Iron Deficiency Panel Test In Gurgaon

Iron Deficiency Panel Test In Gurgaon

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Iron is one of the most important minerals in the body that helps in making the necessary red blood cells. These red blood cells then take the oxygen from the lungs and spread it all around in the body. Now, with the help of an iron deficiency test in Gurgaon, the main idea is to measure the level of iron in your body along with the different substances that have mixed up with this mineral. As iron is an essential mineral to promote healthy muscles, proper organ function, and increase bone marrow, a fluctuation in the levels of iron can result in unexpected disorders and diseases.

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About Iron Deficiency Panel Test

Why is the Iron Deficiency Panel Test done?

Iron is a very important general and for the same reason, numerous tests are carried out to ensure the mineral is in the right amount within the body. One of the most popular tests is an iron deficiency test that helps doctors measure and diagnose the following:

  • With the help of an hour and efficiency dust, the iron levels are measured to identify any potential signs of anemia.
  • If the possibility of anemia is higher, with the help of an Iron deficiency test, you can detect and diagnose the right type of anemia for the patient.
  • When you participate in an iron deficiency test near me, you also allow a doctor to recognize and diagnose the potential of hemochromatosis, which happens when the iron levels are very high in the body. However, as it is a very rare disorder, the chances of this possibility are very low but getting tested is the right way to go forward.
What Does Iron Deficiency Panel Test Measure?

The most important and highest possible outcome of an iron deficiency task is the increased possibility of anemia for the patients and some, hemochromatosis. The iron deficiency test cost may vary, depending on your location and whether you choose an iron deficiency test near me or another location altogether. However, at the end of the day, the main agenda, regardless of the iron deficiency test price, is to measure and study the iron levels within a patient’s body.

Moreover, as the iron mineral is important to carry the oxygen from your lungs to all the other parts of your body, getting frequent check-ups to monitor any abnormal dip or rise in the iron levels can help detect and treat any potential disorders from an early stage itself. Additionally, you can also test the performance of a particular treatment you are undertaking to treat your low or high levels of iron and consult a doctor for an alternative solution if need be.


Risk/Side Effects Of Iron Deficiency Panel Test

An iron deficiency test in Gurgaon is usually conducted through blood sample collection. Keeping this in mind, the potential side effects or risks involved are the bare minimum. For most people, there is no side-effect except the light pain right after the blood sample is collected but it only lasts for a few minutes. Other people might experience dizziness or soreness around the area where the blood was drawn and in worst cases, a visible bruise is a side-effect but it does not pose any danger. Overall, there are no major risks or side effects involved with an iron deficiency test.

List On Parameters/Tests Included In Iron Deficiency Panel Test

Out of all the different tasks included in the iron deficiency panel test for most cities, a common iron deficiency test consists of the following-

  • A serum iron test that measures the amount of iron within the blood.
  • A transferrin test measures the amount of protein transferrin that is responsible for the movement of iron around the body.
  • A total iron-binding capacity test that measures the capability of Aryan to attach itself to transferrin and other possible proteins in the blood
  • Lastly, a ferritin blood test checks and measures the amount of iron that is being stored by the body.

Why should you choose's home collection services

Given the increasing popularity of convenient options available for different types of medical tests, with the help of ’s home collection services, you get to enjoy the comfort and timely services. You can participate in different types of medical tests, as required by a doctor, without having to compute to a hospital or lab. Just book the test of your choice online and wait for an expert to come to your location to collect your sample for further testing. The best part, is you also get quick results without the hassle of waiting for days and revisiting hospitals.




What is the iron deficiency test price in Gurgaon?

Each iron efficiency test in Gurgaon, regardless of the type, costs the same of approximately Rs.89. However, if you are in another city, it is advisable to 1st find out the iron deficiency test cost in that city and then book your test.


What are the common symptoms of low iron in the body?

For most people, an iron deficiency test is recommended by a doctor when he/she witnesses the following symptoms like extreme fatigue, pale skin, shortness of breath, cold feet and hands, inflammation or soreness around your tongue, etc.


Can you get Iron Deficiency tested at home?

Yes, the test can be done at home. You can also book the test online with the help of and get the report delivered.

Interpreting Iron Deficiency Panel Test Results

Interpreting Iron Deficiency Panel Test Results

An iron deficiency test in Gurgaon and other parts of the country is conducted to determine the level of iron within a patient’s body. Now, as important as it is to know the iron deficiency test price to book an appointment, it is also necessary to know how to interpret the iron deficiency test results to be well informed of your condition and health at all times. Here is what you should know.

  • The normal range of iron for individuals depends on their gender and age.
  • A score below 26 mcg/dL is considered to be way outside the normal range for all women.
  • Similarly, a score below 76 mcg/dL is considered to be very low and outside the normal range for all men.
  • To understand the high iron levels, for women, any level above 170 mcg/dL is considered abnormally high. For men, on the other hand, any high-level above 198 mcg/dL is considered to be highly risky.
    Category Result Diagnosis
    Men > 76 mcg/dL Outside normal range
    Women > 26 mcg/dL Outside normal range
    Men < 198 mcg/dL Abnormally High
    Women < 170 mcg/dL Abnormally High

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Steps To Book A Iron Deficiency Panel Test For Home Collection In Gurgaon

If you are looking for an iron deficiency test near me, choosing home collection services is the right decision. So, if you are looking for an iron efficiency test in Gurgaon, all you need to do is go online to complete your booking.

To begin, you first need to choose a time slot as per your convenience between 6 AM to 9 PM. After choosing your time slot, next, pick a lab that is nearest to your current location, especially in the case of an emergency. That’s it, now you just need to wait for an expert to come and collect your blood sample.

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