenever the skin is broken).
  • Lots of punctures in order to locate veins.
  • Blood accumulates under the skin or Hematoma.

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What if your gastrin test results are low?

If your gastrin level is low or normal, usually it is not a matter of concern. But in case the gastrin level in your blood is high then it can indicate a lot of gastrin associated problems.

Is there anything more to know about gastrin tests?

Gastrinomas or gastrin tumours can affect anybody if someone has inherited a special condition called MEN-1 (Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia, type 1) then he or she is at more risk of having a high gastrin level. It is also to be noted that most stomach ulcers are not associated with gastrinomas. Most stomach ulcers happen due to Helicobacter pylori infections.

Can stomach medicines resolve the excess gastrin level or stomach acid level?

As a part of your treatment stomach medicines such as proton pump inhibitors may be prescribed but it is better to go through the correct diagnosis procedure to find out the underlying condition. Gastrinomas are extremely rare but it also causes cancer and it can also spread to other parts of our body.

Interpreting Gastrin Test Results

Interpreting Gastrin Test Results

The results of the gastrin test can differ because there are multiple factors involved which can change the test results. The outcomes may also vary based upon the medical laboratory and the reference range used. The normal range for the gastrin level test is:

Adults 180 pg/mL (picograms per milliliter of blood)
Children 125 pg/mL for children

High gastrin levels in the human body can cause the condition termed Zollinger-Ellison (ZE) syndrome which in simple terms means that you could have a tumour in your digestive system that secretes excessive gastrin. The name of these tumours is gastrinomas. Normally these tumours can be found in the pancreas or in the initial part of your duodenum also known as the small intestine.

The excess amount of gastrin can result in too much acid in your digestive system. The result of this excessive acid can cause diarrhoea and ulcers in your stomach as well as in your small intestine.

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