HSCRP Test In Gurgaon

HSCRP Test In Gurgaon

HSCRP stands for High Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein. In layman’s terms, HSCRP tests are highly sensitive CRP tests that are performed to check the reactive protein levels in our body.

  •  Typically, HSCRP determines the possibilities of coronary diseases, especially for ones who suffer from narrow arteries
  • People with existing cardiovascular issues may need to take this test as a part of their routine check-up
  • Even the smallest deviations from the normal C-reactive protein levels can be detected in the HS CRP tests (unlike LSCRP or Low Sensitivity CRP tests)

To diagnose, an HSCRP test in Gurgaon is generally recommended by doctors.

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About HSCRP Test

Why Is the HSCRP Test Done?

C-reactive protein (CRP) is a particular type of protein whose presence in the blood can cause infection and inflammation followed by a cardiac arrest or post-surgery trauma.

  • Studies have revealed that an insistent low level of inflammation plays a vital role in contracting atherosclerosis, the contraction of blood vessels due to build-up of cholesterol and other lipids, which is frequently linked with cardiovascular disease (CVD)
  • The HSCRP test diagnoses low levels of CRP precisely to detect low but insistent levels of inflammation and therefore helps forecast a person’s risk to develop cardiovascular diseases

Your health consultant might suggest a CRP test to:

  • Assess your risk of heart disease
  • Diagnose a chronic inflammatory disease, such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis
  • Check for any existing inflammation due to an infection (recent or past)
  • Diagnose your risk of a second heart attack
What Does HSCRP Test Measure?

Two dissimilar tests measure CRP in our blood and each test measures a different range for diverse purposes:

  • The standard CRP test measures high levels of the protein in our blood to identify ailments that cause major inflammation. It measures CRP in a range between 10 mg/L and 1000 mg/L. This test is predominantly used to diagnose inflammation.
  • The HSCRP test is also capable of detecting lower levels of the C-reactive protein than the standard CRP test. It measures CRP in the range between 0.5 mg/L and 10 mg/L. This test is used to assess individuals’ risk of cardiovascular diseases.
Risk/side Effects Of HSCRP Test

HSCRP tests are entirely risk-free. HSCRP tests are performed to confirm the level of CRP (C-reactive protein) in our body which plays a significant role in maintaining cardiac health. The test also measures the existing inflammations and infections that are lethal for the heart and may lead to possible heart attack or cardiovascular diseases.

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Why Choose Flebo.in’s Home Collection Service?

In the recent past, we have seen a majority of the Indian population is susceptible to untimely cardiovascular diseases. The stress of our daily life, professional hassles, unhealthy food habits and malnutrition lead to an excessive rise or unprecedented fall in the CRP values. Flebo.in truly understands these anxieties and has come up with a brilliant solution. If you are still searching “HSCRP tests near me”, call Flebo.in instead! Flebo.in has brought a new insurgency to HSCRP tests in Gurgaon.

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How should I prepare for the HS CRP test?

HSCRP test is a normal non-fasting blood test. If not prescribed and recommended otherwise by your health consultant, you can eat and drink normally before the test. There might be certain restrictions on medicinal usage which will be communicated by your cardiac specialist.

What is the usual HS CRP test price in Gurgaon?

HSCRP test cost is very low and affordable. Depending on your location, serum HS CRP cost may vary from INR 200 to INR 500.


Is HSCRP a definitive test for cardiovascular diseases?

HSCRP test is a definitive test for cardiovascular diseases. However, for inflammations that cause cardiac disorders, HSCRP tests could only detect the existence of the inflammations, not the reason or the source.

 Interpreting HSCRP Test Results

Interpreting HSCRP Test Results

As we have already mentioned, HSCRP tests are done in two separate methods.

  1. CRP levels in blood more than 3 mg/L implies to existing inflammations that have occurred in the past or recent past.
  2. CRP levels below 0.5 mg/L imply forthcoming cardiovascular diseases.
    HSCRP Range Inference
    less than 1.0 mg/L


    Low Risk
    1.0   to 3.0 mg/L


    Average Risk
    above 3.0 mg/L



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Steps To Book An HSCRP Test For Home Collection In Gurgaon

HSCRP tests are done via blood tests. You may undertake the test as a part of an annual health check-up to ensure the CRP level is normal in your body. For blood sample collection at home, you can get in touch with Flebo.in to send a veteran phlebotomist to your address who will collect the blood sample. The home collection sample is then taken to the laboratory for testing. HSCRP test is a normal non-fasting blood test.

Unlike a diabetes blood test, you can eat and drink as usual before the HS CRP blood test. Let Flebo.in take the onus of your concerns and Flebo.in will ensure that the issues are well-addressed.
Flebo.in helps you manage your medical history, from testing to generating reports, Flebo.in is your one-stop medical help. If you are looking for “HSCRP tests near me”, Flebo.in is the perfect solution for you. Flebo.in is just a click away.

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