Hanging Drop Test In Gurgaon

Hanging Drop Test In Gurgaon

The hanging drop test is a typical stool test that measures the presence of certain bacteria in the stool. Usually, bacteria with a specific locomotion organ called flagella are detected in the hanging drop test. This test is among the most common microbiology tests that determine the motility or the rate of movement of various microorganisms including filamentous fungi, bacteria, and yeast.

In the hanging drop test, the specimen or the sample is diagnosed in the following way.

  • A drop of sample is placed on a glass coverslip.
  • The glass coverslip (along with the sample) is encircled with petroleum jelly.
  • After thorough application of the petroleum jelly, the coverslip is then inverted on the well of a depression slide.
  • The drop of sample dangles from the coverslip (since it is invertedly placed over the well of a depression slide, earning the test its name ‘hanging drop).
  • The petroleum jelly prevents the drop from evaporating by creating a seal.
  • The drop is then tested under the microscope for bacteria movement or microorganism motility, giving a clear picture of bacterial infection in the digestive system (if any).

You can book a hanging drop test in Gurgaon. The test is easy and can be done at home.

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About Hanging Drop Test Done

Why Is the Hanging Drop Test Done?

Bacterial infection in the digestive system is a common tropical disease. Having an unbalanced daily diet and eating raw or undercooked food are the key contributors to the disease. The common symptoms of bacterial infection in the digestive system or gastrointestinal problems are:

  • Vomiting
  • Dehydration
  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Loss of appetite
  • Mucus or blood in the stool
  • Muscle aches
  • Nausea

As a matter of fact, most Indians suffer from digestive issues. In many cases, minor gastrointestinal problems escalate to acute diarrhea. Before you succumb to a serious health condition owing to bacterial infection in the digestive system, you should consult a doctor and take the hanging drop test to ensure a quick recovery.

  • A hanging drop test should be undertaken when you suffer from watery stool, stomach pain and abnormal bowel movement.
  • These could be caused by bacterial infection and immediate medication is required to prevent further escalation.
  • The hanging drop test could be performed as the predictive test for the bacteria of cholera (Vibrio cholera) as well.
What Does a Hanging Drop Test Measure?

The hanging drop test is a typical stool test that measures the presence and movement of microorganisms in the stool sample.

  • The stool sample contains traces of bacteria and other microorganisms that affect the digestive system (stomach, intestine, digestive canal and other organs).
  • Bacterial infection in the digestive system can be confirmed by performing the hanging drop test so that you can start treatment instantly.
  • A metabolic disorder could also be a factor that causes infection in the digestive system and the hanging drop test can ascertain the same.
Risk/ Side Effects Of Hanging Drop Test

The Hanging Drop test is a completely risk-free test.

  • This is a random stool test.
  • You need to collect the stool sample, as recommended, in a special container.
  • Unlike blood tests, this test does not even include the pain of inserting a needle.

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Digestive issues are quite rampant in India. Unhealthy food habits, consuming raw or undercooked food, and eating food without boiling properly can cause bacterial infection in the digestive system. Initial symptoms must be observed to treat the disease at an early stage. However, in rare acute cases, the health condition could be escalated to something more severe.

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How should I prepare for the Hanging Drop test?

You don’t have to prepare specially for the Hanging Drop test. It is a simple stool collection test that requires no preparation. However, you should follow the guidelines laid down by your doctor.

What is the risk factor associated with the Hanging Drop test?

The hanging drop test is a completely risk-free test that involves a typical stool examination. However, please ensure to collect the sample in a clean and sterilized container for the optimum test result.

Is this a curable disease?

Bacterial infection can be the result of various ill habits that we have discussed. Apart from that, people are prone to contracting bacterial infections due to untidiness and an unhealthy lifestyle. However, bacterial infections are completely curable. You should consult a doctor as soon as the symptoms start to show up.


Interpreting Hanging Drop Test Results
The hanging drop test measures the motility or the movement of the microorganisms present in the stool sample. Based on the movement of the microorganisms, test results are interpreted as motility positive and motility negative.

Test Result Interpretation
Motility Positive Random movement or Brownian jiggle movement is observed in the stool sample.
Motility Negative The motility of the bacteria or the microorganisms is limited, almost stationary in many cases.

The test can be exploited to detect the presence of the bacteria for cholera in the stool sample.

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Steps To Book A Hanging Drop Test For Home Collection In Gurgaon

The Hanging Drop test is a typical stool sample test. You can contact Flebo.in to send a veteran Hanging Drop sample collector who will provide you with the special collection container. The instructions will also be communicated in simple language so that the process of collecting a test sample in Gurgaon becomes easy for you.

The Hanging Drop test is also very affordable. Depending on the location, the Hanging Drop test price and cost might vary a little. However, the average Hanging Drop test in Gurgaon is much affordable at Flebo.in with customised options for added convenience.

The steps of booking a hanging drop test in Gurgaon via Flebo.in are absolutely simple.

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